Hello to all my beloved readers. Aakk ack with a bang a magnificent love story brought to desk tops. Our early day’s heroine is portrayed here in the narration beneath and surely it was she who made me succeed and this story is dedicated to her. Malathi alias Mala from the temple town of Chidambaram 200 kms away from Chennai a English reader from the nearby University. She is a sex Goddess at 38 she can make men drool over her cuts and curves stands tall at 5.8 around 67 kgs. Mala visits Chennai during weekends to tutor the distant education seminar classes many a men would die to fuck her at least once in their life, but unfortunately she gives a flying fuck for men. Mala has crossed the ocean of straight sex and is now deep into a womanly love. She meets one enchanting Chennai female student who is also a buddy in lesbian sex. On a Saturday evening Mala invited Kavitha to the private guest house on Poonamalle high road where she is a regular customer while in Chennai for weekend seminars. The action is just above to begin between a matured Mala & the budding Kavitha who is just an 18 year old girl. Let’s listen to what she has to say.In the name of a private coaching Kavitha landed in my room and it was a real cake walk for me to have seduced her in less than half an hour & she surrendered like a slave to my skills. My hand swept across her young eighteen year old chest, touching so lightly the small rounded swell of her breasts. Through the dark blue of her flimsy top you could see the erection of her nipples, the anticipation of this moment that resided within her body. She giggled and laughed, her face blushed red, yet she did not pull away or force my hands from her body, she could barely hold eye contact with me, but that was through shyness and excitement and through the lack of experience one gets at her tender age.I felt the soft tender skin just above the plunging neckline, my hands sweeping over them, stroking, caressing the supple beauty only a few millimetres from me now, was she.

Her face continued to blush, to grow like a ravaging heat, flames of passion that consumed every inch of her delectable body. God how I wanted to taste her, to feel her face press against mine, lips to lips, tongues dancing, cavorting with the passion of innocence and desire of lust. I couldnt wait, deny myself this moment, my face inched towards hers, and she followed, responding drawing closer till lips did meet.My left hand rested on her shoulder, the thin strap of her top just beneath my flesh, whilst my right hand cupped so lightly the wondrousness of her breast, the rounded, self supporting lemon sized of flesh that was so dramatic and filled with bliss. She wanted me, which truly did surprise me, and I certainly sought her, she could learn and enjoy so much, become a pupil in ways of pure sexual education, to be brought to pinnacle of desire, to have her own gender slowly, erotically tease, kiss touch and caress a body that was designed for such pleasures now that it was of legal age.The first kiss was tentative, my hand swept down her shoulder, slowly drawing the strap from its resting place, returning eventually back to the breast which it longed to feel. My mouth enveloped her, lips touching hers, Consuming them in a slow, erotic and gradual embrace, that allowed my tongue to slip into the moistness of her oral domain. Slowly I felt her hands rest against my hips, feeling the curvy shape, touching the material that hid the naked sensitive flesh beneath it.Our bodies tingled with a vibrancy that was unique; a sensation that I truly, in all honesty believe only another female can really create. The embraces grew more passionate, temperatures rising, my hands lightly teasing touching the body that hid beneath the apparel of what she was wearing. Slowly in between the moments of languishing soulful, dramatic embraces upon her, I slid the front of her vest like top down, exposing the soft beauty Of swell. My hand cupped the breast, felt and massaged it, as the kissing grew more enchanting, now Her hands were on my head, finger entwining in my hair, lightly drawing me nearer, closer to her, so she Could bask in full unadulterated pleasure of what was being bestowed upon her.My hands swept over her supple curvaceous body, roaming with diligence and respect, causing tingling sensations and nerve ends to ignite, become alive and vibrant as she sample the pleasures of true dedicated lesbian lust. Her chest rose dramatically, nipples becoming more and more erect, I could feel them throbbing, the power, the arousal, the heat which raged within her was like a small internal turbine that truly was on the point of over heating. Finally we pulled away, despite it being with reluctance, she tasted sweet, young and gorgeous, an addiction which I could quite easily become happily a junkie to. Kavitha smiled, her face a flush, her eyes glowing with the power of arousal, her body a shimmering, aching vat of desire that had now begun to ignite and spark. One hand holding tenderly her tight rear, the other softly stroking her chest whilst both my lips and tongue kissed, licked the breadth of her chest from one shoulder to the other. Slowly I stooped downwards, my hands drawing the top down from her breasts, pulling the material as tight as I could so that finally I would get to see one of the many enchanting and glorious prizes that this young excitable lover had to offer me. She drew me back up, her hand cupping my head, her face inching towards mine as we kissed with an electrifying delight, mouths swarming eating, caressing each other, feeling the throb of desire and yearning of lust consume our bodies.God I needed her!!Long lingering kisses that gave out loud smacks as lips meshed with lips and tongues teased and darted, exploring the others oral chamber, dancing and cavorting, hands held the other tight, locked in some orgasmic embrace that was used to satisfy the other that each of us felt the same way. How my clit throbbed, pounding between my legs, locked up in those tight green panties, its smooth hairless moistness saturated already as finally I began to make my move.

I drew both shoulder straps down from where they lay, unwrapping the silken beauties that were her chest. The mounds of flesh so sweet, pert and erect, skin that tingled and buzz, vibrantly filled with the pleasure of what she knew was coming next. Slipping the casual cotton top further down past her waist, descending with it, until the seductive sight of her flat taut stomach stood before my eyes. There I stopped mouth open, my hunger for her immense unable to resist, my mouth latched onto her right breasts with a lovers delight. Her hand ran through my long black hair, as she felt my lips close around the swell of her bosom, she murmured, followed by her head rising upwards, eyes closing and as she basked in the gift of delight whilst I continued to nuzzle at her luscious breast.With one of my hands behind her, stroking gently her spine, fingers running and down, my other hand then began to draw the top further downwards, past the cut off shorts that she wore, which were truly tight and revealing. As the top descended so did I allowing my tongue to slide down the flawless silk surface of her body, lingering everywhere, swirling all over, feeling the pleasure of her dramatic, sensual body. Finally the top was down at her ankles, my hands helping her to step from its clutches, then moving back up and unfastening the cut offs, which came down easier than I had thought they would. She stepped out from 3/4th pants, now only wearing a pair of red cotton like panties, that were shaped high leg and tight against her mound. My mouth kissed the surface of her thigh, teeth clenching at the panties, pulling them and letting them snap back against her body. One hand skilfully roamed upwards, gliding almost Up the left outside leg, that left her in rapturous bliss, as slowly I guided her round so that she could face me and feel the true power of a females mouth and what exactly it could incur upon another the same gender.,Kavitha breathed so deeply, murmuring so lovely, her tongue ran over her own lips; she rested against the wall, her hands not sure where to put them selves, as I bestowed kiss after kiss upon the nakedness of her stomach. Allowing my tongue to glide, to swirl and pleasure the indentation of her navel, working its way downwards towards the hidden mound of her sex that lay beneath the panties which she wore so delectably.Long exuberant kisses, mouth fully open, feeding of the sweat of this lovely creatures body, hearing her murmur with delight, coo with pleasure as her body shimmered under the assault of my seductive powers. Hands touching, swirling over flesh that sparkled and waited impatiently to feel the bequeath meant of my lips, mouth opened to its extremer ties, consuming all that it could in the most erotic and potent manner that I knew how.I looked up at Kavitha and smiled, she glanced down, a face that was a torturous picture of delight, wrought with the sensations the likes of which she had never befriended before now plagued her. Feelings of erotic arousal, mixed with the plague of carnal lust and explosion of sexual energy which rattled through her bones. My fingers hooked themselves around the top of her panties, I felt her body shudder with delight as slowly, teasingly I began to draw them down, a broad unforgiving and erotic smile on my face that told of she had felt nothing compared to the moments that now were coming. As I drew them down, my lips continued their soulful assault upon her stomach, kisses that were spectacular and orgasmic, designed to be provocative and arousing. A little wiggle of her hips signified that finally the panties were free; they fell to the floor, a crumpled heap around her ankles, no longer were they a barrier to my or her pleasure.

My left hand touched and skimmed the newness of Kavitha’s flesh, the flesh which now was totally and utterly naked, a body that finally was able to be viewed as it should be, a celebration of tender flesh and ripe sumptuous figure that craved to be explored by another of the same gender. Instinctively almost her legs opened for my hand, which swept inwards and across, helping, guiding her to part those long sexy legs, a guide that wasnt really required. I could smell the mustiness of her desire from where I was crouched, I didnt doubt either that she could feel the hotness of my breath or the anticipation and yearning to get this on.Slowly my hand rose up the inside of her leg, sideways on, my mouth moved towards the crevice where stomach and thigh meet, a kiss was followed instantly by the first ever female touch of her moist warm sex, which caused a huge explosion of desire to overload her young body. Kavitha murmured and sighed deeply, her breathing ragged and lustful, her heart pounding, her eyes closed with desire, head lolled upwards and backwards as she savored the bliss which she undoubtedly had never before tasted.Each kiss, each caress caused a minor irruption within her, a new burst of vigor and desire to following hot on the coat trails of the last one which hadnt quite done all of its majestic work. Kavitha’s pussy was tight and sweet, hot and moist, dew drops of passion formed, the lips semi parted, the clit clearly be seen. My fingers teased, stroked and entered the moistness of her fleshy folds, letting every movement that occurred cause wondrous sensations that burnt deep into her soul. She could barely contain the desire, the bliss and delight that now constantly surged throughout her form, her face abandoned to the bliss, lost to the throng of euphoria that was endless and enchanting if not hypnotizing

Fingers pressing, sliding back and forth, lightly entering the silken domain of her sex had erotic consequences for my young lover Kavitha, she purred like a kitten, soon began swaying, rocking back and forth, her hands clasping, holding the wall as she began to ride. Instincts took over, she knew what to do, how to enjoy this moment, to extract the pleasure, feel the vibrancy, to revel in its glory, as I languished one more kiss against her navel. She was in awe, encased by bliss, consumed by the revelation of desire and lust, her whole body was now akin to beacon, a beacon that couldnt get enough of the sensations that were being provoked upon her sensual form Murmurings of delight were similar to a chorus of an erotic song that only she knew the words to, her body continued to buzz and shimmer, her aching grew, lust ambushed her in sudden and violent attack that pleased her and only added to the desire that she already did feel.Louder and louder the noises grew, passion amassed an army of lust just waiting for the signal to unleash all of its wondrous power. Hips swaying, rocking with more force, the orgasm waiting, nearing and being ready to rush and consume all of her. My fingers slipped deep into her warm silken mound, feeling the nub of her clit, the heated desire and moistness of her fleshy folds, she buckled slightly, knees giving way, wanting me to delve further into the tightness of her treasure trove, which of course I did. Breathing so deep, so erratic, her chest heaving, feet clamped to the floor, as my fingers slid back and forth, toying with nub of her clit, feeling the walls of her wet slit. Kavitha loved it, standing there, naked, her sex being touched, loved, her stomach kissed and licked, a body that ached with yearning and unspent desire, that soon we both knew would be realized.

Kavitha leant forwards, stretched back, head lolled in all directions, breasts thrust in and then out, body aching, yearning under a magnitude of delight, eyes closed, unable to open as lustfulness gripped and teased her. Noises that grew, echoed around us, which served only to fuel her desires, as the delights of hearing herself reach that point of climax, was it appeared a huge turn on in itself.More and more the desire crept up on her, stealing her body, crushing her composure, forcing her into a spiral of pleasure, drilling her into the depths of submission to where she could not hold back the euphoria of this moment. Kavitha’s supple young body swayed now almost dramatically her chest heaved her nipple so erect, they almost hurt with the yearning. Her sex vibrantly alive, tingling with the rampant pulses of gratification, muscles clenched, heart pounding sweat pouring, she couldnt control herself, the orgasm came, a violent unequivocal shudder, a scream of utter delight as wave after wave of satisfaction consumed her. Kavitha’s juices, warm and sticky flowed like an endless river, gushing from within, coating my hands, trickling down fingers that sought to extract every last drop of her delightful juice. This was just the beginning of an empirical womanly love for Kavitha, her body went limp and she slides on to the cot where even more of the lovely experience was awaiting her. This was a narration of the standing posture alone and what happened on the cot is a separate story by itself. That all folks do remember to send in your comments & feed backs to / /

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