Making Love With Cousin For The First Time

Hi, everyone. Myself Rajiv, this is my first story which happened 2 years ago with my lovely cousin, i am willing to write more stories for which i need your support, so please give me your feedback to mail id which is at the end after reading the story and support if you like my story. And those who expect immediate love making scenes this is not the one for u. This is a slow story please read with patience hope u people enjoy.

Coming to introduction i am an engineering student pursuing my degree in one of the reputed colleges in Karnataka. I stay in hostel and frequently visit my hometown. this story is about the incident between me and my cousin Raksha (Name changed ) who also stays in my hometown.

This incident happened two years ago it was during my holidays after my first year of college. Raksha had also completed her PU exams we used to visit each others house frequently, we were friends from childhood, i initially didnt had any bad intentions for her but things keep changing right ?

It so happened one day that i had visited her home to bring something which my mom instructed me to. But apart from her no one was at their home she asked about my well being, studies all regular stuff. she told me to wait and went in. I sat down and waited for her mom. After 5 min i was bored i moved in to check what she was doing leaving me alone in hall. She was working in kitchen and told me to wait in hall and watch TV and she ll have her bath and join me. I said ok and came out.

After coming to hall i waited for her after 5 min i went to have some water, there i was shocked to see the view of my life. she was in her room after her bath in towel door left open standing in front of mirror singing hindi romantic song and looking at her figures. I was shocked to see her in the pose that white complexion thighs and little part of her back omg. All the dirty thoughts provoked me to rush into her room and grab her and make love to her.

I somehow managed to suppress my urge with great difficulty and came back and sat in hall. I was in my excitement my heartbeat was faster than normal i was not able to control my thoughts about having her. She came out and we started talking about her daily life and how she was bored of holidays sitting alone in home blah blah blah….!!! More than hearing i was just watching her assets i couldnt take my eyes of her perfectly shaped boobs, her sexy lips and her cute face. Now i had decided in my mind to come with a plan to have her at any cost, we talked for some time her mom came i left her home taking what i had came for.

I came home i couldnt stop thinking of that view. I read some cousin stories from ISS and watched some porn videos masturbated thinking of fucking her. I started planning and came with a idea of taking her to movie ( this is one of the best place guys ;) )to check her whether she is interested her not.

Tom morning i dialed her number and asked her for the movie she readily accepted even my parents or her parents didnt refuse as i had told in the beginning only we were childhood buddies. It was a afternoon show i picked up her in my bike and went to the theater. we took tickets ( i planned to get a corner seat ) and went inside the theater. The movie started it was around the middle of first half i thought of executing the plan.

I started to move my hands as if i was feeling uncomfortable and started touching her. She was okay with it. I was happy :) Now placed my hand on her touching her shoulders with mine leaning towards her. she moved away from me and continued watching the movie. :( I cursed my luck and just continued watching the movie. After 20 min I directly placed my hand around her seat touching the other side of shoulder. She was lightly shocked and turned suddenly towards me I asked what ??.

She just smiled and said nothing. i thought this was the green signal and started massaging her lightly with my hands. she was busy in watching movie she was enjoying but was not ready to give any reply. i thought this was the opportunity ans lightly pressed her boobs from the sides. ( Oh my god that were so soft ) She suddenly turned and gave a surprised look i smiled she did smile and came near me and told me not here. ( I was in heaven floating with happiness at that time. )

I just gave her a broad smile and sat quiet, we completed the movie while coming back i took the worst road possible and even she also know why ;) along the road i was braking for even the small pits and was enjoying her boobs Even she sat very much closer to me and was enjoying the feel. I dropped her home and said her to text me when she is free. She gave a wicked smile and went in.

After few days i received a text from her mobile. ” Free and Alone in home till evening”, thats it i told mom i ll go to my friend home, and was in front of her home in minutes. I rang the doorbell she opened the door and she opened the door invited me in and asked me with a wicked smile.. “How come u come home when i am alone only ?? ” I just smiled and said ” What to do.. someone texts me that Free and alone and invites me to her home “. I was not able to control i looked into her eyes closed the main door and pushed her to wall and was about to kiss her lips. she pushed me and ran away. i followed her she started playing with me at last i caught her in room pushed her to wall and kissed her lips this time she responded good and started sucking my lips we started exploring each other saliva and making a great french kiss. ( wow!!!! that was the first french kiss of my life ).

I started pressing her ass Ohh god that was so soft … and i moved my hands up and started slowly pressing her boobs she moaned with pleasure i started to kiss her face , neck. I picked her up in hands and moved her to the bed. i slowly started removing her top she was looking into my eyes and smiling i removed her bra and that was the first naked sight of boobs i was seeing in my life. I started sucking her boobs one by one she started moaning “ahhhh ahh ” I moved down to her lower part and slowly removed her skirt and started exploring her thighs i started kissing her legs from bottom to top slowly feeling every inch of her soft skin.i didnt had any urgency so, I moved up to her navel played with it all the time she was going high with pleasure and moaning with ecstasy. She was only in her panties.

I removed all my dress and stand naked in front of her. She was amused to see my dick for the first time she asked “can i touch it” ?? i just took her hand and placed it on my dick and started moving to and fro. my dick was in full size emitting precum i asked her to take it inside her mouth. She hesitated at first she agreed after lot of request. I explained her about the blowjob what to do she started following it perfectly she swallowed the whole dick in and she stated rolling her tongue all over the dick.. she sucked my balls played with my dick and started making a fast motion .. i was in cloud 7. cant explain the feel ..omg i started moaning and i was about to cum i told her i am going to cum she asked : WHAT ?? ” I cummed on her face directly. She looked at me angrily i said its ok. and said i ll clean it and pushed her on the bed and gave her a french kiss and started licking all her face and shared the taste with her.

Now it was my turn i moved to the heaven i removed her panties she covered her face with shyness.. i went upto her removed her hands kissed her face and sucked her lips at the same time i inserted my finger into her vagina. i started pressing her boobs in one hand sucking the other one biting her nipples and making motion with fingers in vagina. she moaned like calling my name “Rajiiivvvvv ahhhh ahhhh ” .

Now i started sucking her vagina inserted my tongue into it. started exploring the heaven she was moaning loudly and was pushing my head deeper in to her, juices started flowing i drank it and made her taste her own ..

Now she asked me to insert into her i started guiding my dick towards hole it was tight as she was virgin. she started to scream in pain and said she cant bear the pain. I stopped and kissed her lips and asked her for the Vaseline she pointed towards the table. i took it and added to my dick and slowly started inserting again she was trying to stop me because of pain. so i consoled her its ok and waited for few seconds and pushed suddenly she screamed with pain, blood started flowing as she had lost her virginity.

Now i started moving slowly and steadily increasing the phase and now she was enjoying. she was moaning “ahh ahhh ahhhhhh Rajivv ” i increased my full speed and after 5 min min i said i ll cum.. and she was also about to reach orgasm i continued doing it and both reached at the same time. i Just lied down on her with my dick in her hole sweating all over the body. The room was filled with our moans and sweat smell. I asked her how was it she said i want this daily,i smiled and I kissed her lips . And slept in her arms.

This was my first experience. I have shared with you i wish to write more experience so please give feedbacks and inform me on what aspects i should improve. I stay in Mysore, Waiting eagerly for your replies. Ill write my next story considering your feedbacks. Mail me too ” / / “