Would you like to fuck me asked Hina.

Huh, what did you say I asked shocked by the blunt and unexpected question?

Well, we have been working on this damn project for 3 days straight, 12 to 14 hours a day. We have breakfast, lunch and dinner together and have spent more time together this week than we have with our spouses, she said.

She was right. Monday morning at 6 we had started on the preparations for the Sales Conference. 2 late sittings on Monday and Tuesday, clocking 14 hours a piece at the office, Tuesday night we flew to Dallas and checked into separate rooms at the Hilton. Today was day 3 and at 8 pm we had not yet finalized the final presentation, 3 of the team events or even the final quest speakers. We would be at this until late into Saturday, then a final check on Sunday morning, before the delegates started to arrive in the afternoon for a week of Conferences, training sessions, team events and the final gala dinner and presentations on Thursday night. Friday everyone would be returning and we would spend the following weekend cleaning up the mega event. This was an anual ritual I went through as head of marketing and this year I had hired Hina as my assistant and No. 2 to help.

Hina, are you serious.

Shit Ronnie, its not like Im asking you to have an affair. I just need a cock to suck and hump and right now you are a good candidate.

Why didnt you just bring a dildo I said, less string?

Fuck you Ronnie. Look Im going to bed, its been a long day and I need to relax. Ill see you at breakfast, shall we say at 7 ?

Our Rooms were on the same floor, and we had booked an additional room as our command center; the hotel had removed the bed and replaced it with desks and workstations for our convenience. Her room joined to this via internal doors and mine was across the hall.

I switched off the lights and locked the door behind me and went to my own room. I took a long shower and masturbated a while, thinking of the conversation. Then went to bed naked, but couldnt sleep. I got up after 15mins and went back to the command center, dressed only in my nightgown. I thought I would try and change one of the presentations. Without bothering to switch on the main lights, I found my desk and switched on my PC getting straight to work I hadnt noticed that the adjoining door was open and was deep in concentration. The light in the room changed suddenly and I noticed the open door, the flickering of the TV was the source of the light and though the sound was turned low, I could tell immediately it was a blue movie Hina was watching.

I couldnt concentrate and my dick was stirring. Though I had masturbated, i hadnt jerked off and now I needed relief. What the heck I thought, picking up my soda, I went into Hinas room. She was sitting naked on the couch, her back partly to me watching an all American stud licking a delicious Hispanic pussy. Hina was fingering her cunt with one hand, the other rubbing a cube of ice on her breast. The flickering light silhouetted the curves of her body and what a breast it was she was handling. Though it was not enormous, it was more than a handful and I was mesmerized by its firm shape and amazed at the length of the hard nipple. My cock went erect in a second and pushed the thin material of the gown aside as it released its 9in length from the confines of the gown.

Still horny I asked? She turned around calmly and looking at my cock, and replied looks like you are too.

I sat down beside her and she immediately took my cock in her hand, stroking it carefully she bent down and sucked it. If you are going to cum, let me know she said as she paused for breath, then continued to suck my precum. She was good at this and I had often fantasized having my cock sucked in this way. I bucked up and down and moaned as she deep throated my cock. I reached down and took her 34 C breast in my hand, squeezing it and fingering the nipple, which was wet and cold from the ice she had been rubbing on it. Suddenly she picked up an ice cube and started to massage my loaded balls with it. The feeling was sensational and I nearly lost my load, but regained my control and enjoyed the feeling of a hot mouth and a cold hand on my balls and cock. After about 5 mins, she came up for air and I kissed her hard on the mouth, whilst finding her pussy with my hand.

It was shaved smooth and clean, I bought my fingers to my lips to taste her and enjoyed her sweet flavor, so I dived right in and started to suck her. Her hole was warm and moist and I sucked on its juices for a while. She moaned and screamed every time I hit her G spot with my tongue. I found the ice bucket and pressed a cube to her pussy lips, sending her squirming with pleasure. The ice began to melt quickly so I pushed a tiny sliver into her cunt with my finger and she giggled with joy.

More she said put more in there, so I did. After the 5th cube had gone in, I mounted her and rammed my hot dick into her hole. It was an amazing feeling, zones of hot and cold as I pounded her pussy. I could feel tiny pieces of ice melting as they slid away from my cock, washing my shaft in liquid ice and sweet cum.

Cum inside me she pleaded, so I emptied my sac into her juicy pussy. As soon as I was done, she pulled me out and drew me to her mouth. Sitting over her face, she sucked the cum out of my cock and licked it clean.

Thanks she said, handing me my gown. I needed that. She led me to the door and closed it after me.