Finding An Extra Piece Of Love

Everything you read from my writings is purely fictional and the creative spark of the writer (thats me). Similarities to any living person or thing are either coincidence or your mind playing with you.

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Amith waited and he could hear footsteps approaching the door. He adjusted his hair and chiffon saree he was wearing. He didnt feel too tensed, but the sheer nervousness was incurring into his cute face. He sighed slowly and started smiling to welcome the guests who were just stand outside the door and come in.


Three weeks ago, the same tuesday night, amith and his boyfriend vidyut were lying cuddled under a blanket in lonavala. The chilling climate was piercing through the thick blanket and doing wonders in amiths body and mind. He slid his fingers and touched vidyuts semi-hard cock. His soft hands started stroking it and he didnt had to do it so long before the love tool exploded and wet his hands. Amith took his hand out and linked the love juice. Vidyut smiled at him, kissed him and went to sleep with amith inside his hands, thinking about lot other things.


It was the first anniversary of them being together. Amith and Vidyut were fresher colleagues who both fell in love with each other very soon. Vidyut while was a versatile guy with a decent body and lot of charm, amith was entirely different. He had smooth body, and a big ass like a randi. He had tried cross-dressing since his school days and had a feminine aroma hanging around him. They soon started living together, and the early days were fun. Amith would wake his boyfriend with a blowjob everyday, and they do all the house chores together, kinky and romantic sessions together, and they would reach office with amiths mouth tasting of vidyuts love juice. Most of their officemates knew they were in a live-in relation, but nobody really cared.


Evenings were more listy as by the time they reach, amith would be dying to devour his favorite rod. Amith would change into panties and bra, or short skirts and it will be a sex fiesta happening for the rest of the night.


But things started to change and it didnt happen for good. Vidyut became less interested in amiths hot body and he didnt understand the reason. He thought that things would be back to normal if they plan for a trip. Thats how they ended up in Lonavala, but Vidyut apart from some small kisses and lovely whispers, didnt played with amiths luscious body. Amith, who had spent his entire gay-life in satisfying vidyuts love tool felt hurt.


They cut short their five-day trip to Lonavala and were back at workplace within two days. Amith was so sad with vidyuts changes and he wanted to find the reason.


Last week, amith found out it. Amith lied that he is going home for a few days, but remained in the compound hidden. Their flat was on the fifth floor and that night, amith saw Vidyut bringing their officemate ashok to their flat. Amith booked a hotel room nearby and saw through a binocular Vidyut ramming the ass of Ashok, who didnt had any features of the girl. Amith cried the night, and with tears, he made a resolution to take revenge.


Amith started an account on a gay dating site and got in tough with a few tops. They chatted through the week and decided to meet.


Three weeks from the uneventful night at lonavala, amith once again dressed as a woman. His 26-year-old ripe body was milku white with hair waxed down. He applied thick red lipstick to give a bitch look and used cream all over him to make his body extra smooth. Toenails and fingernails were polished, used thick black on eyes, wore long earrings, and a round nosering. Her sleeveless inners a chiffon saree made her really look like a plump woman.


He opened the door and saw three guys similar to her age with gaping at him with lust. Amith welcomed all of them and made themselves comfortable in the crouch. She hid her nervousness and went into the kitchen to get the drinks. He stood before the mirror and determined to be as bitchy as he can to make those three men, her obeying boyfriends.


Amith exposed his slim hips and deep navel. He had three beers in the tray and went to his guests. She directly went to the oldest, probably in his mid-thirties, and sat on his lap. Jeffrin, is a banker and he liked the slutty nature with which amit has behaved. Jeffrin was a bit introvert and said thanks.


Amith knew from the initial panic of jeffrin that he was not meant to be his boyfriend. But he still smiled at him and gave a peck on his cheeks.


Next was Salman, a college going student, who was only 19 or 20 and had no physical capability according to amit. He was decently built, but amith wanted a stud. Moreover, Salman refused the bear.


The third was Harpreet. Before amith could reach Harpreet, Harpreet pulled amit strongly to him and he fell on the couch. Harpreet lifted him with ease and kissed him hard on his lips. Amith too responded with all his reserved passion. Harpreet was a great guy in licking and dragged his mouth all over amith.


Harp: want to taste the beer, my bitch?


Amith: I would love to.


Harpreet poured some bear on his fingers and asked with to lick it. Amith being a pro at sucking knew his future plans with this man depends on his sucking mow. He sucked it very slowly, making tempting sounds.


Amith: I need something bigger to lick.


He himself opened harpreets trousers and sucked his 8inch hard tool. He sucked it for 10 mins and took out just before the climax.


Harpreet erupted his love juice into amiths face and amith enjoyed it. It was the first time somebody gifted her a creampie.


Amith and Harpreet knew that they were good for each other. Harpreet ordered the others to finish the beers and fuck off. Both of them were shamed and went out quickly. Now it was time for the real saga of lust


This is only an introduction and in next chapters, you will read about how amith took revenge on Vidyut with the help of his new boyfriend.

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