Losing My Virginity To My Maid

Hi, my name is Freddie. This is my first story of how I lost my virginity. I am an engineer by profession working in a reputed company in Delhi NCR. This story happened about 2 years back when I was still a bachelor. Being a bachelor I had a lot of desire for sex. I am average built, shy guy around 5 feet 9 inches with a manhood of 6 inches long and 1.5 inch wide. I used to stay in the apartment allotted by my employee. As I was alone I used to stay with one of my colleague who had his own apartment.

We were 5 friends who would dine in his house. That friend of mine was married but was living separately from his wife due to his official commitments for many years. They used to call some girls to his house on weekends for having sex and would ask me to have sex with one of those girls if I wanted for which I always said no. I had always thought I would lose my virginity after my marriage. But these guys would always tease me that I am unable to handle pressure so I was giving reasons to them. This went on for many days.

Then it happened so that only I and my colleague were left here as the other three got transferred. He used to call one lady every weekend and fuck her rigorously. Since only us two would be there that lady used to roam around nude in the house. I got adjusted to these scenes. I would get tempted to fuck her but I controlled myself. As days passed I also got bolder and used to squeeze her boobs while she would be in the house and later on used to get a blow job from her after giving her 200 rupees.

Then starts the real story; a maid used to come to my friends house to clean. Her name was Kamla. She was average built lady around 35 years from Bihar. She was not that attractive. Her boobs hung loose since she wouldn’t wear any bra. I never had any intentions to get close to her. She used to do all the work and take away the leftovers from the house. My friend used to tease her and used to fondle her breast and press his prick on her ass. All she would say was “kya kar rahe ho bhaiyya” and would not react against him.

After watching how he seduces her I also thought of giving it a try. I asked her to clean my house too -after finishing work at my friend’s house. For the first few days, I used to follow her every way she would go. That would serve two purposes. One I used to get to check on her for her work and the other to get to see her swaying boobs. One day, after I gained some courage I went near her while she was cleaning the dishes and put my hand on her boobs. She was not expecting this and gave out a loud cry. She started abusing me saying “padhe likhe hoke aise cheez karte ho. Sharam nahi aati. Hum aisi aurat nahi hai”. I don’t know how I got courage that day and I replied “saali, maderchod jab bhaiyya haat lagata hai aur apna lund tumhare gand par tikatha hai tab tum shariff nahi thi. Maine dekha hai unhe tumhe chodte hue. Hearing this she got silent and after some time came near me saying ‘mai to tumhe bhaiyya bulati hoon aur tumhara aise baat karna acchha nahi hai”.

I was blinded by lust and I replied to her that ‘Tu mujhe bhaiyya bolti hai theek hai lekin mai to behenchod hu aur tumhe chod ke rahunga”. I just pulled her near me and hugged her closely. My one hand was on her ass and the other was pressing her mouth so that she wont utter a word. I pulled her sari down and pulled the string of her petticoat. She was not wearing any panties. I lifted her up and took her to the bedroom. I said saali ek baar jane to de under uske baad tu hi bolegi aur dalo aisa chodunga. She fell silent. I took out a condom which I had brought just for this and put it on my throbbing manhood. She saw it and said she said “aapka lund to bhaiyya se bhi lamba hai. Thoda araam se daalna bhaiyya”. I understood that she had totally submitted to my wishes.

I parted her thighs with force and in one go plunged into her. She let out a loud cry which I muted using my hand. I started to fuck her hard. Since this was my first fuck I dint last for too long and within 10 min I cum. I just fell on her after finishing my work. She said “bhaiyya agar mujhe pata hota ke aap itne acchhe se chodoge to me pehle hi maan jati”. I said ‘koi baat nahi Kamla ab to jaan gayi ho na ab to dene me sharmaogi nahi’. She said “nahi bhaiyya, tum tumhari is behen ki choot jab mangoge tab tume dene keliye me aajaungi. Jab bhi chayiye ho ghar saaf karne ke bahane bhula lena. Me ghar ke saat saat tumhara lund bhi saaf karke jaaungi”.

I happened to have a relation with her till I got married. But between those times, I fucked all her holes and also seduced her to bring her divorced daughter to me. That’s a different story. If you like this story, then please send your comments and feedback on / / Any unsatisfied lady wanting sex can contact me for having hardcore sex while maintaining secrecy.