A Heavenly Delivery, A Life Changing Experience

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I do not think I am gay and I had never even heard the word bisexual but all I can say is, I felt and I was different than majority of my class mates, friends or other men I met in life. I was sexy, horny, decently hung, hormones driven young man perhaps growing faster than I should have, always driven towards girls who could satisfy my naked lusty sex. I even got married when I was hardly 19, loved to fuck and had my first baby as soon after my marriage as it was possible. I was a family man but there was another side to it also.


I am jason johar and today I can confess that I am a bisexual, I am still closeted because I have no nerves to come out. Since early puberty days in school when all of us boys around each other were growing inside of our bodies as well as outside, I was more keen than anyone else to show my beautiful uncut dick, large heavy hung balls and totally shaved pubic groin area to other boys in gym room, shower area or any other safe place and also looked for any and all possibilities to see other boys naked if they wanted to do so. Sure, I always had some dormant fantasies about playing with another guys dick. I always reminded myself that even in the straight porn, half portion was pussy, which mostly looked all the same and half was the penis and these were all different, long, short, thick, pencil, average, straight, curved, veins, no veins, cut, uncut and many others to say a few and wonder. I never touched the genitals of the boys nor let any boy touch mine, although I had some deep desires but the strains of the society kept me from doing any such activity and it was much later in life when I got in a situation and figured out that I was a pure bottom for men. It was a very painful experience, it was a very rude awakening but I do not regret it at all and have always enjoyed being explored in my ass by the men and guys of different ages who are ‘real top to fuck me as much, as often, as bullish as they could.


When I look back, I do not feel ashamed, rather I always have a smirch feeling in my stomach thinking about that day, a saturday in the month of hot july.


This delivery boy from the chinese restaurant handed me the receipt announcing that it was a total of $ 17: 50. We needed our house painted and if not all the house, the walls of the master bedroom and the living room really needed the paint job earlier the better. I had taken a few days off and my wife could not think anything better but to decide to go to her mother with our almost 1 month old boy john, ordering me to do the job and she would come back soon as the house was clean and safe for the baby to breathe the air in it. We had just moved in hardly 1 month ago and it was an extreme belt tightening time and I could not hire someone to do the job, so I put on the athletic shorts and an old t shirt with cut sleeves, took out the paint job paraphernalia and got to work. I surprised myself by finishing the bedroom much quicker and now it was almost lunch time.


I think nancy, my wife had told me that she had more food in the ice box for me than I needed but I do not know why I wanted to order something from outside. I wanted to be bad but not as bad to order pizza and so I called the chinese food place in the neighborhood shopping area and ordered chinese rice with all the junk in it and they said it will be delivered in 40 minutes or free. I hung the phone and decided to walk to the bathroom for peeing and coming back I got caught to my own looks in the full size mirror hanging on the wall in the hall way. I realized I was getting turned on just from looking at myself. It brought back the memories of being a horny teenager when all I had to do was to think about my dick and it would start to get hard. I ran my hand on my hairy masculine muscled chest, slowly crawling down to flat stomach and let my thick fingers dunk into the waistband of my shorts. I cannot say why I got double minded and just stopped midway bringing my shorts down to my ankles and seeing me naked in the mirror. I walked to the kitchen and just to avoid thoughts about my dick, I pulled out a cold beer can. It might not have taken couple of minutes before I was finishing my 2nd can and surprisingly the thoughts were not getting away from my good and strong dick now taken shape of a fully stretched boner. I stood up and in one pull, my shorts were around my ankles. Now how was I going to walk to the refrigerator for my 3rd can of beer and I had not even started thinking, what and how, when the door bell rang. Fuck! I had a solid hard on out in the open and now the food delivery man was here as well. I tried to push the engorging blood out of my shaft with a will but I did not have time enough before he rang the bell again. With no other choice, I quickly pulled my shorts up and tucked it under the waistband, hoping for the best and taking a deep breath, ran for opening the door.


There he stood. A most gorgeous, awesome, cute, handsome young asian boy; from the chinese food place. He was not only young, hardly 1819 but looked even younger, a mix euro chinese breed with sandy blond hair curled out from under his cap. He had little black rings in his earlobes with a sure prime look with his fit body in his dark red t shirt and almost black, kitchen filthy pants.


I quickly realized that my tucked in hardness under the waistband had softened a little bit and as I moved my hands casually under my t shirt to drop it down, he waved the receipt in my face and smiled almost talking with his eyes telling me that he had noticed what I was doing. I did not want to strengthen his thought and rapidly reached for the pocket realizing I had none. I apologized and announced to bring the money from inside. He moved to the side as I opened the door wide to step in, but he leaned and looked over my shoulder, asking me to use the bathroom. I pointed him to the door on his right in the hallway, taking the food from him and walked behind him to my bedroom. He thanked me as I turned to my room. I saw him closing the door but did not hear it shut behind him. He had not bothered to close it fully, strange for sure, I thought. I stood inside my bedroom for a moment, listening to the sound of his piss stream falling in the commode.


Suddenly remembering that I had come in here for my wallet, I was frantic, not remembering where the fuck I had put it. I was distracted with the sexy thoughts about the delivery guy in the bathroom and it was not helping at all. Shit man!! The food was still in my hands in the bedroom and it was also sidetracking me thinking straight. Then it suddenly I remembered, the wallet was laying on the kitchen counter. I walked down the hallway towards the kitchen clearly noticing the pissing sound coming from the bathroom not being as loud and prominent, perhaps he was finishing up already. Passing the open bathroom door I glance inside looking in the big mirror on the wall. The boy was shaking his beer can thick, extremely hung cock, absolutely impossible to ignore. Before I could realize, he tucked it back in his pants and looked up. Our eyes met. It was not even a split second but my throat suddenly dried up because I knew I was caught, I had no choice to walk away fast. His face was enigmatic to me, not a disgust or an invitation but truly I was not sure because it was very short and quick moment for analysis or processing the information. I put the food on the counter, got the money out of my wallet and started counting when he walked into the kitchen with a huge smile on his face. I was rather looking at his crotch trying to find out, how and where he put that enormous monster. How could such a huge mass fit in his crotch. Such a size able and swollen bulge almost making a dome under his zipper and stressing to burst open any second. I quickly handed him a $ 20/= and a single.


He took the money and tucked it into the front pocket of his pants. Then he looked at me with a serious look that made my heart quicken. His eyes were on my open wallet when he spoke very kinky but confident saying he would let me see it for full 1 minute for $20/= but if I wanted to touch and feel it, it would cost me another $30/= for a total of 50/=.


His high confidence, daring cockiness was consuming me. I really wanted to see it but was not sure if I wanted to touch or feel it also. He barked again clearly stating that I could not change my mind later after he swung it out of his pants. I could either go for a $ 20/= deal or a $ 50/= deal; no problem but I had to decide right now. Damn!! It was a decision to save my life, it was so intoxicating and strong challenge.


I dont remember now how it happened but I was pleading with him that I could not spare $50/= even if I decided to go for it and he laughed back with a very demeaning sound telling me if I was sure not to touch and feel the hefty, brawny meat portion, an opportunity of a life time; nobody has ever let slip by. He said he would sweeten the deal to let me hold and play with it for the longest 3 minutes time on his watch strapped on his wrist. No kissing it, no licking or sucking but I could make all the best use of my hands for massaging, measuring the length and the strength of the horse back. The kids cockeyed grin was so obnoxious and sexy, I could see from the corner of my eye as I counted 5 bills of $10/= each before handing him and he hurriedly tucked them in his front pocket too. Then, without looking up, he began to unzip.


Do not try to make me behave nasty, he was still looking down to his zipper and talking to me. I had entered some other world, where the roles were switched and I was held at his mercy by this sexy punk boy. “Dont try to make me nasty or anything,” he said again as he reached into his underwear. He held, lifted it and there it was, hanging like a plant watering extension to the bucket, half engorged and still thickening. He let it hang outside his pants, flexed it and it bounced wobbling like a ripple on the top a lake. I was in a spell of it is not a cliché. He was no less than 89 inches and still limp and flaccid with his head hidden in the multi folds of his dark foreskin. He was thickening and growing for sure. I stared in awe and confusion. What about all the talk about “Showers” who dont grow much. This was a poster boy of that “Shower” category but also a living example of them grower boys. It was terrorizing even to imagine. If my 3 inches could grow to easy 7 inches plus, oh shit!! Could he grow to at least 12 inches if not 16 17 inches when in utmost stretch. I had seen young boys naked in my school days as I said earlier but never had touched anyone ever other than myself and had fantasized up till that day but fantasizing about something and actually doing it are two different things. I found myself wishing to not have paid to touch it after all. Here was this enormous cock held out for me to play with, it was utterly intimidating.


It kept growing, engorging, intimidating and rising as we stood there in the kitchen. The wall clock ticking, the refrigerator humming and the swollen meat length visibly throbbing. You are wasting time baby, I heard him say and the way he pronounced the word “Baby”, it was so very demeaning and had a terrifying domination drift to it. This kid was younger than I but he knew exactly what I wanted and exactly how he would let me have it. I hated myself but loved the scenery in front of my eyes. It hung no smaller than my adult arm length and really I should not say it hung, because now it was erect, stiff, pointing forward at almost 90 degree angle and thicker than a tree stump, so proud and pompous.


I decided to end the dilemma and reached for it. Oh, my god, it was so big. I slipped the tips of my fingers underneath it until it rested in my palm and felt its weight, its volume. I pulled my hand forward and felt it drag over my palm as it got harder. I wrapped my fingers around the plum looking head, round and soft, and gently squeezed it. His shaft just continued to expand, the core of it girded with a steel tension rod, spongy tissue, hot engorged and puffy veins thick as pipes curling around it. I stroked it, from the tip down to the base. My hand could barely close around the base. The stroke made him shift on his feet a little making me look at his face, he was looking right at me; some of the cockiness had gone by now.


“Fuck you, babe,” I heard him say looking down at me. “You got me so hard.” I pulled my palm back up. It twitched, a little in my hand while the head bounced up. “Never realized I was so horny”, he completed his sentence.


I was in his complete spell and never consciously aware bending my knees for my face to be in his groin. I had no clue what was I doing, I mean, did I want to watch it closely, was it the aroma I wanted to smell or did I want to feel the heat of it on my face and lips. I was definitely kneeling there to hear him loud and angry, yelling and cursing, saying he knew I shall do it even though he told me no licking or sucking and I barely muttered, I was not going to suck it. I was getting anxious, overwhelmed and exited, nervous and much more, trying to close my fist around his still expanding man rod when I heard him telling me that I better not try to be smart or fresh. He also announced that one minute of my time was over as I did my best to pump him couple of times. It was impossible not to smell him, musky, sweaty, food stuff smell mixed up with his youthful pheromones. I was not even breathing deep as he laughed above me, a real degrading loud laughter it was with the words even more shaming and degrading asking me if I was enjoying sniffing his man meat and jingle bells. God! Instead of being ashamed, the power of suggestion took me over and I sank much lower to his twins, sensing even better, potent and addicting aroma.


“Ok, ok”!! He looked down at me announcing that he can appreciate my extreme interest in his sweaty smell and just for that, he was going to let me lick his sack only. He could not put more emphasis on sack only when he pronounced it to me. Like a flash, I only said thanks and slipped lower taking a deep sniff of his reservoir and nape of stubbles in the area which to me was unshaved for at least a week. More I whiffed the wet odor, more I throbbed in my shorts. This perfume was different than the one I smelled on my wife but how to differentiate it, I had no clue. It was disorienting me zillion time more than my wife ever did. “Hurry up”, he ordered but pushed his pants and underwear all the way down to his ankles offering me a much better reach. Feeling short on time, I puckered my lips, placed a solid kiss on them jewels and quickly licked all around with my tongue pulled out. I was surely wanting more than the smell or a quick lick of that meat mound which was making me overzealous to push myself under him. ” aahhh ffffcc uuur baby, whatever your name is” he spurred almost in the pain of lust and I felt his encouraging hands behind my head making me lick and kiss his soft and sweet balls area and beneath them. I felt a shameful buzzing in my body, we did not even know each others name but I was kissing, licking his balls washed with his sweat and lusty aroma, desiring to do much more for mutual ecstasy and joy.


He was ordering me to kiss and lick his balls but his hands were busy with his growing thicker and longer shaft and shoving the soft head onto my cheek and lips. Without thinking that he may yell or shout I kissed the wet slit of his cock head tasting his lubing juice flowing out of the slit into the folds of his foreskin. A strange sense of pride made me kiss his cock slit again but this time I was doing it a bit consciously and all knowing that I was licking another mans sex wand. I swear, I had never touched, kissed, licked or sucked someone elses cock but now I was lovingly doing all in a worshipping mode, dont know why, thinking myself to be so very unworthy and beneath the physical shape, size, beauty, strength and overall appearance of this cock and his supporting balls. Daring all consequences I remember almost plunging on the slippery head, snatching the shaft from his hand and pulling the cock covering sheath all the way downwards. With an almost a howl from his mouth, I had taken a good portion of his cock in my mouth and was trying to suck him deeper but being a novice and neophyte, I sure was not knowing of how to do it safely and effectively, my teeth not only grazed but scratched his sensitive cock skin.


He suddenly held me by the hair and pulled my mouth off his flesh, yelling every obscenity and cursing me with all the fuck words he had in his memory. He was complaining of some pain that I caused in his dick and threatening in a terroristic way to fuck me as a punishment. He was repeatedly saying to put it in my ass but somehow I was not comprehending or not paying attention. I had tasted the precum for the first time and it was making me crazy seeing much more of it in his slit and foreskin folds. I noticed him breathing ragged and torn while I had a raging hard on in my shorts. His cock slit was far wider and fat puffy than mine and almost looked liked a tiny pussy. As I said, I honestly was not realizing the gravity of his angry, irate attention and lunged back with my tongue drawn out and ready to lick suck more of the tasty brew on his cock tip and licked into it. He was kind of double minded, I think, when he let my hair go, affording me a chance to have a feast on his cock and balls, putting his total package in my face but at the same time he let out his breath and announced that he was going to do me and asked me if I was ready. I kept licking his shaft with my flat and wide tongue all the way but the thought of being fucked, got me revved and I felt heat in my ass hole with a sure fluttering and muscles loosening like it was hungry and would surely welcome the meat portion with its wide open mouth. His young salty taste was an add on to the chilling thought if I could bear the whole huge girder in my virgin ass calming me a little.


He was speaking filthy and vulgar calling me faggot but somehow a sense of pride was felt inside me, although I had never touched let alone anybody fuck me. He was sinking into his own bliss with my mouth struggling to suck his long shaft as much as I could and entertaining his balls as well. His neck was tilted far back with enormity of joy exploding in his manly flesh while he was repeating to shove this monster into my hole. I could feel my throat as well as my ass tunnel muscles relax, slowly but surely. It was not the size or the curiosity of the big size cock getting ready to fuck me, that had gotten me where I was at that moment, but the way he was reaching in my deep true desire; I wanted it inside my ass for sure. My lips were stretching, my throat was extended and I was suffocated with a feeling of whole side of beef stuck in my throat. I could never in million years imagined to have sucked more than half the length skull fucking me and my saliva drooling like a broken faucet. I was coming up for air to stay alive as often as I was going down his shaft like my life depended on it. He was calling me a cocksucker, faggot, slutty cock whore and enjoying fucking my throat a bit deeper with each thrust. Amazingly I was enduring all this and not resenting or resisting at all.


Now he was demanding to suck him deeper without regards to my getting choked. My throat felt stretched out a bit more, my mouth filled by the massive meat rod making me do more like a zombie addicted to cock sucking pleasure. I suddenly realized my one hand slipping back into my shorts and feeling my hole making sure I was relaxed as it felt to be his fuck hole to be used and fucked as he was repeating. Amid all this he had taken off his chinese hat and shirt as well, pulling my shirt off me too. I could hardly look and sooth my eyes with his young hairless boyish body of solid flesh totally naked when he pulled me up by the arm and made me turn to face the kitchen counter, ruthlessly pulling my shorts and making me naked for him reiterating to know if I was never fucked before being a true virgin.


I could hardly hum in affirmative, knowing full well, the moment was upon me and I was surely going to be fucked soon. His left hand was pushing me down to bend and lower myself and prop against the counter top while his other hand, I could hear getting glazed with spit and lowered to fumble and find my hole. He finger fucked me for a moment or two asking me to breathe deep and let my hole relaxed and loose. I was being a complete slut staying calm and enjoying all this and appreciating him praising my tight virgin ass hole. Soon he felt the high moment and held my hips with his both hands waking me up with his spongy cock knob at my caboose entrance, knocking and wetting it with lube still dripping plenty out of his cock hole.


Having fucked plenty pussies, I knew how lubing with precum was mostly not enough for stern fucking an unused pussy hole, making me request him to be gentle and go slow in me. He laughed assuring me of his competence and proficiency but at the same time pointed to the crisco tub on the counter to be handed to him. Showing extreme callus, he massaged some on his length and then being still more terse, he shoved 2 of his crisco shining fingers hastily and very unceremoniously in my ass hole. The shock made me gasp but honestly I do not recall if it was painful, as a matter of fact it felt good as he started fucking me with the slow out and in movement of those fingers. With an even worse absurdity he stopped it and brusquely pressed his cock head on my puckering while pushing me down with his hand on my lower back for his best benefit of performance. Assuring my perfect angle for his selfish pleasure of using my ass as his cum dump he pushed a little, popping me open and slipping in with his horrendous knob making every pore of my body sweating in a hurry. I think I did cry out but he became horribly nasty asking me not to be bitchy and take it like a man reminding me always telling girls to take me in them bravely and breath deep to relieve the feeling of being overly stretched.


He was not giving me time to adjust or catch my breath and kept pushing in inch by inch. We were both groaning, rather howling when he bottomed out and his pubic bone grinded against my sore, stretched no more virgin hole. I was feeling like having fallen from the heavens above and skewered on a tree stump through my ass. Although I had no experience of being wedged on anything through my anal opening but maybe it was the pride of a lifetime dream come true, I was comfortable and feeling it pleasurable when he started moving in and out with a rhythm. I also noticed something being massaged if I swirled my ass around even a little bit, adding to the fun and joy, reducing the pain if any. I was sweating through my teeth and literally dripping crazy. He was fucking me as much as he was cursing, using all the filthy and vulgar words he had in his vocabulary repeatedly calling me faggot.


Take that monster cock…. Love to fuck your faggot ass…. You are a good slut baby…. Fucking you to please my cock; but all this was working to excite me inside and I had begun moving matching his range of motion, doubling the joy of this gay episode. His grip on my hips was more intense and his banging was more rapid and steady, his nuts slapping on my low hanging ones or below them with a regular thumping sound ala meat on meat causing sexy echo in the kitchen. He became more animalistic, wild and rough in his thrusts making me leak precum over the cabinet door down to the kitchen floor. This was rather strange to feel deeper and intense pain as he fucked me with a frenzy and fury of rabbit like jolts while he shouted to be off loading in me soon and I could only uhhhhhhhhh!!!.


It was the ultimate ferocity of his cock inside me when it stretched even longer, thicker and harder, him still battering inside me with growls, I am afraid would be heard on the street, he squirted in me stretching and damaging my puckered crumpled hole. I swear I felt his warm shower shot after shot hitting my musculature inside and then crawl out to my thighs making my skin crawl with a feeling I never knew before. With an abrupt and hateful move he pulled out which did hurt more than before and even the gaping gave the feeling of worthlessness. He was still cursing me and blaming me for being late, his cock was still scary looking, slick and dripping his last drops. Ask for “Suish” for your next delivery and get a 10% discount still getting a fucking of the same or better strength……. His last words.


I never called again for “Suish” to bring me a food order delivery from that chinese restaurant, but I discovered my hidden desires. As I confessed, I love pussy fucking, have never had an inkling to fuck a female or male in the ass, but cannot go for more than a few days and not needing someone to fuck my ass. I hate to be in the closet but for now life is so colorful and satisfying, getting some horny sexy fucker of any and every age, fulfilling my sexy desire to be the best bottom they have ever fucked.


The end…… Your comments are very much needed. Thank you.