Sex With Neighbor Lady

Hi All, I am a regular reader of ISS and this is my real time story happened 2 years back.

I am Ritesh Taneja, 40 years old and living in Delhi. I am 57″ and with a good body. I live in a group society and there are around 200 families living in the same society. The incident happened between me and Sneha (Name Changed). Sneha is around 32 years old and mother of 2. She is around 54″, very fair, long hairs and having 36D-30-38, figure. She is always so well dressed and that everyone in the society always looks back if she is passing by. Around 3 years back something happened between her and her husband and I came to know that her husband started living separately. She was a good friend of my wife and her kids were friends of my kids. So she used to come to our house quite often.

During that time whenever she used to come to our house I casually talked with her few times and i never had any bad intensions about her. One day my wife had gone to her parental home with kids and I was taking the bath. The bell rang and i was disappointed, so I just wrapped the towel and opened the door. There she was standing with a smile. As soon as she saw me in towel, she was shocked and surprised and I was embarrassed. I got so confused that I asked her to come in and then told her that my wife is not at home. She told that she was here just to talk with my wife, so she turned back. When I opened the door for her, somehow the towel got stuck with the door handle and my towel fell off. She looked at my naked body and smiled. I was shocked and I just picked up the towel and wrapped it back. I was feeling very embarrassed and happy too thinking that she might have liked what she saw.

After around an hour, I got a call from her (we have intercom in our society) and she asked about my wifes return. When I told her that she would be back after one week, she told me in naughty voice that I should learn that how to wrap the towel, so that it doesnt fell so easily. This statement immediately game me a hard on (As my wife was away from last few days) and I asked her, why I should be bothered. I have nothing special and I have the entire thing in well shape. What do you think? She just hung up the phone and I got scared. I called her again after half an hour and apologized to her. She said she doesn’t want to talk about this on the phone and will be coming to my flat. It gave me a very high heartbeat.

After 10 min she rang the bell and I opened the door. She came in and I asked her to sit and offered her water. She sat on the sofa and I told that I am really sorry whatever I said on phone. But instead of getting angry she was smiling and looking downward. It gave me some courage, so I move on the same sofa and sat in front of her and looked into her eyes and asked. Did you like what you saw? She hit me with her hand said, “You are very naughty”. Now I got the green signal. I held her hands and kissed it and looked into her eyes. She had closed her eyes. I holed her in my hand and kissed her forehead and eyes and then placed a soft kiss on her juicy lips. She had the most juicy and big lips. She moaned slowly. I holed her tight and rubber her back and tried to open her mouth. She didt open initially and then she let me enter in her mouth and I explored her mouth with my tongue. When we broke the kiss after 5 minutes, she said, someone may come. I closed the door and held her in my arms and took her to the bedroom. I laid her on the bed and kissed her again. Now she was kissing me passionately. I slowly took off her top and saw the most beautiful pair of boobs trapped in pink bra. I licked her cleavage and pressed her boobs softly. All the time she had closed her eyes and was moaning slowly. Then I took off her bra and started sucking one boob. I was slowly biting the nipple as well. Her nipples were dark brown and quite big. I had a feeling that I am really drinking something.

She held my hair and pushed me in her boobs. I moved my hand down and inserted a hand in her lower and found that her panty was wet. I took off her lower and now she was only in her pink flowery panty. I kissed her navel and rubbed her panty and then took off her panty. Wow she was all shaved. I looked into her eyes asked did you wear this pink panty and shaved it for me. She smiled and accepted it and asked me that it’s not fair that she is naked and I am all dressed up. I asked her to help me in taking off my dress. She slowly took off my T-shirt and then jeans. And then she removed my boxer as well. The she started playing with my hard cock. I was kissing her clitoris. We got into 69 and I started licking her wet pussy and she started sucking my cock. It felt amazing in her mouth. She was a great sucker and licking the tip like a professional. I opened her pussy and inserted my tongue in it and started fucking her with my tongue. After few minutes she started moaning fast and had a jerk and I knew that she had her orgasm. I holed her tight and then put her straight on the bed. She was smiling and told me that she is having sex after a long time. I put her on the side of the bed and pointed my cock into her pussy and placed her legs on my shoulder and made a fast push. It went all the way in. She was quite tight as she was not having sex for a long time. She held the pillow tight and started moaning loudly and asked me to be slow. But this made me more excited and I made more fast and deep push. I fucked her for some time and then came in her. She also came with me. Then we both lied together and she kissed me very passionately. I holed her tight and kissed her back. We lied for some time and then she got dressed and left the house as her kids were supposed to beck from school soon. We met few more times and had more fun till my wife came back.

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