My First Gay Session

This is the story when I was 19 . I was traveling from Pune to Bangalore . Beside me, there was an uncle age 35, name Prakash. We were sitting on the last seat of the bus. He talked a bit and started watching porn. I was acting like sleeping but actually, I was awake. I was seeing the porn video. I was much horny. Suddenly he started caressing my thigh. It was feeling good. But I dint open my eyes. He again entered his hand and touched my boobs and started pressing them. I was slightly moaning but didnt open my eyes.

He started kissing my face, neck. My moans were getting loud. He took my hand and gave his cock in my hand it was huge 8-inch cock. He told me to suck. It was my first time I took it in my mouth. It was tasteless I didnt like to suck it. But he was enjoying it soo I sucked it for 10 min.
He requested me to come to his home when the bus reaches Bangalore. My female side was really on and I wanted to get fucked by him so I told yes.

We reached his home it was morning 10. We got fresh and sat on the sofa . He looked in my eyes. I was feeling shy. He kissed me, smoched and made me nude. He also got nude. He started licking my while body I was shivering. It was feeling awsome. Huge moans were coming out from my side. He licked my whole body. Now I started sucking his cock. I licked the area below his cock. He was telling little bit down. I licked down and down and reached his ass. I was removing my face. He pressed my face hardly and was not allowing me to even breath. It was a bit forcefull. But I was ok with it after 10 min he told me to turn around. I was scared. But did as he said. He applied lubricant and started inserting it slowly. It was like hell for me. It was my first time. I told please stop I cant do it. He shouted shut up and looked angrily at me. I got more fear. Slowly his cock was entering my ass hole. It was tearing me apart.

I was begging him please stop, please stop. He closed my mouth with his hand. And was pushing his cock slowly. It entered half and tears from my eyes were coming. He pushed it hard inside and I screamed loudly. I was crying. But he had no mercy. He started fucking slowly. It was painfull and I was crying loudly. Slowly the pain was less and I was moaning. He shouted ‘Rand ko maja ane laga. I told yes. He started fucking in full speed. It was more pleasure and pain. I was moaning loud. Suddenly he came inside of me it was feeling awsome. The warm fluid made my ass wetter. He removed the cock. I begged him please fuck me. Dont remove the cock. He told ‘randi Lund hai vo machine nahi. He told u have more desires u just stay today night I will call my friend. We will make our slave today. I wanted cock badly. I told to do whatever but please fuck me. I told to wait for 2 hours bitch. U will be tortured like hell here. I was getting happy because.

I like to watch bdsm videos in porn sites regularly. At around 4 in evening Prakash and two huge black men venky and Abdul came. they were seeing like Telugu villains huge body and black in color. They entered shouting were is the bitch. I came to them running. I was nude. They shouted. Remove our shoes. I removed all their shoes and sat there. Venky was touching my face with his leg and entered his leg finger in my mouth. I licked it. They told me to stand up and turn around. I stood up and stood. my ass was facing them. they looked at my ass and spanked me hardly on the ass every one gave one hard slap on the ass. they removed their cocks. they were black and huge. I sucked them all. They slapped my face while sucking.

They made me lie on the bed . Prakash came and sat in my face and told me to rim his ass. I was was running . I sat on my face and started rubbing his ass hardly I was not able to breath . My face became red . Venky and Abdul started laughing . Now abdull came to do face sitting . I was scared because he was very huge more then hundred kg. he sat in my face and started rubbing his ass on my face. i was not able to breath my face turned deep red and tears from my eyes were coming. venky to dud same. they fucked my mouth very badly one by one deeply and came in my mouth. Now venky bended me over wall and entered all his cock inline shout i was crying he fucked me hard for 20 min . I was crying but was helpless. He removed and throwed me on bed abdull took me within no time under him and entered all his cock in one go . He fucked for 15 min. he again made me stand up and kicked my ass hardly . I went and fell on Prakash they were laughing . Prakash took me under him and fucked me hardly . After fucking I was sitting an floor they all came on my face. they rubbed all the cum on my face. I was tired and slept on bed . Story will be continued Give your feedback at / /