Love With Married Cousin

Hi iss this is Abdul from Trichy. I am going to share my real sex experience with my cousin sister [Amreen]. I am normal guy studying engineering in Trichy.

This happened few days back when my study holiday for exam. She is quite beauty and good looking. She is 4yrs elder to me. Her husband camp in Dubai he visit only once in the year for 30 days leave. Coming to story, she came to Trichy for week to enjoy with my family. I have respect in her because she cares for me so much so we are friendly. She was married at the age of 19. Now she 22 so she has good body sizes. She is 32 30 34 in sizes.

It was Monday when she came here and that day was just went on chatting. She is having baby of age 8 months. So she feed the milk for baby daily. I was not in the mood of thinking that. And the next day also she feeds and was in the hall. My mom calls me to take the remote from the room I went to take the remote. When I went to the room she is feeding I just had a glimpse in the boobs for a second. What a feeling is that I cant imagine my penis just jumped from underwear. I was wearing lungi so it cant be seen by her. And after that I was in the full mood. After that incident I always use to watch the boobs from her saree. She always wear it tight and it is good for me watch.

In the Wednesday afternoon when she was feeding I just went there she just hide the boobs by crossing the saree over it. She got anger and asked me what are u doing. I just told I came to take my mobile it is near her sitting. She took and gave me then I went to my room and I was sad. Then she came to my room and asked me if I was angry. I told no. Then she told that it is not good to me in this age and gave much advice.

In Thursday it just went on chatting with no more advantage. In the evening I got a chance she asked me to take her for the outing. I asked to my mom she gave me the permission and I have bike so I asked were. She told that she want to buy some dresses for her. I went to fsm; there she went to buy bra for her and she told to stand away as she does not want me there. Then she came to me asked to go for the food court.

Its gone long way so I come to story. When we returning home I want to do anything interesting so I taught to take advantage and ride the bike fast and break it more frequently. This made the boobs to touch my shoulder. She told to ride slow but I am in mood so ride it fast.

After reaching home she gave a smile and went to the room. She was too in the mood I think so mom called me took the dinner and went to sleep. When nearly at 11 pm she called my mobile and told to come to her room I went to her room there she was feeding the milk to baby and told me to switch on the ac as it is not working. I made my mind to take the advantage today to enjoy here. When the a/c is switched on she told me sit for few min were she wants piss. She told to take care of baby and went to wash room and changed to nighty and came to me and asked to leave.

Then I had a idea and asked her mobile for few min and she gave me and I searched in Whatsapp chat list and her hubby asked her to show her feeding to baby. Thats why she changed the nighty

Then I left the room and thinking of the night what she will do there in the room. And I masturbated in the night for 3 times. This made me week in the morning.

I am just having only 2 days to do anything more. So I got courage and in the morning my family went for a marriage function. So I am having a full day to do anything interesting. I went to her room and asked her she was sleeping and told she will come. And I switched on the TV and watching an English movie and there a love scene was going when she to sit it started for the kissing and changed the channel but my luck she asked to put the channel and there now they having a sex scene in the table.

By the gods grace she asked me that ever I had kissed any girl and I told no. Now I asked about her she told many and asked who she laughed and told my hubby da. Then I asked any other men she told no. I asked about the sex doughts to here first she hesitated then she explained it.

I asked her will I have a kiss from her. First she got anger then later she asked me what courage u are asking me kiss. I told that it was a sign of good relation she now got tensed and asked me what relation and I told the same as a relation. She asked me what do u want from me. I told I want you in me.

She smiled and asked me what do u know about sex. I replied I dont know anything and told her to teach me. She gave me her mobile and asked to read the message of her hubby and told to do in real and read it fully and got full arouse now. She told me to kiss first got tensed and kissed in her forehead and cheeks, nose, ears and neck finally the paradise lips we lips locked for 2min then removed her top dress and sucked her boobs. She told to stop I got tensed and asked y if anything wrong with it. She told to suck only left boobs and right one to feed to the baby I obeyed and sucked it the milk made me crazy. I sucked more and more and more the soft boobs and removed her pant and panty she was nude now it was amazing to see her nude and now I want to taste the pussy and started to lick and just byte the pussy. I want to drink the sperm of her so I was stoking by hand and licking and again stoking by luck it took 10min to come she told me and it was all over my mouth. She told to split I told I want in my mouth to which she scolded and now again started to kiss in lips now she told it was her turn and she removed my lungi and underwear which was fully of sperm she took the penis in her mouth and stoking it within a few 2min I cum over her.

She asked come over her now again she was pumping and it was steady to strike. I took it and pushed over the pussy it was gone easily because she got a normal delivery and I was stoking there in and out to which she responded in aahhhhhhh wwwwwwoooooooooooowwwwwwwwww yewwwwwwwww yesssssssssssss comme ooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnn fuck me more its not enough for me more aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh eeeeeeeeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmmmmmmm wwwwwwwoooooooooooooowww I will not forget this sounds from my mind and I told that I was coming she took it out and drink the sperm I asked y she told she wants to taste it. Then she told to strike her ass hole and my penis was not in the mood so she took it in the mouth and stoking it and now she liked the balls of mine it gave more pleasure to me and told her to do it more. Now it was going to strike the ass hole in a gentle push it gone her hubby was ass lover there it took pain for me because it was little bit tight and I was enjoying the act and nearly 4min it was climaxed for me and then she asked me to kiss again and I kissed and laid over her and she asked me to drink the right side boobs it was pleasure to me I drank the milk fully and asked her y she replied I will give other milk to baby and it was ended in afternoon it was only 1 session for us. She asked to take it in secret and dont share with friends too.

I promised her and there after I didnt get time to fuck again in last day night she called me and gave a French kiss and pressed her boobs and went. She leaved the home in Sunday night. Now we are enjoying in Whatsapp and Viber and Skype too. Thank u Amreen for your pleasure.

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[its my real experience if anything wrong share with me] thank you!