I am RAVI, 20, employed in a Public Sector organization occupying a middle level post. My wife Anupama, affectionately called Anu, is very fair, wears specks, tall, slim with an average size boobs and very tight round shaped ass. She has delivered a boy child some 7 months back and had come back to my house just a month back. I have started my sexual activities with her and have been enjoying her company as well as the new born boy. All of a sudden her father fell ill, and she had to go to my in-laws place. I felt lonely again in my house. We have one servant maid who has been working for us for the last 1 1/2 years. She is Jaya, black in color with lovely figures. When she walks her ass will resemble dancing to some tunes. But she is well mannered. She has never entered our bedroom without our permission. When my wife had left urgently, she has requested Jaya also to take care of the house. I had been sleeping on a Sunday morning for long and only calling bell of Jaya made me to get up. I have just gone with lungi and opened the door.

She smiled when I opened the door. I have then noticed that I was just with lungi only and she must have seen my swollen penis inside my lungi. She has asked me Sir, I hope u have not had your coffee. If you do not mind, shall I prepare coffee. I said yes. She has gone to kitchen and came back to my bed room with a hot coffee. She has just seen the nature of my bed room. I have gone thro some porn magazines previous night and kept them on table. After giving the coffee, she said that she would clean the room. I said yes. While sweeping the room, she has seen the magazines and also some pictures there without my knowledge. But I have seen this. She smiled back and left the room. When I had come out, she had finished the work and she asked me whether I am finding it difficult to spend time without my wife. I said yes. She has indirectly asked me how u spends time while alone in house. I did not reply. She has again told me voluntarily, Sir I know how hard it is to be alone. I have simply smiled. She told me that she too found it very difficult to pass time last month when her husband was away for more than 20 days. She has further added that it would be killing in the night’s sir. I know where she is coming.

She told me further that Sir. Madam has instructed me to look after all your needs. I asked her what needs. She smiled and said all my needs. I said I do not catch you. She openly said all your night needs. I was shocked. She has again come near to me and asked Sir is u not missing your wife in the night. I know the difficulties sir. I was spellbound and do not know what to reply. She again said Sir, I am here to help you. I said thanks but I do not want your help. But she did not stop with it. She has come little bit closer tome and said Sir please do not say like this. Amma has told me to look after you and I know what your needs are. The magazine on the table indicated what u need. While saying this she has forcefully taken my hands and kept them on her breasts and requested me Sir, it is yours u can feel them. I was wondering what is going on. I have heard that most of the men would try to enjoy the unwilling servant maid; but in my case it is quite opposite. While I was thinking like that, Sir, u need not worry. I can fulfill your desire till amma comes. I do not know what to reply. She has again pressed my hands with her hands on her boobs and I too started the feeling of her bulging boobs. I have slowly pressed them. It seems that she is an experienced women in this art. She told me Sir I feel more pleasure only when u press them hard and fast and not like this.

This has really made me hot. I asked her are u not ashamed of what you are doing now. She said no sir. What u need is also what I need. I know how u finds it difficult to pass night without your wife. I know the plight sir. She told me that she and her husband used to fuck daily and that too minimum of twice a night. She told me that it would be very difficult for her to miss the fucking even for a day. I have not started pressing her boobs hard and fast and she wanted me to take my hands out and in a couple of mts, she has removed her blouse and bra and was standing with her bare, black, hard and round boobs. She wanted me to taste her boobs. Frankly speaking, even my wife has not offered her boobs as my servant maid Jaya now offered. I have started sucking her left boob and at the same time my had was pressing her right one. She told me Sir, these is only the beginning and let us go to the main agenda. She has again kept my hands and mouth out of her breasts and again she herself removed her saree and petticoat.

She was not wearing panty. This is the first time I am seeing the pussy of a women other than my wife. Her pussy was full of hair, black in color, with big lips and juice was just started coming out. She remind me Sir please take your lungi out. I have given freedom to my lungai and I was standing nude before my servant maid. She has said Sir, amma is a very luck woman to have a thadi (penis) like this. She has felt my penis and told me sir yours must be more than 7 inches and must be bigger than my husband at least by 2 inches. The funny part of it that in all the normal sex acts the male would take the lead. But here, u also could fine, that she is taking all the initiative and use all hot words. By touch of her hands, my member has still become very hard. I had pulled her on to my bed. She told me sir that I am fed up with getting fucked in the traditional way and wanted me to try different poses. I was simply wondering what this woman was saying. She told me that she was more interested in doing in doggie style. I told her that I wanted to taste her pussy first and then do all these things.

But she did not allow me. She told me sir, first put out my hunger. Please fuck me from behind. I am very fond of this position which my husband has not shown any interest. This kind of talks was more provocative and sexy. She has again begged me to fuck her first from behind. I said yes. She was kneeling on her legs and I have come behind her and started to push my dick in her hot pussy. She has adjusted her in such a way that I did not find much difficulty in pushing it slowly. After some thrust, it went in full. She has started moaning. Sir, please do sir. Please fuck me fast and hard sir. This kind of fucking I have not experienced so far in my life sir. I have started increasing the speed and she has also increased the moaning. After some 10 mts of hard and continuous fucking, I found that I was to cum. She has sensed it also. She told me, sir, do not worry. I am now in a safe period. Please drop your cum inside. Nothing will happen. Do not worry. Please drop inside. I have dropped all my cum inside her pussy.

She has made herself comfortable in lying on her stomach and I was laying on her back with my dick still insider her pussy. She again requested me to keep my dick there for some more time also. Then I have taken it out and she has changed her position and she was lying on her back. After few mts, she has started fondling my penis and in no time this has become hard again. I have started stretching her legs and tasting her pussy. It is difficult to see her pink/black pussy which was totally covered by her thick hair. I asked her how her husband was able to lick your pussy which is in a big bush. She told me sir, he will never do all those things. He will simply ask me to lie on my back and he will enter my pussy and fuck for few mts and then sleep. He has not fucked like you even once. I told her that my wife used to trim her pusy once in ten days and it would be nice for you also to trim. She said ok. By talking like this, both became very hot. I have started licking her pussy hard and fast and she has stated moaning. And finally she shouted loudly and flushed her cum in a big way. She told me sir this is the first time she is doing like this and she has thanked me also.

My dick has become very hard. I could not wait for more. I have simply entered her pussy and started pumping her madly. She shouted with pain and enjoyed it also. After good 10 mts fucking, I had dropped my cum again. We lay in the same position for ten mts. She got up first and had her dress and went to kitchen and prepared coffee. I have tasted the coffee and she bid good bye. This fucking continued till my wife came back. Even after her coming also, I had been secretly fucking her. She used to thank me whenever I fuck her. Hope would have / /

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