Slept With Mommy And Sister In Law

I had the chance of taking my mother and sister in law to Tirupati about a year back on a holy trip. My brother was to have come but as he is working in Mnc he had some urgent trip to make to Delhi and hence I had to take them. I am only 18 years old and Sil is around 20 years old. My mom is 50 years old and both them very attractive although mom seemed to be a conservative one.

I was poor in education and hence had settled down in our village to look after our agriculture. My energy levels were pretty high and being a village man had the privilege of getting between the thighs of many of our female workers as soon as I was told to take both of them to tirupati, I had mentally made a plan of using my Sil during the trip and I had no inhibitions about mounting my mom also.

However neither of them could ever doubt my intentions. We went by a bus from Bangalore and actually reached Tirupati at evening and immediately got a room in a good guest house and since I was very friendly with my Sil, I had decided to tell her about my plan of sex before night actually she also is not any saint. I had seen her getting little too friendly with her own brother whenever he visited our house.

I really doubted that they may be copulating whenever they get any opportunity in fact I had seen them in an intimate position also. During our dinner time I told Sil about plan and she told me that she will not allow anything of that sort with her mil being with us in the same room. I told her that I have a grand plan of taming her also and when I explained that she had to act sexily with me in the room and take part in nasty sexy talk with me everything will settle down well.

After dinner I went to a wine shop and brought a bottle of 7up and a vodka and hid it in the room and after we entered the room I began my acts seriously. I just started to caress the body of sis now and then and she started showing protest although in a mock way. My mom became angry and told that I should not do all those things but I ignored all that and continued my adventures and when the time came to go to bed.

I told that I will sleep in the bed with sis and mom can sleep in the extra bed provided by the hotel. Mom got shocked and told that it is nor right and told me to sleep on the floor and she would sleep with sis. I told that since I am alone with two ladies I might become sexy and so it is safe if I sleep with Sil so that mom can be spared the confusion in spite of the protest of mom.

I prevailed and went to sleep on the cot near my Sil but mom admonished me not to do anything silly. All though Sil knew about my plans she acted innocent. I told mom if you don’t allow me to do anything with Sil, then I will have no option but to spread her own leg and penetrate” My mom was shocked to hear me speak in such a vulgar manner and told me to shut up.

I again told her and I am sure even your cunt will also enjoy a young hard penis entering it and if you want I can do that straight away” saying this I actually went near her and grabbed her. She was scared and told me to leave her and sleep on the cot. To create a scene for sex, I started playing with my tools and speak in a vulgar manner both of them were seeing my penis growing hard etc. as soon as the lights were switched off.

I told Sil to come near me in spite of her mock protest I pulled her near me and went on top of her and started kissing her loudly also. Mom was secretly listening to all these. I told my Sil pull up your nighty radha, I want to see the cunt well and she told me that she is wearing panties I just rolled over pulled her panties down and threw it down on the mat of Mom then I made her fully naked and told her to suck my rod.

Radha told me that the lund is too heavy and it would require a big cunt to satisfy that. I told her that I can go down to Mom for that because I was sure that she will have a full grown cunt. Mom was getting were uncomfortable but may have started feeling the heat as well. Now I stood up and told Sil to sit and suck my balls in full view of mom. Radha opened her mouth I pushed my full testis in her mouth.

She started slurping my balls and in my hand I was pulling the nipples of her bosoms. Suddenly I stopped and went and brought the bag and told both of them to drink 7 up. Mom first refused but I told her that she has to or else I will join her in the bed. Fearing this mom also agreed and I gave both of them a glass of 7 up but mom did not know that I had mixed vodka in that!

After drinking that radha got wild and started acting sexily in frenzy. Now she stood up and forced her hairy cunt in my mouth. Having drunk vodka mother had twinkle in her eyes and was actually watching us naked and copulating. I laid Sil and told her,” you bitch spread your thighs like a dog and I will shatter your cunt” she did likewise and when I dug deep into her cunt hole, with my manhood.

She unashamedly circled her strong thighs around me buttock and told me, Krishna come on, crush my cunt with your steel rod and I want you to make me pregnant instead of your brother who is more bothered with his work than this and after a while I started peaking and screamed that I was shooting sperm. Sil became stronger with her thighs and tightened her grip and when I finally ejaculated she also reached her climax.

Now I got up and with my limp penis hanging, I went and poured second round of vodka to all of us. I asked my mom, how she was feeling. She told me to shut up although I felt that her voice was only mock and nothing else. I was confident that she was also equally aroused after finished my drink, I went down and slept in my mom’s mattress. She protested but I told her that having drunk that much I was going to make her naked and mount her also.

Saying this I came on top of her and started crushing my penis to her groin area. She became nervous and requested me to leave her alone. I told her,” having seen us copulating there is nothing wrong is spreading her legs for her own son as her cunt would not recognize it as belonging to your son and will simply welcome it. Saying this I put my hand inside her saree and touched her cunt. Mom was actually dripping.

Now I told her you are acting very innocent but you secretly want your sons prick inside your cunt hole. Mother protested but the drinks that she had made her aroused a lot and her protests were very meek. Now SIL, Radha told,” come on Mom, be bold. I know you need it and there is nothing wrong in putting this steel rod inside your cunt hole because it really feels good inside and now Mother had lost some inhibition and stopped her protest.

I immediately removed her dressed her and told her to suck my penis even before she started, I stuffed it inside her mouth and she obediently did what was told. I turned her to 69 positions and started devouring my birthplace which had thick hair like any other village women would have and after a while I spread her thighs and pushed the rod inside and in double quick time ejaculated inside her cunt. By now mom had become fully bold and our sex acts continued in all sorts of manners and positions till day break.