Serving driver

Kavitha got of from sleep with the noice the alarm making.she looked at it ,she shocked to what she saw it is already 7:30 ,she jumped from the bed and ran to her daughters bed room.There her two daughters manish(13) and preeti(10) are fully asleep.immidiatly she woke them up and send them to the bathroom.she hrriedly went to kitchen to prepare the tiffin for her daughters.she hard the sound of their car.she made everything ready and called their daughters.they are ready with their bags.she gave them the boxes and saying bye they left the home.the whole process took around one hour.Being tired she sat on the couch for few minutes.She remembered that she didt completed the daily chores so she went to her room and after taking bath she went back to the kitchen to prepare the tea.

Suddenly her husbend rahul came to her mind and the discussion yesterday they had until late night.She was really distrubed when he said he want to leave his job and take up his father business.She know if he take up his father business their family has to move to the other city where rahul parents lives.Rahul father is a business man.he has a spinning mill in city where they live.The reason for kavithas distrubence is she dont like to live with rahul parents.they are a bit relegious type and she know she can’t cop up with their restricitons perticularly rahul mother.

Kavitha tried to explain rahul but he wanted to take up the business as his fathers brother trying do some tricks to sell the company.But she is bit happy cause they cant shift immdiatly as their daughters school year is already started and they have to wait until their final exams.Rahul said he will resign today and take the charge of the mill from monday.He also reveald his plan.Presently he will only go to the city and he will visit the family every weekend.when their daughters exams will over then they will shift the family.

That evening during dinner he told to his daughters that he resigned the job and taking the charge of the mill.Immidiataly they delivered the doubt of shifting family.he explained them everything and they are bit happy cause they like their grandparents.

In the bedroom rahul enquired about rani.Rani was their previous maid servant.She worked in their home for around 6 years.but recently she went back to her village as her husband facing some health problems.kavitha asked her to arrange some other maid from their village as it is difficult to get a maid in the city.She was supposed to come on that day but she didt come.

Next morning was sauterday.As rahul already resigned to his job he in home and the kids went to school .Around 11 oclock rani came with a girl.Kavitha was very happy to see her .Rani introduce the new girl as her daughter roopa And also she is the girl she brought as a their new maid.Kavitha enquired about her age as she expected the girl age would be aroung 13 to 14 years.Rani said she is 14 years old.kavitha said ” sorry rani i cant take know there is lot of work load and i dont thing this child can take that.And also it is crime to employe children in work.But rani pleaded her take saying “madam you know that my husbend is suffering now even i stopped to work we are in lot of problems.if you take her it will be helpful for us.she has no work in that village she is neither studying or doing any work.dont think she cant do the work ,she is the one who was taking care of my family when i was working here.kavitha understand the situation she also know it is hard for her to work without the maid.after thinking all this she desided to take her as maid.Rani trained her daughter for a while,she showed her the house and the work she is going to do.Later the evening they left saying monday they come with roopa luggage.

The next day morning was sunday so everybody home.rahul is busy with their daughters while kavitha preparing the lunch.later the afternoon rahul said tomarrow he will leave so get ready the luggage.he also made some arrangements later the evening he called their car driver raj.He told me that he will be leaving tomarrow and the reason for leaving.He also told him that as he is leaving kavitha and kids are alone in the home so take care of the house.he replied yes you want any money rahul asked,no sir he replied ok you can leave now and also becareful when you take the kids to school ok he said .he replied ok and left.

Kavitha has been watching him since he joined in the work .He is always been a mistory to her.He joined when her first daughter was 6years old .He is a strong man with good muscules.but he doest speak much.the only words comes from his mouth are “yes sir” ,”ok sir” etc.kavitha doest know much about his family.he lives with them but not in the house but in the car garrage.they gave that place to him when he joined and he is continuing in the same place.kavitha house has big garden and in the corner there is the garrage.

Kavitha woke up when she heard some sounds ,it was still dark and she looked at the clock ,it is showing 5:00 clock.she understand her husband is getting ready.and she started to arrange the things for him.As he needs to travel around 150 km to the mill he getting ready early.He left home around 6:00 clock.She took the bath and prepared the break fast.she woke up her daughters and she was very busy until they leave to school.she heard the door bell sound and she opened the door .the rani and her daughter roopa are standing their ,she allowed them to come in.after one hour her mother left her saying she will come soon to see her.

Now there are only two persons in the home kavitha and roopa.kavitha know roopa must be nervous and it takes time for her to settle down .so to make her feel comfotable she started to chat with her,

How old are you(she know this is useless question)

Roopa:I am 14 years old.

Kavitha:Didt you go to school.

Roopa:i did madam ,i have completed seventh standard.

Kavitha:then why didt you stopped studying.

Roopa:that is because my father health is not good so i must look after the home.

Kavitha:ok ,see you dont need to fear feel me like as your mother.your mother was like our family are aslo like that.if you dont know anything dont be shy to ask me ok.

Kavitha gave her a cup of tea.and she found her hand shaking .she came near her and told her not to be afraid.

After few minutes she got setteled.she started to look at the room and the things in the show case.kavitha started to observe the girl.she is butiful and the awakening of womanhood making her more buitiful.her face looked like a child and she looked so innocent .

Kavitha told her to take rest ,she showed her the room near the stairs in which her mother used to live.she dont wanted to give work immidiatly to her .

Days passed , now kavitha also adjusted to the new schedule.every weekend rahul comes and he leave on monday morning.Roopa also settled with the work ,she is so active and fast learner.Now kavitha has no much work to do.Roopa doing most of the work including waking up the manish and preeti and getting them ready for school and cleaning ,gardening etc.Kavitha only cookes the food as Roopa is not much familier with cooking.

Kavitha standing at her bedroom window it is in the upstairs.she usually sleep in their daughters bed room as rahul is not here,but today she wanted to spend some time alone.the breez hitting hard on her face.From their she can access the whole garder.She is enjoying the view of her garden in the moon light.she can also see the car.she felt that she need something.she wants something but she dont know what she wants exactly.she couldt realise that the needs of her body making this pain.she started to revise her life to find out the reason.she got good life,good husband ,good children everything.suddenly her husband came to her mind .she rememberd their love making.its been 16 years after their marrige still her husband treats her as he first did on her first night.He treats her like a child he never even press her breast hard .Sometimes she wants him to be a bit rash.But she never told him that.

Thinking all this her body become so hot she wanted to drink some water.she came down and went to the kitchen .she took drunk some cold water.Now she felt little relaxed.she went to the living room.the room is completly dark.she sat on the couch.just few minutes after again the thoughts of her husbesd started to came to her mind.The thoughts of their love making and she tried to stop thinking or think something else.suddenly she heard sound of a door opening .There are Two doors are there one leads to the garder which near the stairs and one which go out site from living room.The sound she heard from the stairs.She wanted to go near the stairs to look who is there.But before she could stand she saw someone coming in.The room in which roopa sleeps is near the stairs.the person stopped at the door of roop room.kavitha mind got blank she thought it is a theif so she dont understand what to do.she didt even try to get up and just stick to the couch.the person looked up to the stairs after confirming no one is there he slowly opened the The light of bed lamp kavitha saw that person face she was shocked and her mind went blank that is their driver raj.She dont understand why he came to roopa room.few minuts later she gatherd her courage.she got up from the couch not making noise see slowly went near to the room.she had no enough courage to open the she tried to peep through the key hole.but she couldt see anything.slowly in place of fear curiosity started to build in her.she started to think the way to look into the room.There is a window backside of the room.

That room is actually a store room .it is a small room and there are lot of gorbage is in that room like her daughter broken toys etc.Rani ,roopa mother cleaned a part of it and used to sleep there now roopa also using the same place.Dying with the curiosity kavitha desided to go back of the room .she went to the door of the is slightly opened .without making noise she came out and she went to the back part of the room.the window door is slightly opened.she peeped through it .she saw nothing as the garbage blcoked her she came to the next window and it was closed.she pushed it little bit without making noise it is opened.when she looked throught it her nerver gone wild.she couldt belive her eyes ,there Roopa laying down on her mat .Raj was sitting beside her and with one hand he is massaging his cock and with another hand he is pressing her seemed like roopa sleeping first but later kavitha understand that she is pretending.The thing which caught her eye was rajs cock.They are little far for her view but still she can see the hugeness of his cock.he is waring a lungee which is parted now.He continuded for few minutes later he slowly opened the bottons of her nighty .kavitha can see the small boobs of roopa now.with both hands he is massaging her boobs now.kavitha cant belive that roopa allwoing him to access her body like that.He is started to suck her boobs .Suddenly kavitha realized the position she was in.She is watching an innocent teen is being fucked in her house.she got anger and she wanted to immidiatly stop him.she desided to stop them.But before she leave she wanted to have a last look.She peeped again,she saw caressing her boobs.At first she saw him massaging slowly but now he is using his power.kavitha never seen such thing before.she thought it would be painful for roopa .but it seemed she is enjoying that act.