First Time Being Sucked By A School Friend

As of today, that is., December 2016, I am a 510 ft tall toned guy of 24 years old. This piece of the story is from my school days when I was 17 years.

It was June 2010 when I was appointed as a school prefect. Before that, when ever I saw my reflection in my mirror, my eyes struck at my bulge and same happened when ever I saw any toned or handsome guy around me in my school or tuition. I always wanted some one to feel my bulge and I do the same with others.

When I was appointed as a school prefect, I had many responsibilities. So one day I had to stay back in the class rooms in the recess while everyone had o either go to the ground or to the cafeteria. As there was some report of lost goods, so no other students were allowed to come to the class rooms during recess, thus leaving only designated prefects to be in the class rooms. I and one of my friend were once in charge of the 4th floor. His name is Shawn. Shawn used to get his mobile phone in school although it was not allowed.

Shawn was then quite stylish and funky guy and yeah he was really hot. He was as tall as me and a gymmer.

One day when we were in-charge of the same floor in the recess, he took out his phone and played a porn video. I was so keen to watch it and thus we started to watch the porn with full concentration. After that video, we became hard and our dicks were erected. Then he turned another video on, and it was a male to male sex, yes, a gay sex video. The guys in the video were super hot and it felt that my sperms just want to come out of my dick in my underwear itself. Those smooches, kisses, body sex and the whole love making procedure. All this turned me on and Shawn was in the same condition. Our breaths were fast, and we both had only one wish that time, that is to have some fun. However, we were hesitated to say the same to each other. Finally, I gathered some courage and when the model in the video stroke his dick in the whole on the other model, I, trying to show a jovial expression and accidental, kept my hand on shawns thigh and softly expressed “Aaahhh” from my mouth. Shawn looked at my hand and then to me and then he turned his eyes towards the phone. When I kept my hand on his thigh, he sat with his legs little spread apart. He slowly started moving his leg and was closing his legs, which means, my hand on shawns thigh was going near to his bulge. That time, I felt the warmth near his bulge. I wanted to just keep my hand on his bulge and press it hard and grab his neck and smooch him

After some time, trying to show his excitement, he kept his hand on my thigh and I so wanted his hand to be n my bulge. I just couldnt resist myself, so I told him, “Yaar, my dick is so hard seeing all the videos”. He gave a witty look at me and said “Really” and put his hand on my bulge. I felt like I was in the heaven. I took a deep breath so he understood I liked it. So, he held my hand which was on his thigh and kept it on his bulge saying that even he is hard. We gave a witty look at each other and went to the restroom. We didnt have much time for the recess to end so, as soon as we entered the restroom, he grabbed my neck and gave a long smooch which rubbing his hard dick to mine under our trouser and under wears and-and his other hand pressing my chest and my hand pressing his butts. Then, he opened my shirt and sucked my nipples while opening my belt, then my trouser hook and finally the zip and pulled my trouser down and slapped by dick which was still covered with my underwear and pressed it hard. Then he liked my body, went down and started biting my dick over my underwear while feeling my chest. He then removed my underwear and liked by lolly and took my 7-inch dick in his mouth. When he took my dick in his mouth, it felt that current ran through my veins and then he started sucking my dick with wildness. I grabbed his hair and pushed him to the wall. His head rested on the wall facing my dick and I started stroking my dick in his mouth and royally I fucked his mouth.

Then, he got up and smooched me, bit my on my neck while I was hitting him on his bulge. I unzipped him as he already opened his belt and unhooked his trouser. I sucked his dick for some time. When I took his dick in my mouth, his precum was smelly but then slowly I started liking it and he too fucked my mouth saying “Fuck yea”. I got up, and started masturbating while smooching while our other hand feeling each other chest and pressing the nipples and then going down, pressing each others butts and putting our fingers in each others whole while I was saying “oh I so wanna fuck you” ato which he replied “we shall surely fuck each other someday” and continued smooching again till our sperms came out from our dicks. Then we dressed back and freshened up and then I pushed him to the wall and again gave him a smooch while pressing my sleeping dick with his dick.

This was my first experience with Shawn in school but obviously not the last. There are many incidents to share and many experiences to pen down. Till then, have patients and keep having sex.