Fucked By Old Matured Man In The Bus

Hi, my name is Prasad this is the story of how an old man fucked me in a bus and took my virginity. Im 26 yrs 5.5 and 54KG. This incident happened 6 months back. Im working in Bangalore and my native is in Mangalore which is 450 Km away from Bangalore. Im a straight guy.

This incident happened when I was traveling from Bangalore to Mangalore for 4 day holiday. It was a rush season and there was hardly any ticket. I was checked in online and almost all seats are full. I have inquired travel bus office and they took my phone number. I got a call from them saying there is an upper double bed sleeper seat available. I said that Im the single passenger. They said either I have to buy 2 seats or share it with someone else. It was seasoned time and per cost of the ticket is 1300. I thought once to purchase it but changed my mind and bought a single seat. I didnt like idea of sharing sleeper seat but I dont have any option.

Bus starting time at 10. I reached at 9:40 and saw the bus has already arrived. I climbed my seat and occupied window seat. I put my bag and sandle in sandle box. The bus started and in 4th pickup point, a man with age of 52 yrs came near to my birth. He just put his bag into the seat and checking seat number.

According to my ticket number I have allotted next to window seat. I said Im sorry and ready to adjust my place. He said its ok and climbed the bed. He put his sandle in sandle box and took the water bottle from the bag and put it next to the seat. He didnt have any bag. He introduced himself of Venkat. He was weighed around 75 to 80KG and 5.7 feet. His head in half bald with white hairs. He didnt have any beard or mustache.

The bus started and all lights are turned off. I was just checked my mobile and put my headphone on and slept. I can see Venkats mobile light so I turned around facing the window. I was wearing Jeans and shirt. After 30 mins I was feeling cold. I forgot to bring my jacket. It was a double bed and there was one blanket. I saw that Venkat is already wearing half of the blanket. I just turned around and came near to Venkat and took the other side of the blanket.

After 1 hour I felt like somebody rubbing my cock . I am having medium cock 5 inches. I was in a dream that some girl is holding my cock.

My cock is responding and it became hard. After some time I can feel like my cock is being stroked hard and am about to explode. I opened my eyes and came to the reality. I can see the roof of the bus. I just saw that my blanket is completely removed and my jeans button and zip is opened. I can see Venkats hand on my dick stroking it.

I just pushed Venkat’s hand. I looked at him. Venkat has his eyes it felt as if hes doing these things in sleep. I corrected my jeans. I sat for some minutes.

I saw the watch and it was midnight 12. I again fall back to sleep. After 30 mins I felt Venkats body on the top of me.I felt disgusting. I tried to push him away. But his body weight too large that I cant push him away. I called him with his name still no response. I dont know what to do. He was in my top in such a way that his one leg was between my legs. His face on my neck.

I was in that position for few mins and closed my eyes. After few mins, I can feel his lips in my neck. I was awake and didnt react. I can feel his hand on my stomach and he pushed his hand inside my shirt. A current passed through my body as his hairy hands started to feel my body skin. I don’t have much hair in my body. His hands caressing my navel. I was feeling good and aroused.

He removed my top 2 shirt buttons and pushed his hands inside and touched my nipples. A soft moan left my mouth.He took it as a positive signal and removed the rest of the shirt button and started pinching my nipples. I was moaning like a girl. He pushed his head down and started to suck my nipples. I was enjoying this act and my cock is rock hard. He started to suck one nipple and pinching other one. I never had any gay experience.

I heard my friends talking about gay sex and making fun of it. But I never thought that it will happen with me and that too with this old man. Now, Venkat started to remove my jeans button again and pushed the jeans down.

Now, his hands on my cock above the underwear. He pushed my underwear down within a second started to suck my cock. I was enjoying this. I used masturbating but this is a different experience. He started to suck me hard and I was moaning. I couldnt control anymore and cummed on his mouth. He took my cum in his mouth and drank it fully. I closed my eyes with satisfaction.

Venkat spread my legs and came over me. His hands on my hands and kissed my lips. I didnt like the kiss. But he was french kissing me like a lover. His tongue explored my mouth he started sucking my tongue. He sucked for about 2 mins. I opened my eyes I saw Venkat started to remove his pant and underwear. Venkat has a big and thick cock. It was a monster 7.5 inch with a thick head.

He again kissed my lips to lips. Now, I can feel his cock on my thighs. He put my both legs on the shoulder. My feet is touching the roof of the bus. He bent over and placed the cock over my asshole. I am a bit scared as am virgin.

He placed his lips on mine and pushed cock inside. I felt like hot metal on my asshole. I started to shout in pain. But I didnt shout as Venkat was kissing me. I can feel that his tip of the cock inside my asshole. He pushed again and held both of my hands in his hands. I can’t handle the pain and tears are coming from my eyes.

He stopped for while and pulled out his cock. Once again he inserted the cock this time with full force. I can feel half of his cock in me. Now, he freed my hand and started to hold my legs. He is pumping my asshole faster and faster. I was moaning aaaaahh ooohhahh. This was continued for 10 minutes.

After that, he came over my face and pushed his cock into my mouth. He was fucking my mouth roughly. I was sucking his cock deeply. After 10 minutes of mouth fucking, he cummed in my mouth. I drank all of his cum. I closed my eyes.

I woke up @ 5 it was almost reached my place. I saw Venkat was already wake up. He smiled at me and I smiled back. I corrected my shirt and pant. He gave me his phone number. I didnt contact him and deleted his number later on.

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