Copulation In The Cupboard

It was really difficult for me to not to look at her thighs with my mom sitting beside me. They looked so soft. I badly wanted to touch them. With the water droplets falling and flowing on them they looked sexier. She didnt care about anything else. She was busily washing our clothes with her half saree pulled up to her thighs. I was talking to my mom about my college and my mom was in the balcony observing our new servant maid, Shalini, washing the clothes.

Since it was our maids first day my mom was very particular to check out how she was doing her work. I prayed that my mom wouldnt find any fault in Shalinis work. Especially, after looking at her solid thighs. I fell for her body, the previous day itself, when I first saw her talking to my mom. She was about 55″ tall and had a great figure. She didnt look like a servant maid. She was little brownish in complexion which was really sexy.

From whatever knowledge I have, her vital stats would be 34-24-36 with a bra size of 34B. Through my mom I came to know that she was 25 years old and married. She didnt have any kids but they were planning to have one. She had a decent face but her body was the more desirable one. That evening fortunately my mom liked her work and confirmed the job to her. I was extremely happy and busily planned on how to have her. Though I was 20 years old I was pretty experienced in this field.

A couple of days have passed and my mom was very pleased with Shalinis work. I was also delighted to see Shalinis thighs whenever she washed our clothes or mopped our floor. The little glimpses of her curves also gave me erection. She had terrific curves with smooth tummy which looked yummy.

Few more days have passed and she became my only heroine in my fantasies. One day my mom was in her bedroom folding clothes. I was thirsty and went towards the kitchen to get some water. Weirdly, on that day the kitchen door was closed for the first time. I didnt think much about it. I just opened it and entered. Shalini was changing her clothes in the kitchen. She was wearing her blouse. She covered her blouse with both her hands. I could see her bra through the gap since her blouse was unhooked. She wore a petticoat down.

I turned around immediately but in that short time I took a mental picture of her body. Especially her soft tummy and deep belly button. I ran into the bathroom and masturbated thinking about the image. When I got out of the bathroom Shalini was busily sweeping the floor. She tried to avoid eye contact with me. I took my bag and quietly left to my college. The image of her in her petticoat and unhooked blouse was enough for me for the next few days. I masturbated until I was bored with the mental image. I wanted to see her semi naked or naked again. But Shalini was very careful and covered herself in front of me.

On one weekend my dad was in the hall reading the newspaper while my mom was cooking. I took a shower and entered my room. I locked the door but my room door lock developed a technical snag recently. Though I locked it, the door was still open. Not realizing that I removed my towel. I went near my window to close it.

But I saw a girl with huge cleavage on the road. She was standing exactly below my room and no one else could see me naked since a huge tree blocked my window. I couldnt control myself and started masturbating looking at the cleavage. Due to the traffic I didnt hear my room door opening. I turned my head when I heard a huge noise from a bucket falling on the ground. Shalini was standing there, near the room door with a shocked expression. I was with my right leg on the window and my right hand on my dick.

After a couple of seconds I realized that I was completely naked and immediately sat down covering my dick. I signaled her to leave and close the door but she didnt move. I was too worried thinking what would happen if my mom walked in. Shalini neither moved nor blinked her eyes. Unable to take the pressure anymore I ran towards the door and pulled her in to close the door. After closing the door Shalini got back to her senses.

She turned away and said sorry. I begged her not to talk to anyone about the incident. She just nodded her head. I wasn’t still confident. Putting my right hand forward I asked her to promise me that she wouldnt speak a word. She placed her hand on my hand and promised me but my hand was with pre cum and Shalini was disgusted touching it. I apologized again and asked her to wash her hands in the bathroom. While she was washing her hands I took my underwear and wore it.

As soon as she got back I apologized once again. She was also embarrassed and didnt react much. When she was about to leave the room my mom shouted my name and I could hear her walking towards my room. I didnt want my mom to see me in this position with our servant maid. I panicked and took my phone, got into the wardrobe and pulled Shalini into it. My actions were instantaneous and I never gave them a thought. My mom entered the room and searched for me.

After she left Shalini tried to open the wardrobe door but I stopped her. I asked her to wait for five more minutes until I was sure my mom wouldnt come back. We waited nervously. We sat in the place where we hang clothes. I pushed the clothes to one side and sat very close to Shalini. In fact our bodies were touching against one another. I was right about not allowing Shalini outside. My mom returned but this time she wasnt alone. She was with my cousin. She put my cousin’s luggage in my room and asked him to play games on my PlayStation until I got back.

Though she left, my cousin stayed and started playing games on my PlayStation and looked like he is no hurry to leave the room. With the height of 61″ it was really difficult for me to sit in the wardrobe. I had to stretch and put my hand around Shalini. She gave me a stern look but I showed her that it was really uncomfortable for me to sit there and had to stretch. In between my mom called her name but she never responded. After some time my mom stopped calling her thinking she might have left. It was more than 20 minutes since we were stuck in the wardrobe and it looks like we had to stay there for some more time. The wardrobe was really cozy and Shalinis touch turned me on.

I was only in my underwear and Shalini wore a half saree. 30 minutes later we were still in the same position. I got restless and had some difficulties sitting there. I asked Shalini if we could alter our positions a little. She just nodded. I turned to my left and leaned against the wardrobe wall. I asked Shalini also to turn towards her left and lean against me. I thought she would hesitate but the uncomfortable sitting for the last one hour made her accept it. I spread my legs and she leaned against my bare chest. As soon as her back touched my body within no time my dick was erect. I was really embarrassed as Shalini could easily feel it on her back. But luckily she didnt say anything. With nothing to do Shalini closed her eyes and before I could realize she slipped into sleep.

She slowly started sliding down. I put both my arms around her hips and pulled her up. I could see her cleavage but not much since it was dark. Then I remembered that I got my phone and switched on the torch. I pulled her pallu from her shoulder to see her cleavage more clearly. Her bugling boobs caused pre cum to drip from my dick and definitely Shalini would have noticed it. The lack of reactions from her gave me confidence to go further. So slowly I pulled her skirt along with her petticoat, till her thighs. In the process I touched her soft legs. I unhooked her blouse with my fingers slightly putting pressure on her boobs and revealed her white bra. I was very curious and wanted to see her nipples. I pulled her bra little forward and saw her areola. With both my hands I rubbed her tummy. I loved how soft it was. She also had a lovely belly button which was very deep.

I massaged her belly and played with it. I unhooked her skirt and petticoat and tried to remove them, due to movement she got up and saw in what position we were. She moved away from me in a jiffy and pulled her petticoat down. She covered her chest area with her hands and turned away. The thing that she didnt shout and make any racket has encouraged me more. Since she turned away and had her back faced towards me I put my hand inside her blouse from behind. I rubbed the whole back with my palm open completely. she had the perfect skin. Without removing her hands she tried to push away my hands by just moving her upper body.

I forcefully removed her blouse and unhooked her bra. I could see her naked back. I removed my underwear and threw it in front of her. She still didnt react. I rubbed her bare back with both my hands. I massaged her sides from top to bottom. In the process I could feel her side boobs. I bent a little and sat on my knees. With my hands oon her shoulders I pulled her back so that my naked dick would touch her back. I rubbed my dick all over her back. Her not resisting made me fearless and continued to explore her body. I sat down and spread my legs. With both my hands around her tummy I pulled her back. Her bare back was against my bare body.

I hugged her really tight and she couldnt breathe and pushed my hands away. Slowly I slid my hands under her bra and held her boobs with both my hands. With my fingers I rubbed them. And then I slowly circled her areola with my index fingers. After removing her bra I held her boobs and squeezed then hard. Though Shalini was in pain she enjoyed it a lot. With my index finger and thumb I held her nipples and pulled them forward. She closed her mouth with her hands so that her moaning wasnt audible. With one hand I massaged her boobs and with the other I did the same to her tummy. I slid my hand into her panty and placed it over her wet pussy.

It was hairy but the rest of her body was neatly waxed and smooth. She maintained her body really well. She herself removed her panty, petticoat and skirt. With my right hand rubbing her pussy I played with her tummy with my left hand. I squeezed her belly button area and put a finger in her pussy. She reacted as if a current wave passed through her body and in the process left out a moan. I removed my hand from her pussy and closed her mouth. I peeped through a gap to see what my cousin was up to. He looked around for few seconds but continued playing the game. Shailini took my fingers and started licking them. She licked all of them entirely and turned towards me. With great difficulty she out her knees over my shoulder in such a way that her pussy would end near my mouth and her face would be above my dick.

We were actually stuck in that position. But we were too horny to care about it. She put my dick in her mouth and I slowly slid my tongue into her pussy. I dug through my way into the pussy while she licked all the pre cum on my penis head. Her boobs were rubbing against my tummy and her tummy against my chest. I moved my tongue up and down in her pussy. She wasnt handling me amateurishly. After licking all the pre cum she put both my balls in her mouth. She sucked them neat and clean and then put my whole tool in her mouth.

With so much going downstairs I couldnt concentrate on eating her pussy. But I had to return all the pleasure she was giving me so I put my lips against her pussy lips and had my tongue penetrate deep inside to her pussy. I sucked her pussy with my lips while my tongue tried to reach the deepest point. That was enough for her to reach orgasm. And her strong hold on my dick with her mouth also made me to cum. I removed my dick just before I came. Though I reached orgasm I didnt stop eating her pussy. I loved the taste and smell of it and dug deeper and deeper by spreading her pussy lips with both my hands. I ate her pussy nonstop until she had multiple orgasms. She place her legs down and slowly got up.

By moving her legs first, towards me, she turned her whole body around. I stretched my legs and she had her legs around my hips. She leaned back by holding my hands. Pulling me closer she placed my hands on her boobs. She left my hands and completely relaxed her body. I rubbed her boobs and massaged them.

With my index finger and middle finger I held her nipples and pulled them. I squeezed them real hard by cupping them completely with my palms. She put her fingers in her pussy and took them back and licked them. I removed her hands and put my right leg above hers. I rubbed my dick against her pussy by moving my body completely. She joined me and moved her hips to rub her pussy against my dick. My dick was slowly regaining its energy and became erect. We continued to rub our genitals against one another.

She had one hand covering her mouth to stop her from moaning. She reached orgasm once again and this time it was extreme and left out a loud and long moan. I didnt stop rubbing her pussy and still peeped outside.

My cousin was searching under the bed to see where the sound was from. He didnt suspect even a little that it was from the wardrobe. Shalini got very excited and got up. Her head hit the top shelf. She didnt care about the pain and fell on me. She bit my neck and shoulder. I also became extremely excited because of her actions and pushed her back and bit her boobs. I sucked her nipples real hard and bit them also.

Meanwhile Shalini took my dick in her hand and inserted it in her pussy. It was like woman on top position but we were sitting. I humped her for few minutes in different speeds. Her boobs moved up and down while I fucked her. More than me Shalini was enjoying it. I could see it her eyes.

In about 10-12 minutes I came inside her. We were exhausted by the time we were done. Shalini had her legs around my hips and slept on me. She sat on my legs which were placed closed to each other. Her boobs were against my upper chest area while her pussy was against my tummy. Her head was on my shoulder and she hugged me tight with her eyes closed.

The hot session made my brain work better and gave me a terrific idea. I messaged my cousin asking him to go to a place to pick me up since the person with whom I came has left. Next I messaged my mom asking her to see if I left my car headlights on. After I heard them leave we came out of the wardrobe. Our bodies were terribly aching. I helped Shalini to wearing her dress. While she was busy wearing her panty, petticoat and skirt I helped her wear her bra and jacket. I kissed the boobs before they got into their home.

After both of us wore back our dresses we took another stairs to go down. After I made sure that my mom went back upstairs I took Shalini and left the place. I gave her some money and sent her back home by an auto. I called my cousin and said I found another ride to get back home. The next day I met Shalini secretly to discuss about the consequences. Both of us came to a conclusion that we had amazing fun and should continue it whenever possible.

From that time we had sex many times. I made many sweet memories with her. Few of the best times were when we had anal sex in the kitchen when my mom was in the drawing room watching TV, when I groped her boobs with my mom beside her and finger fucked her in our apartment lift. But the best time was when she gave me a blowjob hiding under my computer table. We had many sweet memories about our affair until she got pregnant. We werent sure but both us had a doubt that I might have been the father of her baby.

Copulation In The Cupboard

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