Hello all iss readers. This is a real story which contains sexual features in it and therefore I kindly request that I will not be responsible for any miss happening. If u likes the story u can mail me on / / We had spent this week together. Until we came here a week ago, we had never met. But we had talked for hours on the net almost every night for more than a year, and I had more or less fallen in love with her during that year. I dived into the swimming pool and swam up next to her and put my arms on the rail of the pool and rested my head on my arms. I looked into her sweet face with those innocent deep blue and curious eyes. Here we were face to face, her heart shaped lips were a natural red color she had no lipstick on and she looked so perfect. Her smile was sweet but I could see she was little on the shy side. My feelings had grown for her more and more as this week went by, for both of us. But none of us had taken any steps to get closer than hugging now and then and talking until early hours in the morning. She turned around and put her arms and head on the rail of the pool the same way I did, and we just hung there, in the water, relaxed, studying each others faces.

My pulse began to rise as I reached out my hand and touched her cheek with the back of my fingers. Her face felt so soft and she smiled as my fingers ran over her chin. That only encouraged me to take the next step a bit further. I smiled back at her and brushed my hand over her long blonde hair and over her neck. She blushed a little and her smile grew bigger as I moved closer and closer to her and finally put my arm around her waist. Slowly I pulled her to me until our bodies were almost touching, her lips were so close to mine and as I bent my head the to kiss her she had parted her lips a little and to my surprise she kissed me back and put her arms around my neck. I closed my arms around her body and enjoyed the feeling of her skin against my skin. I smiled at her and we kissed again. She had pushed herself so close to me that she shivered under my touch. My entire body was aching to have her. I wanted to kiss her, touch her, eat her, and make love to her. I whispered to her “Lets go to our room” and she nodded eagerly.

She was so beautiful, her body was perfection to me. Light and soft. She lay there in my side of the bed, waiting for me to show her love. As I lay there beside her on the bed I kissed her lips ever so lightly, like we had done in the pool. She sighed when I cupped my hand around her breast and her breathing got heavier as I started caressing first the one and then the other of her beautiful soft and perfect shaped breasts. She reached out her hand and touched my right breast and I let out a little moan of delight as she took my breast in her hand and began to massage and tenderly squeeze as her index finger and thumb teased my ever growing nipple. Oh it was so lovely that I grew goose pimples all over my body.

We lay there kissing and touching each other for what seemed like an age but was in reality it was only a few moments. Her face and body were flushed with excitement and embarrassment at never being with another woman before. I raised my leg over hers and moved body on top of her and lay there upon her for a few seconds reassuring her and then began moving my way down, kissing her lips, her chin her chest, her breasts. Licking and sucking her nipples which made her sigh from pleasure. I shivered when she ran her fingers through my hair. I kissed and licked my way down her to her tummy stopping at her belly button to dip my tongue in it. She let out a “Ohhhh yessss!” as my tongue licked in and around her belly button. She raised her lower body up towards me to encourage me to go lower. Again I began kissing and licking down her lower abdomen until I finally reached her pubic area which I skipped and moved down to her thighs.

I kissed her inner thighs giving her little love bites in between kisses. Slowly I began to move up towards her sex, her aroma filling my nostrils more and more as I got nearer and nearer her now moist pussy lips. I ran my fingers up to the tops of her thighs and parted her lips, when she felt the tip of my tongue touch her outer pussy lips she squirmed and raised her hips closer to my mouth for more. I thrust my tongue inside her in one swift movement and got so fired up by the sounds of her arousal that slipped from her throat. Her juices tasted so sweet that I began to devour her pussy with vigor. My own arousal was pounding through me. I needed her mouth on me and her tongue and fingers in me. I reluctantly pulled my mouth from her honey pot and slid up her body and lay upon her again and as we kissed hungrily and passionately.

“Are you virgin?”

I asked whispering, trying to catch my breath, and she nodded. I had to slow this down a bit as I wanted us both to enjoy this moment forever. How far was she ready to go?

“Are you sure youre ready for this?” I asked, looking into her beautiful eyes to see her true answer. She smiled and nodded.

“We only have tonight,” she whispered, “and I want you to show me it all.”

That moved me. She was younger than I was, and she trusted me. I had to make this good for her.

“I want to love you,” I whispered, “will you let me?”

She nodded again. We kissed again and I put my hand between her legs and caressed her gently. Her pussy was sopping wet and soft and she gasped a little when I penetrated her with two fingers and began to caress her pussy. Maybe it hurt a little? After all, she was a virgin until now… Or maybe she was just surprised by how good it felt to be caressed like that? She thrust her hips towards my hand to have more of what I was giving. She liked it.

“Does it feel good?” I whispered.

She nodded and reached up kissing my mouth with her soft lips. They say that girls dont come on their first time. But Megan did. As my fingers slid in and out of her soaking love hole her body went rigid and her pussy clamped so tight on my fingers I thought she was going to pull them off my hand. Then I felt my hand wet and warm as her orgasm ripped through her. Her love juices pouring from her over my hand and down to her asshole and making a puddle of the sheet below her. She was so overwhelmed that she had tears coming down her face as she pulled me to her and hugged me so close. I was fired up, my pussy was actually pulsing begging for her mouth, her fingers, and her tongue to be buried deep inside me. With her cheeks wet after her happy tears, she made her love to me as I had to her. She brought me up to unsuspected heights with her talented fingers and mouth. We lay there exhausted and cuddled up close together. We were so cuddled together we couldnt get any closer to each other. She fell asleep first and I lay for a while just listening to her light breath. I knew we wouldnt be able to be together all the time. But we had had our little adventure here and maybe we would again? I breathed in her scent and smiled. I was happy. I had finally made love to another woman and so had Megan, and it was me.

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