Morning Glory Of Gay

My alarm clock starts ringing and I kept it for a snooze for 10 more minutes. Its pretty hard to wake up early in the morning in winter. The warm bed would feel so good that your mind gives 100 reasons to not to get up. Still, I got after 10 minutes and got fresh up. Put on my track pants and hoodie, clicked on the music player and with a deep breath, I paced on the road. The farming land is near about 2km and that’s where I go for a walk. It was 6 am and still looked dark, I frightened bit about stray dogs but still walked with cold breeze hitting my face.

I felt fresh and rejuvenated after 15 min of walk. After about 3km, the place becomes empty. Only one or tow vehicles were moving and not many were walking. I was all alone on the road, I could hear the birds chirping and woosh sound of the vehicle at far. I waited for the sun to rise to feel its warmth on my face. I stretched a bit and then stood there silently looking in the direction of sun rise.

Suddenly a car stopped and they honked to get my attention. I turned and approached them. There were three guys two at the front and another one at the back seat in his beautiful slumber. The next words from the guy who sat the window startled me and couldn’t believe for a second.
“Will you suck me?”

Wow! The words still were lingered in my head and I was dazed and looking at them in confusingly. He asked again and this time I smiled and said “YES”. All bi guys have this fantasy of having sex in group, mine was same. I always fantasized to suck two or three cocks and its coming true on this winter day. Since it was main road, I said I cant take risk and they drove me to some place where no one was there. The trees were bigger and gave us good cover. My cock was already semi hard and the bulge could be seen on track pants.

I looked around and confirmed myself that we are not being watched and I stood there watching those two guys coming out of the care. Wow, the one who asked me to suck him was already hard and was rubbing the bulge. Another guy was staring at me and was unbuckling his pants. The first guy asked me to come near and I went and he took my hand and placed it on his dick. I was taken aback by the hardness and the size. I softly started rubbing it and he started to moan.

“Yes baby, slowly rub on my dick…mmmm your hands are so good”
His words were making me hornier and I smiled and rubbed him more. The other who now stood, in brief, came behind me and pulled my tracks down. He then started rubbing his cock against my butt. That felt so good, he had average cock and I could feel it getting harder every time it touched my butt cheeks. Then he inserted his hands in my hoodie and started to rub my nipples. Oh, his cold touched sent a shiver to my spine and my nipples got rock hard. He played with them and humped my butts on the underwear. The other guy now removed his shirt and exposed me his chest. By looking at him I could tell he in the 30s and the guy who is humping is 32-35.

I started to suck his nipples which he forced my head on to them. They were hard and seem this guy was very horny for long time. I sucked one after the other and then he pulled down his pants. That big and hard looking cock gave me chills yet it made my cock twitch. The size of it and the veins made me wanting it more. He then pushed my head to his cock and I opened my mouth to worship it. he slowly inserted, it went all in and he stopped when it was all in. I sorta felt gagged and yet I couldn’t pull it out. I was enjoying the force and his delicious cock. My saliva started dripping from the corner of my mouth and my breath got bit heavy. He then pulled back and said,

“WOW you are good babes, wish I could own you”
His words turned me on more and mouth was watering for more of his cock. I felt cold breeze hit my ass and when I turned to see, my underwear was pulled down and he was rubbing his hard wet cock against my ass crack. I wanted only to suck but this feeling of cock against my butt made me lust for it too. I let him and he was rubbing and spitting on my ass.

The very next moment I could feel his thick cock trying to enter my ass hole and I screamed that make it slow and apply some lube. The guy then inserted a finger and then slowly increased the number of fingers. It felt good and I started to stroke my cock. The guy in front of me was fucking my mouth nicely. He was going deep in every stroke and I was enjoying it touching my throat.

After sometime, I felt cock going slowly in my ass and the feeling was awesome. My cock twitched and when he was all in he leaned on back and kissed me there. My cock was throbbing and when the guy started to fuck my ass, I cummed all over the land. I orgasmed and yet my cock didn’t go limp. Both guys fucked my mouth and ass for fifteen minutes and they shuffled with each other. I was on cloud nine. The guy who slept came out and seeing us, he got instant hard on. He was 25 and I could clearly his cock dancing in the shorts. The came and pushed the guy was fucking my mouth and inserted his big cut cock in my mouth and screamed, “Suck it bitch”

I nodded and he kept fucking my mouth. They all took turns and enjoyed my both holes. After about hour of having fun they cummed on my chest and face. They were happy and took my number to be in contact.

PS: A fiction again. Which I imagined while I went for Jog lol. Do comment here or send me / /