The Unexpected Excitement

Hi, guys, my name is Sakul (name changed) I am 5.5 feet long and with a fair complexion. My tool is 6 inches long and 3 inches wide. So coming the princess of my story and my life till now my dream girl my mothers sister a lady with huge assets and fair complexion can make any man die for her. She has 36-30-34 stats.

So taking your less time and coming to the sex story…

It was d time of summer where my aunt insisted me to visit her place but suddenly her husband needs to go out of India so she called me and said

Aunt : hii

Me : hii

Aunt : so come to my place as I am alone and uncle is also out of town and I informed your mom about your departure.

Me : but…

Aunt : now no excuse come to my place otherwise I will not talk.

Me : ok coming in an hour or two.

(phone cut )then I packed my bag and moved my car to the destination and at last, after 2-hour long drive, I reach the place. Before I reach my uncle departed so my aunt heard d horn of my car and came out the time she saw me she was damn happy.Her house is like a villa so I thought of having a wonderful short vacation.

She came with a glass of water and she did not have chunni on her so the time she bent for serving water her huge cleavage was visible and the time I saw I ignored for the first time but at last I am also man with hot blood running to me then I saw her cleavage and hold d glass for 45-50 sec.Then suddenly she called me “Le sukal pani le”(sukal take water ) I took d glass of water and drank it.

As I was friendly with my aunt so she asked me to change and join her in the kitchen so that we can chit chat. I joined her in kitchen and sat on platform

Aunt: why you were resisting to visit my place.

Me : I was busy with my work so I could not come

A: so why did you came now..? ( kidding)

M: you insisted me so much then how can I resist such a beauty.( quite flirting)

A: stop flirting I am not the age of your girl so that you can impress me

M: so how I need to impress you..?

A : take some time.

Me : ooh is that so I’ll give you full time to get impressed

Then we settled for lunch. During lunch, we chit chat and I was looking for a chance where I can have glimpse of her beauty…. But somehow I could not.After half an hour of lunch, she said drop me to gym.”What will I do during your gym time “I said. She told to watch me then I had a thought of having a glimpse of her assets.

Within an hour we departed for the gym.

Then she entered the gym and forwarded to changing room… I asked her can I also join you (masti mein) she gave me a wicked smile and went inside.The lady which came out was beyond expectation she was in tights shorts and sports bra.I was very surprised to see her.Somehow I controlled my penis and. Went away.I settled on one place and she was doing stretching what an ass she had I thought of fucking her in gym only.

After an hour she completed her gym during gym time she noticed me staring at her assets.In the car, she pinched me and said enjoyed you bastard.I felt at the top of the world.Then I took a step forward.And asked her stats then she told me.

While going home we had a chitchat and suddenly she asked me are you virgin I said yes.She asked me about her figure at the same time I pointed my finger towards my penis which was showing its eligibility.She saw and said awww bichara pareshan ho gaya and kept hand on my thighs and started rubbing her hand.

I stopped the car on the place and said what are you doing she replied doing what you want.Then I took it as an invitation and went forward to kiss her she pulled me to her and kissed me so hard that my lips started bleeding.

Then I kissed her kissed her all over her neck till her cleavage then I took of her t-shirt from shoulder and started kissing her she moaned a little and started to rub her hand on my dick and removed my dick and started to give handjob I was feeling top of the world then she bent forward and started kissing then she started licking it and suddenly she started giving me blowjob within 20 min I cummed and we went to the house.

As we reached her house she bent to open the door I opened I saw her ass and my cock rose again and I went forward and touched in her ass she felt that and gave me wicked smile.And ran in the house I ran behind her and caught her took her to the wall and started kissing her we smooched for 36 min and licked her neck after licking her neck I kept my one hand on her boobs and started pressing it she was getting horny and horny.

Then she removed my shirt and started kissing over my chest and stomach she bent down to take out my penis but I stopped her made hr stand and removed her top she was wearing sports bra I started licking it slowly over her bra and she pressed my face and moaned oh yeaahh ooh yeaah remove bra and suck it.

Then I removed her bra and hold her breast in hand and started licking it and licked her nipples and boobs then I started licking her cleavage line and kept biting her nipples.Then I took her to the room and removed her salwar and touched her ass and threw her on the bed and I removed my jeans.

She was shouting come baby come fuck your aunt lick her breast suck her lips.I came top of her and started licking her navel and licked her till thighs except her pussy.

She kept her hand in my underwear and tried to remove my penis then I stood on d floor and she came and sat on bed and removed my underwear after watching my penis she gave me nice handjob and spit on my penis and started kissing it and took whole dick in her mouth I cummed in her mouth then I pushed her and removed her panty and started fingering her and she was moaning hard and hard kar ungli madarchd kar ache se kar land dal ab chutiye daal.

Her words aroused me and I started licking her pussy I kept my whole mouth on her pussy and licked it till she doesnt cum. The time she cummed I kept my penis on her pussy and stroked her in one go.She cried and say dhire se chutiye then I fucked her in missionary between missionary she came in cowgirl position and took my hand kept on her ass we fucked for 45 min and I cummed she cum 2 -3 times between that and I was totally exhausted and had fun for all d time wherever we meet

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