Life changes

I walked through town that early spring morning trying to find

Myself a job to hold me through the summer. The only thing i had found all

Day was a stockers opening at a new store on the edge of town. It was owned

By a new lady and her daughter that had moved to town only a few months

Ago. My only problem was that the store handled only ladies fine lingerie

And all types of underclothing.

When i got home that afternoon my mom had told me she knew of an

Opening but wasnt sure if i would take it. She told me it was our new

Neighbors from down the block, ms. Tami tyler and her daughter kelly. I let

Her know that i had already found out about that one but wasnt sure

Myself. Mom had already talked to ms. Tyler and said that she wanted me to

Come by the next afternoon just before closing so we could talk for a

Bit. Well i let mom know i would at least go by abd see what she had to


It was about 4:30 when i finally got there and their last customer

For the day was just leaving so they locked up and asked me to follow them

To their office. Sitting there listening to what my job duties would

Consist of was really very easy. I would be there from closing till 10 pm,

And then locking up and heading home. Ms. Tyler also said that i would be

Making $9.00 per hr. With a raise as the business grew. That first night as

They both left i stayed and began to unpack all the new cartons of supplies

That had come in during the day and then take them and price them and stock

Them on the shelves for the following days business. I couldnt begin to

Believe the types of clothing i was unpacking, everything from stockings

And panties to corsetts, bras, nighties, and other types of lingerie. This

Went on for a few weeks till my mind began to wonder just what did women

Like and enjoy about all those sexy underthings while wearing them. I began

To experiment very slowly trying on panties only then more and more as time

Went on. It was on one of those saturday nights when i had taken all my

Clothing off and dressed in some very sexy nylons, garter belt, panties,

Bra, babydoll nightie and began to do my work. It seemed everything went as

Usual that evening, so all i did was to put my clothing over the lingerie i

Was wearing and headed home.

It was just after 7 am when my mom came in to wake me up and tell me

That ms. Tyler had called and said that she needed me at the store, that we

Had to do some inventory for a special order coming in. So as soon as i got

Dressed i headed to the store, wondering if she had maybe found something

That i had left laying around. When i got there ms. Tyler was in her office

And asked me to join her. I sat down as she walked towards a locked cabinet

And started a vcr that was inside. Just then her tv screen came on and i

Was completely shocked, i had been caught on camera from the prior night

Dressing up and it showed everything extremely clear. “well young man, or

Shall i say young lady what have you go to say for yourself” she asked

Me. “seems like something we should have to discuss with your mom and maybe

Even the police because you did take those items home didnt you”? All i

Could do was to plead with her not to tell anyone, there was no way i could

Get out of this one. We both sat there talking about how long i had been

Doing things like this and just how often and how much i enjoyed dressing

As a girl. I explained it was my first time and that it would never happen

Again. Even as i told her this i dont think she believed one thing i said.

She sent me home and said that she would have her decision the next

Morning about my punishment. That monday morning when i arrived, both

Ms. Tyler and kelly were there and both were studying the tape very

Closely. By the way she had told me to wear the things i had taken home to

Work that morning or i would regret it very much.

Kell had put a sign on the front door that told everyone we would be closed

For the day because of inventory and would reopen on tuesday. All the

Curtains were closed and doors locked up tight, when both women told me to

Undress down to the things i was susposed to be wearing. They also let me

Know that all it would take was just one time not obeying their orders and

I would be turned in to the police.

As i undressed and stood before them only in lingerie, both tami and kelly

Began to look me over saying that i really would make a very good looking

Young lady. They also stated that from this point forward i would be

Working at the store, but i would be trained as a front counter clerk and i

Would be required to completely dress as a female. My new name would be

Lori and i would do as told no matter what for fear that i would be turned

In to everyone in town. I was to be their girl slave at the store and also

At their home, doing all the house work as their maid.

This was to be my future for as long as they saw fit, i just knew i

Had to do something to get away but what i had no idea as yet. The next

Thing i knew i heard a soft voice behind me, i turned and noticed my mom

Standing there. She and tami and kelly had watched the video together. It

Was now my turn to ry and get mom to help me out of my problem but she

Would have nothing of it, telling me that i was to do as told. I was to

Become her daughter from this moment on and there was nothing i could do

About it. Mom and tami decided that kelly was to become my teacher on how

And what to dress and mom and tami would take over the rest, such as makeup

And hair and mannerisms. They all would be in charge of making sure that i

Took all my hormones, both pills and shots, which would very very strong in

Dosage. Every day i was ordered to take my new medicaton, just after

Breakfast and just before going to bed. I was now to the point that i

Really did enjoy being treated as a girl and everything that went along

With it, and i even sort of enjoyed the whistles that i was getting from

The young guys around town. The story was that i had gone to school over

Seas and me (lori) was my twin sister from my moms first marriage.

Then as things began to really change i knew that i would never

Return to being a male so i actually loved the feeling of being female. I

Let myself become attracted to a young man who was two years older than

Myself, jason is 65″ and 245 lbs but extremely fit. From what i had heard

Around town he wasnt seeing anyone seriously at all and some of the

Younger people thought maybe he was gay. We began to find ways of being

Around each other more and more every day and even on weekends. Mom and my

Two sisters even thought it was a great idea because it would finally make

Realize that i was going to be a female for the rest of my life, except for

The one thing between my legs. Jason would come by our house and we would

Sit and watch tv for hours on end before he would kiss me and then go

Home. It seemed we dated for months before he made his first move towards a

Sexual encounter. I tried my best to keep putting him off but finally i

Just figured it was time to explain myself and take a chance on losing

Him. It was on our next date that i told him we had to talk in private and

So we went driving to as they call it lovers lane. It took me about half an

Hour to explain everything about me and how i had come to being this way

And by the time i was finished i thought he would push me out the door and

Leave . I was in fact completely wrong about him, jason didnt get mad or

Angry at all, all he did was to engulf me in his arms and say that i was

The perfect young woman for him and wanted me from now on.

That evening i lost my virginity to jason, i also gave my first

Blowjob and i was never so happy. He taught me exactly how to lick and suck

His cock which took me quite some time to get used to and just before him

Shooting his come down my throat he tried to pull away but i wouldnt let

Him as i swallowed every drop. Then as i looked down i could still see that

His overly large cock was still just as hard so all i did was undress and

Straddle his hips as he spread my cheeks and slowly work his 9″ cock up

Inside me. Then we began to take our time with me getting used to the size

Of him in me. Slowly i would gradually start to increase my movements up

And down, riding him. I was so tight that first time and for the next few

Time until i could learn to relax. Jason made love to me over and over

Those first few nights. Mom and my sisters could even see the changes in my

Attitude, saying that i seemed to be like a girl who had just been

Fucked. Mom came into my room one night and i told her the truth about

Jason and myself and she fully agreed that he and i should continue. Even

On nights when we didnt go out jason would come over and spend the night

With me and make love to me almost all night long.

My secret would become our secret and no one but my family would ever

Know. That evening after dinner out we went back to my house and jason and

Myself sat down with my mom and two sisters and we had a very long and

Serious talk, and at the end everyone was in agreement. Jason and i began

Our life together a year later after i had graduated from high school,

Married and with him eventually becoming very important and wealthy in our

Town. As everyone in town now knows me as mrs. Jason wilcox, (lori

Wilcox). We have lived very happily for the past 15 years and have three

Adopted children, samantha 14, sam 13, and sean 12, and by the way our

Youngest has been caught by his sister wearing her panties, who am i to

Object in his new found desires. I can only hope that as he grows up he

Will become as happy as i have.

Well hope everyone liked my story, and by the way i am living proof that

Desires do and can com true if real life!