Wantedly Done It To Get What I Want

Hi, friends first let me introduce myself to you am Rajesh a 20 yrs versatile crossdresser from Hyderabad. About my body am slim height 5.11 weight 60 and a normal looking guy. This incident actually took place when I was searching for a part time job. My friend suggested me to meet this person Satya (name changed). I met him and he too got impressed by me and I got the job.


About Satya, he is a perfectionist and very particular about how he likes things done. I dont really understand why but he was a dominant kind of person and to be frank it was always my fantasy to be punished by a dominant person. The whole idea really turns me on. Every time I think of satyas discipline me I get so turned on and imagine myself being bent over in front of him and he spanking me hard and masturbate thinking about it.


I really wanted to get to the bed with him but dont know how to proceed and how to approach him. One day evening he called me and said to come at his place as some files were missing. I went there and we searched for the files and at last, we found them. I was feeling uneasy and asked for washroom he showed me directions. When I entered the washroom I saw many women dresses like bras panties sarees churidars transparent nighties even some skirts and western dresses put for washing. After seeing all these the women in me woke up and started trying some of those then Satya came and knocked the door

Satya: is everything ok


Me: ya sir coming

I came out we had coffee and I left. After one week he directly asked me

Satya:- are you a cross dresser

For which I didnt know what to tell and silently left the room. After 2 days he came to me and said its ok dont be nervous I wont tell it to anyone be free as before then days went normally. On weekend Satya invited me to his home for coffee. When I went there we sat and started conversation related to work and it slowly turned towards sex and he asked me


Satya: do you want to live a life of women

Me: put my head down didnt say anything and just nodded my head


Its okay you can be how you want you know where the stuff is. Then I immediately went in removed my clothes and removed a red spicy bra panty lingerie and a white top with black skirt. I got into the dress went near dressing table applied makeup and came out after seeing me Satya was like omg and said

Satya:- you just do cross dressing or you are into some kind of action part. Anyway, you look sexy in those outfits. How about a coffee

Me: ok sir but I will make it where it the kitchen


When I was giving him the cup it slipped and fall on him. He was ok with my cross dressing but he was also very strict he really got angry when I was going to bring a cloth to clean it

Satya: stop what you have done is not good. What should I do with you

Me: whatever you want sir. Saying this I pushed the cup and it broke into pieces. Look at what I did

Satya:- you should be punished

After hearing this I went near to him lifted my skirt up to my ass bent over him and said yes sir

Satya: looking at my ass he said am going to spank you

Me: please sir


Then Satya started spanking my ass phat phat phat phat phat phattt………… And I was moaning ahhh ahh hh ha hhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhh……… Omg, you spank very hard ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh…….. Yes, sir ahhh ahhhhhhha hhhhhhhhh… Its making me so horny sir


I stood and Satya was sitting inn chair we started kissing he hold my hair and pulled me down to his dick and I took his cock in mouth and sucked it well. Then he kept my one leg on the table and other leg was down and inserted his cock in my ass and gave smooth strokes at first and slowly increased his speed and I was moaning in pleasure. He pulled his pant back and said come into bedroom I will finish this he closed the bed room door and we started smooching and he was playing with my ass cheeks. We smooched madly for 5 minutes and pushed me onto the bed and started licking my ass and spanked my butts this went for another 5 mins.


Now he ordered to suck his dick I sucked his dick took it deep in the mouth as I was hungry for it from years. While me sucking his dick he was playing with my nipples from the top of my shirt. He fucked me in cowgirl position he stretched my butts and went deep into my ass. Next, he took me into doggy position and continued fucking and stretching my ass in between he gave some pause and again continued fucking hard. While fucking in this position he was simultaneously kissing me and played with my nipples.He holds my hair and spread my legs and fucked with more speed.


Satya:- you have a fantastic ass baby

Me:- you like fucking my ass hole. I just wanna make you happy

He fucked me by changing positions and never left my lips free. He was continuously spanking and stretching my ass


Me:- you like fucking my ass

Satya: I love fucking your ass

Now we shifted into butter churner position and he was in top gear and fucked with high speed and I was moaning ahhhhhhha hhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh.

Satya: I will come on your face

Me: oh yes please come on my face

Then he pulled his dick out and released his load on me


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