My Tale To Tell

By : Naughty_kusum

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Kusum woke up at the sound of the alarm. It was 6 am. She looked at her body clad in a thin blouse and petticoat. Her ripe and juicy boobs were spilled out. She looked at her husband (Sagar ) sleeping besides who had thoroughly enjoyed her boobs and choot yesterday. She felt lucky to have such a horny husband. She slowly got up and went to kitchen in the same attire. She finished her morning duties and went to her daughter’s bedroom to wake her up.

Rathi was fast asleep. She was 18 now. But she was more like a child even now. Although her body had developed impressively, she was not aware of the effect it had on people. Kusum smiled when she saw that as usual rathi was wearing a short skirt without any panties. Her glorious ass was on full display for anyone who entered her bedroom. Kusum stood there and admired her daughter’s assets.

Kusum thought that she was much like her, Innocent and sexy. She went to her bed and rolled her to her back. Her firm boobs were covered by a thin t-shirt. As usual, her nipples were erect. Kusum slowed entered her middle finger in her daughter’s wet pussy. This was the usual way that she woke her up. Rathi always enjoyed her mother’s naughty ways to tease her. It was one of the reasons she never wore panties at home. She enjoyed the attention her choot got every time.

Rathi squirm her eyes to see her mother’s glorious cleavage at her face. Kusum was smiling at her and fingering her slowly at the same time. Once she was fully awake kusum slapped her butt and told her to get up. Kusum left the bedroom. She then went to her son’s bedroom. Kanhu was still young. He was a shy kid from the beginning. Kusum always wanted him to display his sexuality as rathi does. But he was never that open.

But he had Sagar’s features, which included a long and thick lauda. She remembered the time when kanhu was young and she used to bathe him nude in the backyard. She was always mesmerized by the growth of his lauda. She liked playing with it. She felt that his lauda was hers to play anytime she wanted. But as kanhu grew old, he started refusing the bathing sessions and the cock fondling sessions.

Kusum knew that the time had come to let her prized lauda go. She had made a deal with him that she should be allowed to suck his cock atleast when he was sleeping in the morning. Kanhu had agreed to that. Even though he did not say it out, he always liked his mother sucking and playing with his lauda. But he had never come in her mouth yet. Whenever he felt like coming, he used to tell kusum to go so that he can be alone for those ecstatic seconds.

Kusum was sad as she never got the chance to taste his creamy milky juice. But she never gave up trying. Today also, she went near his bed. His eyes were closed so she assumed he was sleeping. She slowed pulled his boxers down. She was happy to see his morning erection. Seeing a fully erect pulsating lauda was the way Kusum wanted to start every morning. Her son fulfilled her desire daily.

She hungrily gobbled the erect lauda and started sucking. After some time, Kanhu opened his eyes. He was happy to see his mother doing her morning chore. He liked the way she sucked. It was a greedy suck, as if she wanted to suck out the nectar. Kanhu’s lauda could not take it any longer and as he was about to come he told her to go, so that he can finish. Kusum got up looking sad.

She playfully squeezed his lauda one last time and told him to get ready for his school. Kanhu was at the poit of no return. He ran to the bathroom as soon as kusum left and started jerking off vigorously. He shot a thick load of come on the bathroom wall. Sagar was up already by the time kusum had finished her daily private time with her kids. He knew about kusum’s obsession with kanhu’s lauda. He was ok with it as he was also kind of obsessed with rathi.

He could not take his eyes of his sexy young daughter. He had always admired her firm boobs and luscious ass. Rathi also liked the fact that her dad was sexually open to her. She always used to sit in his lap and rub her bare choot to his lungi clad lauda. She giggled when her father’s lauda became erect while she was sitting on his lap. She could feel the lauda pressing against her choot but she had never allowed him to enter her.

She liked teasing him. She would also let him fondle her boobs some times. All these things never came in between him and kusum. They still loved each other very much. After some time, the whole family gathered around the dining table for their breakfast. Sagar sat at his usual seat. Rathi came and stood besides him to his left.

They greeted each other good morning. Sagar slowly inserted his hand under her skimpy skirt and fondled her ass. He was drinking tea and fondling his daughter, rathi enjoyed every bit of it. Sagar also pushed his fingers in her ass crack and found her butt hole. Rathi gasped at the sudden advance.

Rathi: Papa , aap aaj kal bade naughty ho gaye ho.

Sagar: Beta , tum ho hi itni pyaari.

Rathi; chalo ab rehne do mummy gussa karegi me beth jaati hun

Kanhu was watching this insanely sexy situation in his family. His lauda was not helping him. It started growing. Kusum started serving the breakfast to every one. Her bosoms were overflowing from her blouse. Sagar kissed her boobs from outside and told her to remain in that attire all the day. Kusum felt shy at this public display of horniness.To be continued, Please send your feedback at / /