Gay Men Having Fun At The Dusk

I was at the gallery looking over to the city which is developing at an enormous pace. The buildings are almost kissing the sky and with that increased traffic too. It was a quiet evening for me, although I was a bit aroused, I couldn’t pinpoint the reason. I stood there welcoming the dusk, within hour or so the sun will brighten up another part of the world.

Suddenly I felt hands around my waist, I was startled but the smell of cologne made me realize he is familiar. He was my roommate, came back early from the work. He hugged me tighter and rested his chin on my shoulder. I could feel his bulge against my ass but, I was enjoying and he too did the same. He longingly looked over to the city which brought both of us together. I met him on a dating site, exchanged few messages, it was like we know each other long time ago and the meeting was meant that we meant to for each other.

I was not wearing any shirt and he started to kiss me on the neck, that’s the one spot where when touched I go mad.He deliberately did that and I moaned loudly. He bit me there softly and started to lick my neck and then shoulder. His hands were on my chest playing with my nipple. My lust went crazy and I pushed my ass back to him, feelings his bulge pressed against me. I leaned back giving more access to my neck. My hands then went towards his crotch and started to rub it wildly. He was getting harder each time I rubbed him. He bit me on the shoulder and then inserted his hands inside my track pant.

“You are hard baby” he whispered in my ear and started to play with it. My cock twitched when it felt his hands on it, I started to moan in pleasure. I vigorously rubbed his cock on the trousers and he was stroking my cock inside my pants. This turned me on like a wild cat and I stopped his hands and turned to face him. I wanted to taste him and inside me. I seductively looked at him and planted a passionate kiss. One thing made him crazy was my kiss and my lips around his dick. I started to explore his mouth and tongues danced. I tasted his saliva and he did the same. I licked his lips, again and again, making them shine in the dim light of the orange sun. We kissed for about five minutes and then he broke the kiss and said “Babe, my cock wants your lips”

I blushed and opened his shirt, sucked his chest and rolled my tongue on his hard nipples. He liked when I bite them softly between my lips. I did that and he moaned loudly.His hands were in my hair pushing against his body. I could smell the raw odor of the sweat which made me want him more. I licked his flat tummy and then kissed on the navel.He always said, “You are so romantic you know babe”. I nodded to him and went down little further to the treasure.

I inhaled the strong odor of his precum over the pants. I kissed the bulge and licked it looking at him seductively. He was in hurry and started to remove the belt I understood the urgency and I pulled down my track pants. I stroked my cock for some time while watching him remove his pants. While I stroke my cock I buried my face on his dick, it was hard and long and the pink head was glistening with his precum. I passionately rubbed his cock against my face and then kissed it. I started to lick from bottom to head of the cock slowly tasting his precum.

I rolled my tongue over his cock head and teased him by poking his pee hole. I was playful yet was horny like hell. I sucked its length and kissed the all along its length. My hands rubbed his thighs and I smooched at the thigh and bite it softly. I was teasing him more and more, making him want me more. Hi was constantly pushing my head against his cock but I was only licking it. I stroked his cock, spat few times to make it wet and slippery. He likes how I stroke him; sometimes he says “who needs girls to do this, you are pro babe. I always used to blush at his compliments.

“Take it in mouth baby” he ordered me and I followed him obediently. I took his monstrous cock inside my mouth and he started to fuck me. I was his whore, his love and his slave and his slut. He fucked my mouth vigorously, going deep in every move. I was choking yet I was enjoying the roughness he is showing. I stroked my cock to match his pace and in no time I cummed all over the floor.

“I love it when you do that baby, you are so horny man,” he said while he rested his cock inside my mouth. I slurped him for some time and licked his balls. He bends down and kissed me and again put his cock inside my mouth and started to fuck it. I felt his hurriedness and his grunts were getting louder. I sensed he will cum soon. Within second of my predicting it, he cummed without warning me and filled my mouth with his hot thick cum. I gulped it down, feeling its warmth along the throat.

I got up my limp cock hanging and a drop of cum dripping from my side of lips. He licked it and kissed me passionately, he tasted his own cum. I watched his cock go limp; I love how it looked when it was not erected. I kissed it again and we went bath together.


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