Hory Unstaisfied Wife

Hello Guys this is Tanmay from mumbai narating a very beautiful story that changed the course of my life. This happened to me in my own city Mumbai in the which goes back to the year 2007 where mumbai witnessed very very very Cold Climate which went down to 8 degrees.

This happened in the cold Saturday night in December, like always I work hard on the weekends and party even more harder on the weekdays.

Like most of the weekend i was just outside one of the most Famous Disc Outside Bandra parked my car and was waiting for my friends to arrive, in the mean while there was Cool Cab that stopped right in front of me and there was no one that came off that car, all of a sudden there was this Lady who came out in the Cold wearing a Short Black dress till her Thighes, a small strap from her neck making her Cleavege visible.

It was so cold and this beautiful lady about 35 to 40 years old was wearing such a releaving dress, she happend to come towards me after getting down from the Cab, she came up to me asked if i can help her, i asked what is that she wants, apprantely she told me that she lost her Wallet and is short on cash so if i can help her pay the cab guy and she will return it after she meets her friend who was suppose to acompany her to the same disc which i was suppose to go.

As she was in i did pay the Cab guy and he left she thanked me and took my Phone Nnumber and left.

To my Luck she came back i could see her from Far her beautiful thighs, Fair and Smooth Skin with her Mouth watering Boobs 36 in Size, she said her Friend is not gonna accompany her so she will have to call me may be tomorrow and pay the Money off i told her that is not a concern and as she was not accompanied by any of her friend i asked if she would want to join me, she Agreed.

As she agreed i decided to take hr to another Disc where none of my friends will see me with her, we drove off and went to another disc.

She was mind blowing on the dance floor, we were so close to each other that my hard on dick was touching her beautiful Butt when she was moving, i even happe to held her from behind on her waist and tummy it was a feeling that can give any one an Errcetion, we almost happen to Kiss but we dint, it was time to leave i was really sad that as it was time but to my luck she asked me if i would want to share another Drink with her i readly agreed.

We both came out i Escorted her out holding her on her waist, well she was about 35-40 but looking at her she would look not more than 25. As she was sitting in the Front seat i had full access to her Milky Legs as her Dress was not in place after she took a couple pf drinks.

She invited me to a place in Powai which happend to be her place where she stays, i was a bit scared to go to her house wondering if some thing would go wrong but the thought of seeking her with out the Black Dress her Huge Boobs and fucking her took me in, it was a huge Flat on the 7th Floor and it was dark when the lights came on i saw a few picture then i realised that she is married and her Husband is abroad and she stays with her In laws who keep moving from Mumbai to their Native.

She got a Couple of Glasses both of us started sipping on Wishky, she was not comfi in the dress that she had worn so she said she will change and be right back i was again sad as i will not be able to see her Sexy dress and dint expect her to wear something Relaving as she is married, but again to my Luck she wore this Sexy Spagati which was white in Color and it read “WHAT U LOOKING AT” with nice short pants little longer that her Black Panties.

I just could not take my Eyes off her as her Huge Nipples were very much visible thorugh the Spagati that she had worn i just could not controll myself and kept on staring untill she saw me and told me you know what is written on my Top right that got me Scared but looking at her Smile calmed me down, i Said its so beautiful that you just cant keep your Eyes off it, then she asked you just want to keep your Eyes on it??? that was it i got the Green Signal i just left my drink on the Table and Pounced on her shared a very paisnate kiss slowly slowly coming towards her Boobs and feeling her hard Nipples finally removing her Spaggati and those Huge Boobs in front of Eyes i Pressed it licked it Sucked it she could not resist and she was not in this world, then i slowly removed her pants there she goes all Nude in front of me ooooo that was one look that i wanted to see from the time i saw her in the night.

With out wasting any time i undressed myself and i went down on my knees Lick her beautily Pussy which was so well shaved not a single hair on it, i gave her a nice 10 Minutes Blow Job, then both went down on the Floor in 69 Position, my Dick was so hard that i just could not control i started to Pork my Dick in her Pussy which soooo smoooth i dint even have a condom but i did not hesitate but just Stroked her on an on untill i realise that i am gonna Cum i removed it out.

from that day onwards we have been very good friends and keep having these wonderful sessions when when we get time.

That was one beautiful story of Me and one Hory Unsatisified Wife Sheetal, guys please tell me how u like my story and also all horny and beautiful Ladies wanting for Sex feel free to drop me a mail on / /