My First Sex With Mami

Hi this is Rahul from Chennai. My age is 25.

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I love to fuck ladies who are elder than me. I mean to say that I love to fuck aunties. Ok lets start my sex story.

This is my first story so sorry if there is any mistakes in the grammar. This beautiful incident happened when I was completed 10th standard. During this time only I was very interested to know about adult things.

Now time to introduce my heroine. Her name is Shalini my best sex teacher. My mama married a lady when I was a teen. She is a sexiest lady I ever seen in this world. What a boobs she has ummaahhh.

By imagining itself Im getting tempered. Boobs are so big really they are around a size of big ball both looks like football. I used to put my face inside those two balls and play football. Wow they were so yummy.

From her marriage to till Im completing 12th standard i use to think of her whenever I masturbate. When she visit my home or I visit her home I will be trying to see her boobs. Wow it was looking like real juicy mangoes. Her wet blouse make me to taste her sweat.

My mami is a fat cute baby doll like Hansika. She was so chubby. I think the intro is too big and little bit boring. Now Im getting into the story.

I was under control until I finished 12th exams.

Then after completing exams my first goal was to have sex with my mami in this holiday. It was a summer season. I went to my mamas house to support in his business.

He was a tailor having own shop with few employees under him. I use to do some small small helps in his shop like going to shop for buying stocks, delivering customer clothes to door step, etc. But the real reason for going to mama house is? You all know about it he he :)

My mama and mami were staying alone they dont have children so far. I alone went there for 1 month leave. I use sleep in hall and my mama and mami were sleeping inside the room. One night I hear sex whispers from room which made me more anxious.

The next day me and mama were in shop. Suddenly my mama told that he forgot to bring carry bag which contains mamis clothes for size purpose to stitch new dresses for her. So he sent me to his home to bring.

Friends this is a day which I felt like heaven for the first time. The door was open already i was unknowingly entering inside by singing a song inside my heart.

Suddenly I stopped near the door. I noticed that my mami is going to change her clothes. She always use to wear saree. She was wearing blue color saree.

Now she is ready to change her dress. I was seeing these scenery from doors corner.

She removed her saree first wow what a beautiful structure she has everywhere I able to see wave structures. Amazing white skin. Long hair, black eyes, round face like a doll, juicy lips in rose color, sharp nose like a parrot, soft ears.

Now she removed her blouse too oh my god what a big boobs. Friends but she didnt removed her inner wears. Im deciding to see her in full nude at any cost. She disappointed me by not removing her inner wears. I felt bad. She wore a yellow color saree in which she looked like an angle.

After she dressed up. Few minutes back I knocked the door as of just now I arrived. She called me as “come inside rahul”. I went in. She asked me why you came back so early. I told her that mama told me to bring your clothes which he forget to take. She replied, “oh I see, ok wait Ill see where it is”.

She found the cover which contains her cloth. She rechecked all his belonging. She was murmuring as not even a single blouse fit her perfectly.

She took a measuring tape measured her 2 to 3 blouse. All the 3 are in slight different size. She was very confused which to give. Then she told if my mama would have came, he would have size from his body itself.

Then after thinking something she suddenly told do you know to take measurements from body itself. I replied yes I can mami in a bold voice.

Then my mami said ‘ oh great then you itself take the measurements from me and note down. OMG it was like a heart attack to me. I was too much happy to experience this. I replied ok mami I will measure with a smile. Then I started measuring her body for stitching blouse. First I started with shoulder, then neck, then back side. Upto this it was normal.

Then I came in front side to measure. I told mami to take off her saree from blouse.

She smiled and said ok and removed the saree from shoulders . Wtf everything is going well. I measured body side.

Then I started to measure juicy mangoes from every angle the reason behind this is to touch and feel the boobs of my mami. I was hungry to eat these coconut balls.

Then suddenly my mami asked y are you talking too much measures, your mama wont take these much measures. I feared then I replied that my mama is a experienced tailor so he knows small measures, but I am new in this that y I am measuring everything. Then she replied oh ok.

Then after measuring that is after touching beautiful boobs from every angle I asked ” what about the hooks? Are they fine, tight or lose?”. She replied yes rahul these hooks are little bit tighter.

Then I said oh I see ok let me check it. Her blouse had 4 hooks. I unhooked her first 1st hook. She suddenly told me rahul what are you doing. I got feared and replied that I was just checking her hooks.

Then I unhooked her 2nd hook immediately and I noticed half of her white yummy mango is visible to me. I was starring at balls for some time. Mami felt something bad and said rahul enough of measuring.

OMG I felt bad by hearing this words my beautiful mami. Then I decided to make up everything possible.

Then I replied, mami measurements are going to finish give me few more minutes then only you will be getting a fit blouse.

After hearing this she agreed . I told her that I will unhook all 4 hooks then only I can get a i dear of where the mistake is.

Then I unhooked the blouse fully and acted like testing it. Then I asked do you wear bra every time. She harshly replied as yes.

Then I told her to wear this blouse without bra for one time. First she refused. Then after I explained about the fitness of blouse.

Later she agreed and turned back and removed her bra. I am seeing her top back without cloths wow it is flashing lights. Then she wore the blouse without bra shown me.

I asked her how you feel now. She told now size looks little bit cool. But still something I feel it as tight. Then I said oh I see let me check it. I tried to unhook her blouse again. But she stopped me.

Then I just replied in slight mixed angry and upset mode wait mami time to find the solution. Then she stood stand silently.

I started unhooking her blouse again. Friends, this time my mami is without bra. Wow Im going to see the heaven.

After unhooking all 4 hooks I opened the gate of heaven . Oh oh my god the milky way. Huge boobs with pink color red coins at top with honey nipples.

As soon as I saw the heaven I started tasting one the milky way. I mean I started sucking her right boob. First she shouted as oh my god rahul what are you doing. I didnt get her voice. I was already lost in milky way. Aaaahh what a taste yummy.

After shouting in low voice for few minutes she started murmuring as aahh uuhhh. I was just playing in both the ground. One ball is in cricket ground and other one in football ground. Pulpy mangoes.

Some drops of tears start to come from her eyes. I noticed it and sucked it too.

Then I looked into her eyes she is in a mixed mood of anger and hunger. She asked me what are you trying to do.

Now I felt its to tell her the secret. I told her that from the her marriage itself I started loving her and was waiting for a chance like this. You are the beautiful and sexiest lady I ever seen. Please understand my feelings and cooperate with me. She was shocked she didnt have any words to reply. She was just looking at me in angry mode.

But I didnt bother, slowly I tried to taste her lips. I touched her juicy lips by my thirst lips. And started kissing her and sucking her top and bottom lips. First she kept silent.

Later she too came in mood. She opened her mouth and we both tasted our saliva. What can I say I felt like having a coconut drink really awesome. Then I was continuing to suck her boob, lips, neck, etc covered all the top portions. Licked her fully. Semma majaa.

Then I started insert my hand inside her panty. She stopped me suddenly and told me that your mama will be waiting for you in shop. And your maama will come here in next 1 hour as it is gonna be the lunch time.

Omg I asked her that then how can I fulfill my wish. Then she replied that dont worry after lunch your mama will go back to shop and will return only after 10 pm. I remembered his timing then smiled and replied to mami as oh yes yes.

Then we both shared a coconut juice once again. And I returned back to shop and was eagerly waiting for the lunch time. Here I end my part one, I know you all will be eager to know what happened after lunch. Friends

Let me know how my flow of story writing is. Please dont mistake me as this my first sex story. I will continue this story after seeing your feedback.

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My mami is a teacher for me later I had many other women in my life.