Honeymoon With Mother In Law

Hello-This is an update to my previous story posted 3 months ago. It’s been 3 months since I first unexpectedly forced myself on my mother in law, Shamshad, 41, who is also my mami, who is been staying on/off with my family ever since my wife, Yasmin, 22 had a baby. I have continued fucking my MIL(mami), but now it is with mutual consent. She doesn’t say it, but her eyes give away when she wants it and ever since our first time she has never said no except when my wife is awake.

So, we usually fuck when my wife, Yasmin is in the shower, or during the night when Yasmin is snoring on her pills. Now that Yasmin is off the medication, it has become extremely difficult to fuck my MIL(mami) and we had couple of close calls when Yasmin woke up at night and knocked on the door from inside and asked why I was locking the bedroom from outside. I told her that I was watching porn in the living room and locked both the bedrooms including my MILs, and she asked me to watch it inside the bedroom so her mother would not think we are locking her in for some strange reason or suspect I am a pervert for watching porn.

Little does Yasmin know that I am doing porn with her mother.My mami was getting scared and I was getting desperate with my desires. Until, I was going to Bangalore for business, and I remember my MIL complaining to my wife even before our affair that she hasnt visited her sister (younger) since last year, so I wanted my MIL (mami) to come with me, so planned a business trip to my other office and I asked her to come with me with an excuse of visiting her sister(my wifes aunt). 2 Weeks before my trip, (and my wife did not know of my trip), my

MIL started to bug my uncle and my wife more that she has to visit her younger sister Tanaaz (who I remember was a beautiful too) who lives with her in laws in the Bangalore. Tanazs husband had a mild heart attack about a year ago and all the family went to see including my MIL and wife, and ever since my MIL did not go back to her sisters. I was never involved in these family formalities. I and my mami(MIL) did not talk much as always in front of my wife. Actually we didnt talk much at all except when I fuck her but in hush voice.

A week before the trip, I told my wife in front of my mami (MIL) to make reservations to Bangalore for a 3 day trip. My wife looked at her mother with a sparkle in her eyes and but said nothing to me. That night, very hesitantly, she asked me whether I could take her mother with me and someone from her aunts family would pick her mother up from the airport and I can go to work and bring her back after 3 days. She thought I would say no, as normally I would have, but she was pleasantly surprised when I said, I will think about it. She said she is so happy that I was doing her mother a favor, blah, blah.

That night she gave me a good fuck. I just loved the fact the daughter and mother was taking my dick inside their pussies. My wife was extremely happy when I said “Yes”. I asked my uncle to bring my mami (MIL) to the airport since I had a meeting to attend at the office at 4 PM and flight was at 6:30 that removed the awkwardness of leaving my house with my Mami(MIL). I went to the airport and say bye to uncle and my aunt just followed me behind. When I said bye to my uncle, my heart was excited because I felt like I was taking his beautiful conservative lawfully wedded wife to fuck her wild and rough on her second honeymoon with me.

Mami and I didn’t talk much and my aunt was conservatively dressed and looked radiant as always and her ‘henna on her beautiful hands was driving my dick crazy. This was the first time we were out together and the sexual tension was unbelievable. I could look at her eyes and they were scarred, excited, shameful, lustful and promising, all at the same time. She was wearing the Elizabeth Arden perfume that my wife wears on special occasions. That was driving me crazy so as soon as the lights went off I grabbed her tits, it is good feeling squeezing on them in a plane full of people.

The family was there to receive her at the airport, so went to their place for dinner and I saw her sister, Tanaaz, she was as beautiful too with her large boobs and apple ass. I came back to hotel and jerked off thinking of fucking my mami and her sister, Tanaaz, together. Next day, I called my MIL(mami) and asked her to come “shopping” with me for some saris for my wife. She agreed. I picked her from her sisters place in my rental car and asked the driver to take me back to the hotel immediately. My MIL(mami) never looked directly in my eyes, her anticipation of her getting fucked brutally in every which way by her nephew(Son in law) was too much for her.

My dick was unbearable in anticipation too even though I have fucked her for past 3 months.

As soon as I reached my hotel, the most painful time was the distance from the rental car to the hotel room. But as soon as I got into the hotel, I grabbed my mamis tits with all my force and put my tongue in her mouth. She said, “Irshad, araam se”. I controlled myself, sat on the bed and asked her my mami to remove all the clothes. She was shameful, because I was asking her in full voice, unlike hushful before and in full lights in the hotel room.

She said, “Please wait”. I said, just remove, I want to see you naked. She wanted to keep her lahenga and bra. I said not a thread on her body. She knew I was an animal now, shameful and shy, she started removing clothes and asked me not to leave any marks (daag) on her body. She was shaking in shame. I assured her I will be gentle and I love her as much as I love her daughter Yasmin. She asked to turn the other way. Soon, she asked me turn around.

And there she was, a better version of my wife, with bigger tits and little more fat standing naked in front of me covering her pussy with one hand and tits with the one. I asked her to remove her hands, she said, Irshad “batti off..” (Lights off) I said show me your beautiful “chute” and I will turn off the lights. She turned her face to the side and removed her hand from her pussy. Her shaved chute was exactly like my wife’s chute. Exactly. It was amazing. I asked her to come near me and I sat on the bed.

She slowly walked towards me and as she came near I touch her pussy with my fingers. She said Irshad “batti off”. I said, let me see you pussy from inside. She said, Irshad, please batti off”. I opened her pussy and saw her pink and wet lips. She was so wet and fresh inside. I bent down and started kissing her, she stepped back and away. I grabbed her and got down on my knees and started licking her wet chute again. I grabbed her and pushed her on the bed. I said, “mami, I want to fuck you and Yasmin together” She didnt say a word.

I slapped her little bit on her face and tits. I took my dick and started to fuck her in her mouth and she was looking at me with shame and guilt. I knew I was being disrespectful to her. So, I stopped. I said sorry and asked her to wear her clothes. Suddenly, she hugged me tight, crushing her huge tits on my body. I asked her “what”? After little while, she said, ever since we started “pyaar”(love), she has began feeling alive like never before. I then started kissing her, sucking her tits. Slowly, she touched my dick and went down and took my dick in her mouth just looking at me with affection. This is my

MIL, my mami, my wifes mother sucking on dick, naked. After a little while. I took my dick out of her mouth and started to run on her pussy and asked her whether she was willing to fuck me along with her daughter, my wife, Yasmin. She said, No, Yasmin would never share me with anyone. I said would she share me anyone else? She said, YES in a soft voice. I jabbed my dick in her tight pussy. she said “Irshaaaaad”, you will kill a virgin with your “thing”. I said, Mami, “

I want to fuck everyone who looked like you”, she said, “aaaah, aaram se”. then she said like who? I said, how about her sister Tanaaz, I pushed my dick inside more, she said, “aaaaaaaaah”. you need her too? Do you like her? I said yes, anyone who looks like her, I will fuck. She said, it is easy to get Tanaaz. I said how? she didnt respond, I was fucking her like an animal. Then I asked her who else looks like her. She didnt answer, except loud “aaaah Irshad”. Then I asked how her pussy is so tight?

She said, “your uncle…you uncle never really used me..she gave birth with operation (not pussy) for both her daughters…so she is “tiat”(tight)”. I started fucking her more. Then I asked her about her younger daughter (my sali/cousin), my wifes Yasmins sister, Shaheen (17). She said-No, she is a kid. I said Mami she can take me. Shaheen resembles my mami more than my wife does. My wife has small tits but Shaheen is full even at this age. I said Mami, I like tight chutes. And I want Shaheen, she said, “aaaaaaaaah, Irshad”. “If you want tiat (tight) chute, you should fuck Nazneen”.

Nazneen? Nazneen is my aunt, my mothers younger sister (looks like actress Simran). I was super excited, because I never thought about her before and my mami(MIL) is telling me to fuck my own aunt, while she herself is lying below me with her legs spread and with my dick in her pussy. I said why Nazneen?. She said “Irshad, her husband never really fucked her well and she had always complained to me in private about it and she never had kids and she will be tiat(tight)?

That really excited me, and I was fucking my mami really hard now, her tits bouncing and she was screaming on top of her lungs. I never thought she was capable of so load screams and enjoyment.I was fucking her hard and telling her,” Mami, Teri chuteee”,she responded with “aaahhh” I said “Teri beti ki chute (Shaheen/yasmin)” she responded “aaaaah”, “Teri behan ki chute (Tanaaz)”, she said “aaaahhhha”, Teri nanan ki chute (Nazneen, my aunt) she said “aaaaaaaahhhhh, Irshad”.

I then asked her who is tightest of all, she said loudly ….”Shaheen” (my 17 year old sister in law), I said who is next, she said “Nazneen “(my mothers sister). I liked it. I asked her who next, she said, “Me, I fucked her hard, she again said “Me”. I took my dick out and pushed it hard inside her pussy and started to pump her. I asked whether my khala (aunt), Nazneen, would agree to fuck me. She said “Nazneen would beg if she sees your lund”(dick). I pumped her with all the vigor. I asked her if she would fuck me along with my Khala Nazneen.

She said “yesssss, Irshaad”, I asked her if she would fuck me along with her sister Tanaz “yessssss,Irshad”, I asked her if she would fuck along me with my wife “yessssssss, Irshaad”, I asked her if she would fuck me along with my sister in law (cousin), Shaheen, she said “NO, she is a choti bachi”, I again asked pushing my dick hard inside her pussy, would you fuck me with Shaheen, she “yessssss, irshad”. I asked her who do you prefer to fuck me with?

She said, Tanaaz, I said “Yes, mami who else” She said, “Yasmin”. I said “Sasumaaaaa, who else?” She said “Shaheeeeeeen”, I fucked her hard, and I said “Chinaaaaaaaaal”, I asked who else, she said , “Nazneen(my aunt)”, I said “Kutti, chinal” Her chute started to tighten and she came gushing in her pussy and she then said “Irshad, I will fuck you with all of them together naked in your bed with your dick in all our chutes” I came in her tightening pussy, slapping her face, tits and kissing and biting her lips.

Both of us slumping into the bed naked with our body fluids on each other. My mami(MIL) and me fucked for hours that day and the next day, before we came back to our home town. But now I think I can get my Sister in law (cousin) Shaheen and my khala(Aunt) Nazneen and also my mamis sister Tanaaz. More when this happens, until then it is my wife Yasmin and my MIL(mami) Shamshad. If you, especially girls, like this story, and want to hear more or want to give me a feedback-email me at / / . I am not looking for relationships but to share stories. So girls email me without your names or city information.