In the Dark

This is a real incident which happened to me. And I am sure some of you might have experienced some time or other in your life……At first I was not sure if it was deliberate or accidental. It did look deliberate, yet it was very subtle. We both were traveling from Bangalore to Hyderabad. At about 8.30 PM in the night the bus started from Bangalore. He was in his late 30s and I am in my late 20s. We spoke at length about different things, as co passengers. He seemed to be successful professional, happily married and very nice guy to talk to. The lights went off, and the movie started playing, and AC was creating a cozy atmosphere in the Volvo bus. As I was about to catch my sleep, his hand accidentally landing on my thigh was bit awkward for me. But after few minutes, the hand was not just resting on my thigh but was moving bit up and down my thigh in a very rhythmatic and gentle manner.I was having difficulty breathing. I was nervous, confused, but curious as hell, trying to make out if it was deliberate or accidental. As the hand inched closer towards my dick, I was now pretty sure of his intentions. I was having a boner, and did not want to appear to be knowledgeable of what is happening. But it was difficult, as my dick now became rock hard, and I had to adjust it.He got the cue, the hand waited for couple of seconds to allow my dick to get into a comfortable position in my trousers. But before long, his hand was more sure and inching towards my cock. Now his palm rested on my dick over the trouser. And few seconds, it gave a gentle press. And then rested there for a while. Again after few seconds there was one more press with slightly more pressure. Each of those moments took eternity.I did not dare to turn and to look at him. I just kept staring at the movie, as if I am not a willing partner of this crime. He fingers then started measuring the length and width of my cock. Now he was gently masturbating it. I was having the pre cum drooping out of my cock now more in anticipation than by his delicate massage.From the time his hand fell accidentally fell on my thigh to the time, he was literally playing with it, it took 1 and half hour.

And we reached our dinner halt. The lights were turned on, and luckily he was quicker then me to adjust and get back to normalcy as if nothing happened. I breathed a sigh of relief.I was the first to get down the bus. I did not want to go the restaurant and eat fearing what if he also happens to come to the restaurant for dinner. And by all means I wanted to avoid eye contact with him. I just went far into in to a secluded place as I wanted to piss and get relieved of the pressure. As I kept walking I felt that some one else too was coming behind me. I thought it could be him, so kept walking far into the dark so that I can avoid him. Once I reached long into the dark secluded place, I just turned behind to check if he still was behind me. And I froze as I saw him at a distance, but still coming towards me.I consciously ignored him and unzipped my trouser and started leaking. I was about to finish and was moving my dick vigorously to get off the last drops, that he just came to my side, sat on his knees. I was afraid as hell, but did know how to react. I was also surprised how can he be so bold and so direct. He quickly took my dick in to his mouth and sucked the last drops. My cock was still slippery of pre cum oozing out of it. And it was an exhilarating feeling to have a warm mouth encircling my wet, half limp, juicy leaking cock. He was an expert, quickly pulling down my trousers and then the underwear. He gently held my butts, slurping my dick with loud noises, and sucking it as if it’s a mango seed. Without my knowledge I was having my fingers into his hairs and pushing his face more deep into my dick. His mush was tickling my skin. And his tongue was creating ripples of tingling sensation in my cock.

I stepped out of trousers and underwear at my foot, and just made a better angle to mouth fucking him, and he was deep throat me. At times he was getting even gagged, but he never stopped the “suckling”. We both were wild with lust. I just moved back a little so that I could lean back a little on to the near by tree, but all along he did not let my dick out of his mouth. He kept moving forward with me as if my cock was his life support. I was mumbling all sorts dirty words like baaga cheeku ( suck me more), lopaliki ( deeper), lavada rasalu kaaraali ( my dick should drip juices), abba em cheeku thunnavura ( you are a great sucker ), cheekura langodaka ( suck me deep you bastard). And with my each word he was like man on a mission to make my dick feel the pleasure of heaven. By now I was shameless, I was ripping his hair in ecstasy and he was digging his nails on to my naked butts. I could feel the climax building up in my cock, I was feeling giddy with pleasure. My eyes were blacking out as if I am in trance.He slowed down, took my dick out of his mouth for the first time. Semen and saliva were dripping down his chin and my cock. And then with one quick slurp, he wiped all that from my dick. Now he started licking my dick with the tongue. He ran his tongue along the entire shaft. He kissed the red knob of my dick.He ran his tongue over the crack at the top. And then he started licking my balls. The moment his tongue rolled over my balls, my knees became weak. I no longer was worried about the delay in getting back to the bus. And he did some thing unthinkable, he rotated me around, with my ass facing him. I thought oh my god, what is he up to. He parted my ass cheeks put his hand on my back as if suggesting me to bend. I said “No” to object to what ever was on his mind but that “NO” died halfway through, as to my pleasant surprise I felt his soft supple tongue brushing my ass cheeks and finding its way to ass hole. I Jumped up, the sensation was unbearable. He held me, and once again, ran his tongue over my butt hole. I liked it again, and this time, I spread my legs even further to give him better access. He licked it. He then pushed his tongue deep into the crack. I started grunting in pleasure. Now he licked between my ass crack and balls. That gave me intense waves of a sexstacy. His tongue seemed to be as long as a paint brush and as flexible as it can get. With his tongue master strokes, he was creating a pulsative thrills in my whole body especially between my legs. I badly wanted to cum now, I cant hold this temptation to cum any longer. I turned back and grabbed his head and pushed it towards my cock. He immediately took my cock again deep in to his mouth. I was as if riding a horse, pumping my dick into his mouth. And when I slowed down, he increased his speed of sucking me. We both were in perfect tango. I knew I was reaching a stage of bliss, I can’t hold it any longer. I just held his head tight and pushed his mouth even closer digging my dick deep into his throat. And I came long and hard and with a shriek. I don’t know how long, I kept cum in his mouth.He swallowed it all. His mouth all of a sudden became a high power vacuum cleaner, sucking every drop of the semen from deep down my dick. When he took out my dick out of his mouth, it was still semi hard and rising and falling as if it still had life and wanted more. And then to my surprise he took my cock once again into his mouth and gave it 2 or 3 more deep sucks, and there was once again a wave of pleasure followed by little more semen. I wondered how on earth this guy knows, there was still some more pleasure my dick was seeking and was capable of.

Once it was over, I felt so exhausted, but knew had to hurry back to the bus, as I was afraid I might miss it. Don’t know how I walked all the way back. When we reached the bus, few guys were giving strange looks and shouting at us, where we were all the while.My partner, was a smooth thinker, he told my purse fell off, had to search for it, sorry for the delay. It looked like many believed it, at least nobody could say anything more.Back in our seats, exhausted and tired I thought of sleeping. But thought it was my duty to give him some pleasure too. I voluntarily put my hand on his thighs. He understood and took out of his dick and kept it outside under the blanket. I reached for his dick and got a shock of my life.His dick was enormous. I kept feeling it and by the time I gauged its length, I was sure it was huge and monstrous. I could not believe that guy with such a well endowed dick was few minutes back so desperately sucking my cock that was nothing special by any standard. But I felt some strange pride that, may be there’s something about me. I felt total control over this stranger now and this feeling of control gave me new ideas…Mail me at / / if you like the story. And send me themes on which you would like me to write stories. Any theme is fine, group, gay, bondage, incest, couple swap, wife fucking, you ask for it, you will have a dick raising story from me.