Crazy kiya re chud gai riya re

I am not really a regular ISS readers.Off late I have been reading most of the new posts in Desi segment and I found most of the stories are bullshit and seems fake the way they narrate incidents and try to establish the fact that woman are easily accessible for sex I just thought of putting some real incidents of my life which will help you figure out what a real story is all about Since this is a desi segment I will try to use some hindi words as much as possible.. I am sure everyone of you will love my real long story So women and gals in and around delhi whoever likes my story want to email me or meet me can send email to dear sexy aunties,unsatisfied bhabhis and gals I open to give you real pleasure to make most out of life.. Keep patience to have real fun in my long story. My name is rohit , m 28 years old now and this incident took place 4 years back when I was working in a call centre I was under training and there was not much work.So I used to go to and chat on there trying to find some delhi gals.One day a girl Riya popped up in chat and right away asked”Rohit are you a rich man? ” and conversation went on like this

Riya:Are you a rich man ?

Rohit: reasonably rich why ?

Riya:I need 10000 rupees.

Rohit: So?

Riya:Give me money and you can do anything with me.I can be yours for one month

Rohit:Are you a pros trying to find new customers on internet ?

Riya:I know you would think same but that doesnt matter.I need money at any cost today itself.

Rohit:Why do you have to sell yourself for can borrow money from your relatives

Riya:I m doing coaching for MBA.My mom is in hospital.I met at least 2 men who lend money on interest.

They were ready to give money but both of them put an indecent proposal for sleeping with them.

Rohit:If they are taking interest why do they need to sleep with you..

Riya:Thats the bullshit I know they will take the money , sleep with me and then blackmail me to sleep with them forever.I dont want to

Get in any kind of trap.I m looking for a nice person to lend me money for a month and I will do anything for him for one month

Rohit:So you think I am a nice guy?

Riya:Reasonably nice..

Rohit:Wht made you think I am nice?

Riya:Well, I contacted so many people nobody asks me for reason and they start bargaining and are ready to lend money

Immediately and they start talking dirty right away and then I get to know I am talking to a wrong person.

So you are the first one to have enquired about the reason so deeply and have not spoken a single dirty word yet

Rohit:I like your logical explanation.Dont know what to say.Anyways come and take money.

Riya:Give me your number.I will callyou

Rohit:My shift will be over by 2 pm.Call me at 2 pm.My number is 9818……


When she called me at 2 pm I didnt believe her voice so sweet and nice and she was sounding like little sweetgal of 14

Riya:Is that Rohit?

Rohit : Yes riya

Riya:So Rohit when can we meet ?

Rohit:sorry didntlisten to you.whats your age.

Riya : 21

Rohit: Your voice so sweet and so young for your sound like a doll..

Riya:Thanks.Where to meet?Right now I am in lajpatnagar

Rohit:How long you will take to reach pvr saket?

Riya:Around 30 min I guess.Where do we go from there ?

Rohit:To my place in Malviya Nagar.I am putting up as tenant there.

Riya:Ok I will be there.How do I Recognize you.

Rohit:Do you have mobile?

Riya:No I dont have.I am calling from a PCO

Rohit:Strange.Anyways I am wearing blue jeans and white shirt.

Riya:Ok I will be there in half an hour..

I reached PVR Saket.My heart was pounding as I was not sure what to do.I was virgin and didnt have sex till then I waited there for 1 hour and she didnt turn up.I thought somebody made fool of me and thats why she didnt give me her number. I went back to my place.Suddenly at 4:30 pm my phone rang and it was Riya.She explained she was stuck somewhere and if I can come Pvr now.I was in no mood to get off my bed and get fooled again.I said if you wanna meet come to my place directly.She thought for a moment and agreed.I was not expecting her to come so I slept. After half an hour someone knocked my door.To my suprise there was a gal in front of me.She looked young though she was not very tall but she was slim , gorgeous and beautiful.She asked for Rohit.I said yes I am rohit.

Riya:what did you think I was fooling you?

Rohit:Well yes

Riya:So this is your place .. Why 2 beds ?

Rohit:Well I was living with my friend and now he is in riyaad

Riya:So when can you give money.

Rohit:I have 5000 with me right now.Can you collect 5000 tomorrow.(just to make sure she was not fooling me)

Riya:She said Ok.

Rohit:I gave her money.

Riya:Thanks alot.Now what ?

Rohit:Now what means.You can leave if you want

Riya:No no I mean you can do with me whatever you want to.

Rohit:Somehow I feel I am taking advantage of you.I am not ready for this yet.So no issues you can leave for now

Riya:But I promised you can do whatever you like.If you are not in mood I can come some other day.

Rohit:Well dont worry about that.You can leave..

Riya:Well dont know what to say.But you should not think I am fooling you so I wont take the money.

Rohit:Tell me one thing are you a pros?

Riya:Noways why you asking again and again.

Rohit:Then why do you have to serve me for taking money from me.

Riya:Ok fine I will leave.Can I have a glass of water.

Rohit:Will get you glass of water.

I went to take water, cold drink and some stuff to eat.When I got back she was going through my Software engineering

And Oracle books.We started chatting

Riya:So you are a sofware engineer?

Rohit:Not really ! I did MCA but working in a call centre for now and searching job as software engineer.

Riya:I am doing MBA coaching from Career Launcher

Rohit:Great !

By now I was little comfortable and I told her to sit with ease on bed and I was sitting on other bed.She was in no

Hurry to go home.I asked if she is not getting late for home.

Riya:I want to know little more about you…

Rohit:Why ?

Riya:Just curious to know about a guy who doesnt want to take advantage of situation when a gal is ready to

Do everything with him at her will.

Rohit:Well you are doing this for money.Neither you are my galfriend.

Riya:So you still think I am pros thats why you dont want to do anything.

Rohit:I am convinced you are a decent girl.May be I am finding it difficult to do everything with an unknown girl

Riya:Are you virgin?

Rohit:Yes I

Riya:Well frankly I am not virgin.Did twice with my ex boyfreind.

Rohit:You ex ? Why didnt you ask for money to him.

Riya:Day before yesterday I asked him to help me out and she became my ex-boyfriend.

Rohit:Oh so he brokeup because of money

Riya:Unfortunately yes !He used to take money from me.I was not having financial before my father expired last monthfirst time I asked for money and she became my ex.

Rohit:Oh sorry about that.

Tears started rolling down her beautiful cheeks..I came near to her and hugged her trying to console her.She reciprocated and hugged me tightly

Riya:why do I feel as if i know you from ages and want to talk to you forever.She kissed my cheeks

Rohit:Well it happens.. You never know..By now I started feeling warmth of her body from bulge of her teashirt

As her breast was pressed against my chest when she hugged me tightly.

Rohit:To my surprise I asked can I kiss you ?

Riya:Just goahead .Dont ask…

I kissed her cheeks and then her lips…and we were locked in lip lock session for more than 5 minutes sucking each others lips and tongue.It was difficult to match her in kissing as she seemed to have done it earlier as well. I started to feel bulge in my pants by that time and it was going out of control.. I laid her on bed and laid next to her..

Riya:Do you have any secret sexual desire?

Rohit:Well to talk in blunt hindi while doing stuff

Riya: Stuff ?

Rohit : Sex

Riya : Oh okay.So why dont you fulfil your desire today !

Rohit: Well !Do you know hindi stuff ..

Riya:I will learn when you will tell me…

I was getting excited with whatever she was telling me I hugged her tightly again and started smooching.. Deep and wet kisses from her beautiful lips suddenly I found my hands were fondling her breasts over her t-shirt..She was loosing control and kissing me passionatly and by now she was rubbing her against my bulge as she gotan idea I was all erect inside.

Rohit:Why dont you help me take off your t-shirt and bra?

Riya:I will do it for you !

Rohit:God your breasts are so big.Was looking small from over your t-shirt

Riya:that means you were looking at my breasts when I was talking to you.

Rohit:Yes why shouldnt I ? I am not vishwamitra.

I started sqeezing her breast like anything and she was moaning like anything.She was horny by now.

I started sucking her tight nipples and kept massaging and sqeezing her other breast..

Riya:God I want to eat you.Take off your clothes I want to see you nude..

Rohit:Say it in hindi.

Riya:Come on please take off..

Rohit:Hindi please

Riya:Damn it ! Apne kapde utaro mjhe tumhen nanda dekhna hai..

Rohit:Nanga dekh ke kya karogi?

Riya:Tumhare lund se khelungi..tumhari chati se chipkungi aur kya?

Rohit:Oh to tumhen malum hai use lund kehte hain…

Riya:dont be nutz..tni bholi nahi main mujhe yeh bhi malum hai chuth aur gand kise kehte hain.

Riya:Ab tum apne aap utaroge ya mujhe mehnat karni padegi.

Rohit:Utar to dunga par usse pehle tum apni jeans utaro fir main tumhari panty utarunga..

Riya ne jaise hi jeans utari main bhi apne sare kapde utarke uske samne baith gaya..Use sirf panty mein dekh ke main

Pagal ho raha tha..aur man kar raha tha uski panty fadke tar tar kar dun..

Riya:Panty ko itni dhyan se kyu dekh raha ho?

Rohit:Soch raha hun panty ki kismat kitni achi hai 24 ghante tumhari chuth se chipki rehti hai

Riya:Meri panty se itni jalan hai to utar ke fenk do ise aur tum khud meri chuth se chipak jao..

Riya:Kismat to tumhari achi hai yeh to bahar hi chipakti hai tum to chuth ke andar jake jo chahe kar sakte ho..

Rohit:You seem to be going wilder…

Riya:Ek ladki nangi sirf panty mein tumhare samne 5 min se leti hai aur tum kuch karne ke bajaye batein kar rahe ho

Uske baat khatam karne se pehle main uthkar uske upar baith gaya aur uske honthon ko kate huwe uske honthon ko chuse ne laga ab mere hath lagatar uske breast ko daba rahe the aur dabate chale ja rahe the.. Achanak pure room mein uski siskiyan gunjne lagi… O god rohit…. Lekin ab maine use bolne nai diya kyunki bolne aur karne ka sara jimma maine khud utha liya tha… Maine usse kaha aaj main tumhare chunchiyo ko daba daba ke lal kar dunga aur tumhare honth chus jaunga… Aaj tumhari sari jawani pee jaunga… Ooooh rohit chuso na…chus lo.. Ab mere honth uske nipple ko kat rahe the aur chuse ja rahe the.. Aur dusre breast ko aise dabaye ja rahe the jaise in breast ko masal masal kar aaj hi khatam kar dena ho…aur breast ke intne jor jor se dabane par woh machal uthi aur boli..oh rohitttt kha jao mere breast ko…chuse jao nipples ko …pi jao meri jawani.. Agar ho sake to mujhe itna choda itna chodna ki chudne ke bad mjhe hosh na rahe…Uska itna kehna tha ki maine uski panty mein apna hath dalkar itni jor se ragda ki uski chikh nikal gai..aur isse pehli ki woh kuch samajh pati meri 2 ungliyan uski chuth ke andar ja chuki thi aur lagatar uski chuth ki deewaro ko ragadne lagi..Main ab uski panty ko utarne ke mood mein nai tha islie maine uski panty ko itni jor se khichaki woh chrrrrrr ki awaaz karte huwe fat gai.. Panty fatne ke bad ab uski nangi chuth mere samne thi… Main uski chikni clean shave chuth ko dekhta hi reh gaya aur mein use ankon hi ankhon mein chod raha tha aur soch raha tha ki use ankhon se chodun , honthon se chusun ya fir lund se chodun… Aur isi kashma kash mein kab mere honth uski chuth tak pahunch gaye mujhe pata hi nahi chala.aur meine apne honth khlke uski puri chuth ko apne honthon ki giraft mein le liya…Mere honth ka sparsh pate hi woh pagal o uthi aur aur gand uthake uthakeuchalne lagi.

Riya:Oh rohit. Tumhare honth.. Aur chuso meri chuth ko.. Chato .tumhen kasam hai meri chuth chat jao ise khao jao..chuso

Chus dalo.. Bhul jao duniya ko …sirf meri chuth ko chato aur kato..kha jao….

Rohit:Meri jaan duniyan ko kaise bhuljaun meri duniya tumhari chuth mein hai aur men tumhari chuth mein hi din rat rehna chahta hun

Riya:Oh jay jitna acha tum chodte ho utna hi acha bolte bhi ..I just love you deewani ho gai hun tumhari..

Ab tak maine riya ki chuth ko pura honthon mein nigal liya tha aur use chat chat ke lal kar chuka tha..fir meine

Apni tongue nikali aur riya ki chuth failakar uske andar dal di aur tongue ko uski chuth ke andar bahar karne laga..

Riya:Oh jan main pagal ho jaungi kab tak chatoge meri chuth ko…

Rohit:Jab tak tumhari chuth badh aayi nadi ki tarah behne na lage.. Tab tak chatunga tab tak chusunga..

Riya:Ohhh Rohit…. Itni sexy batein karna tumhen kisne sikhaya…

Rohit:Tumhari chuth ne…mujhse sawalmat pucho abhi main tumhari chuth chatne mein busy hun..aur yeh kehke

Maine uski chuth k aur teji se chatna shuru kar diya..

Riya:Oh rohit… Chato aur chato.. Chus lo… Khaojao meri chuth ko..

Aur kehte kehte usne pani chod diya.. Aur nidhalho gai.Par mai use araam karne dene ke mood mein nahi tha..

Maine let gaya aur use utha kar maine apne upar pet pe bitha liya ab meri niyar uski gand pe kharab thi..maine uski gand

Dabani shtu kardi aur woh uchkne lagi…fir maine usse kaha mere lund ki sawari kar..Usne apni dono tange failai aur

Aur mere lund ko apni chuth mein jagah de di.. Uski chuth aise beh rahi thi ki mere lund adha asaani se uske andar chala

Gaya ..

Rohit:Baith ja lund pe..

Riya:Jan dard ho raha hai..

Rohit:Baith ja lund jab teri chuth ki dewaron ko chuwega to maje mein dard bhul jayegi…

Fir maine uske breast pakad ke khiche aur use jabardusti bith diya aur mera pura lund andar hus gaya..

Aur ab main use breast dabana laga. Aur uske nipples katne laga… Maine kaha ab sawari kar auraldi jaldi upar niche Kar nahi to breast daba dabake lal kar dunga… Aur woh lund pe upar niche hone lagi aur main uski chuchiyon o dabane mein busy Ho gaya..

Riya:Oh rohit bahut maja aa raha hai tumhare lund ki sawari karne mein

Rohit:To toda aur jaldi jadli uthak baithak kar… Jara jamke chudwa le…kya pata kal ho na ho..

Riya:Oh rohit chodo mujhse ab main sirf tumse chudwaungi..kal bhi parson bhi aur barson chudwati rahungi..mujhe

Apne lund pe bith bitha ke chodo.. Bas chodte raho…

Rohit:Mera bas chale to zindgi bhar tujhe apne lund pe bithake tujhe chodta rahun..teri chuth mein ghusa rahun..

Aur woh chillane lagi oh rohit aur chodo mujhe aur chodo…

Ab main bhi pagal ho chuka tha..maine use utarke litaya aur uske upar lete gaya aur uski chuth ko apne hathon se faila

Kar apna lund uski chuth ki gehrai mein ghusa dala aur bina der kiye use chodne laga ab bas main uski chuth mein Shot pe shot laga raha tha uski chuth puri lal ho chuki thi jaise barson se chud rahi ho mujhse..

Riya:Oh rohit…please aur chodo mujhe aur chodooooo !!!!!!! Chod dalo apni riya ko…likh do

Meri chuth pe apna naam meri chuth sirf tumhare liye hai itna chodo ki apna naam khod ke rakh do..

Rohit:Oh yes… Main tujhe aaj itna chodunga ki tu kisi aur se nahi cudwayegi…aur main chuth ko aj bharpur chodunga

Bataunga tujhe chudai kya hoti hai….aur chod chod ke tumhari chuth na fadi to mera naam rohit nahi..

Riya:Oh rohittttttt chod mujheeee chod chod ke fad dal meri chuth ko… Yahi to main chahti hun…faddddddd ke Rakh do meri chuth ko…aur riya ne pani chod diya..

Rohit:Aur fir 2 min bad mera bhi pani riya ki chuth mein hi nikal gaya aur itna nikla ki kabhi itna pani masturbate karnepar bhi nai nikla tha.. Aur hom dono nange rat 9 baje tak bina hile ek dusre pe lete rahe..Fir use ne mujhe itne thank you kisses diye ki bas pagal hoke boli this is best day of my life.. Aur fir kal aane ka vada karke chali.. Kal kya huwa woh next part mein….chuth aur gand ka maja lijiye..thoda intzar ka maja lijiye. I am sure everyone of you must have loved my long story So women and gals in and around delhi whoever liked my story want to email me or meet me can send email to dear sexy aunties,bhabhis aur gals I open to give you real pleasure to make your life even better