Ridhi And Likitas Thirst For Sex Satisfied

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Weeks before I wrote an incident which happened with me, at my friends house, his neighbour Nisha , wanted to be fucked by me!

You all loved that story very much, here is the link to that story:

Well, nisha , surely didnt kept quiet And said about it to others also, now there were people waiting to get my weapon in their fuck holes!

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Well going on with the story!

Nisha introduced me to Ridhima , her friend. While taking me to her flat, Ridhima introduced me to Likita,her friend. Both Ridhima and Likita knew my relationship with Nisha . Likita in her mid-twenties was little brown in color, well shaped in pyjama and t-shirt. She took me inside her apartment.

There was a bench and two chairs and a small TV, a big curtain across beyond which might be her bed, kitchen etc. Likita was looking at me sitting near me. I asked her where is her husband. She said he has gone for work and my come back by 10 pm. I asked about children, she said no children. She asked me how do you know Nisha . I said My friend stays in the next flat, so when i come here to study with him i come here at nishas place also !

Did you meet her daily, she asked. I said I meet her whenever she wants me ;). She asked in a low voice did you fuck her daily. I told her I fucked her three to four times a day. Bapre, she exclaimed so much stamina.

After that, she said, “I will make tea for you,” she went to the kitchen. I went following her.

Where is your bathroom, I asked. She showed me a door. It was a small bathroom, well kept. She made two cups of tea and we drank it in the kitchen. She asked me, show me your thing. I showed it to her by opening the. Button of my jeans !. It was limp. She kneeled and took it in her hands. Achha hai, she said and kissed it, and slowly opened her mouth and took it in.

Her mouth was hot because of the hot tea.I put my hand inside her tube top and caught hold of her boob. The neck portion got tightened and made it comfortable. she removed it and unhooked her bra and her both boobs were free. I tweaked her nipples and caught the entire boob and squeezed it.

I seem to have gathered the courage to put my hands on the boobs of unknown ladies, I learned that licking and sucking of nipples aroused them and I made it a point not to waste time to talk but get hold of her boob and go on licking.

The moment my tongue touches the nipple all their hesitation vanishes, their shyness goes away, I asked Likita to remove her jeans and stand in her panties behind the curtain. Her hands were holding my erect cock. I made her lie flat on her back in the bed and open her legs.

I shoved my cock into her fuckhole and it went straight in. Her hole was tight. I think most of the menfolk had a small and slender cock and hence the women fold finding a lengthier and stouter cock are fascinated. I can go on fucking for a long time, but by then the girl would have got her orgasm once or even twice. Finally, when I get my orgasm, I throw my fluids into her and pull out.

Likita was very happy and satisfied.She told me that it was such a long time since she got a good fuck. She bought two eggs and made fried eggs and gave me to restore my stamina. She said she will go and take bath and come In the meanwhile if Ridhima comes, go ahead and fuck her in my bed. I said ok. Within 15 mins Ridhima barged in with a parcel greatly excited.

It is biriyani and fish fry and boiled eggs for you, You have to build up your stamina because you have to do a lot of fuckings. What are you saying, I asked. Mujhse nahi hoga , I said.

Finding that the bathroom door is closed, she said she will go to her own room and come back in a minute.

Se came back and stood near the door and started saying me, “you will do whatever I say, my command will be your wish, my wish will be your order, lets make the best of this time, and not think about anything!

While hearing all this my mind was rowing in a different world. Ridhima lying on the bed of Likita pulled me near her and unbuttoned my shirt removed it from my body. Then she unbuttoned my jeans and my cock was fully exposed. She removed her t-shirt and bra and her firm boobs were fully exposed.

Her boobs were large and slightly sagging. Her cunt was without any hair, perhaps she would have applied cream. It was very soft. I rubbed my hand over it and stroked her clit.

She was quickly aroused and got hold of my erect cock and made me get on top of her. She helped me to put my cock into her fuckhole. It went in tightly but adding to the pleasure of Ridhi (lets call her ridhi from now on ) and me.

Likita came out of the bathroom and saw us but without disturbing us she went to the bed and sat in the chair.

She saw me and ridhi getting very hot with each other, I was fucking her like its my last day! She was just shouting ” ahhhhhhh …. ahhhhhhhh .. oohhhh … ahhhhhhh …. yessssss ….. ”
And then I sealed her lips with my lips! And this is the time when likita couldnt control herself!

Likita dropped the towel and came on the bed, I was about to orgasm after fucking ridhi , as soon as likita came on the bed, ridhi came down and started sucking my cock with full intensity, and likita sat with her vagina on my mouth , I started eating her , and ridhi started blowing me off !

What an epic feeling it was! I cant explain it in words !it was beyond this universe!

After that, I fucked them until they had their satisfaction! And then I went back tired in need of some energy and slept at my friends house!

And after waking up next morning, guess who was fetting ready?

Well thats another story,

Next time soon!

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