Session Ended Up With Lot Of Fun

Hi am Rajesh, but I like being called Raji. I am 20 and a part time cross dresser. I look as a beautiful girl when I get dressed and apply some makeup. You can see my pics on my FB profile (Raji angel).


Now coming to the story, the story started by some online chatting. When I was searching for some online friends I met this guy named pavan (name changed) he likes calling him (pavani). It all started this way he was my online friend at first we chatted normally. We introduced ourselves. He was 22 and the most beautiful thing is he was also a cuckold and I liked it.


We chatted we came to know about each other and our interests. Slowly we became close and we shared our fantasies, desires, and opinions. I said him about my crossdressing session fantasy then he told he could help me. He was over the place and stuff and he invited me to join him in session. After hearing this from him I was very happy and waited very eagerly for that day.


Finally, when the day came I was all set with my clean shaven body and was waiting for his call and finally when the phone rang it was him pavan. I lifted the call, he told me the address of our meet. I reached there as per our plan and called him he came there with a bag in his hand. He holds my hand and took me into his flat and locked the door. Dont know why but I was little tensed.


He understood my situation and made me feel comfortable. We sat on the couch and we were talking about the plan which we discussed on phone. He went into the kitchen and got cool drinks he did all this to make me feel comfort. He came and sat beside me we were talking about random stuff and sipping cool drink then he put his hand on my thigh and started moving it felt like a current passed through my body. He moved his hand to my neck portion and his touches made me crazy.


By then I was comfortable and relaxed and now I also responded to his moves. We opened each others shirts he poured the cool drink on my body and licked it. This move made me crazier he moved up and we smooched very smooth.Now I got hold of his dick over his pant and he did same to me. I asked him


Me: pavan our plan was to have a session right

He: yeah and doesnt call me pavan. Call me pavani, and I will call you Raji

Me: ok pavani. So, shall we start

He: -ok we will but before that lets get fresh


We took shower and came out with a towel tied at chest level like a girl. Then pavani showed the way to cupboard where the stuff was . I went and bought the bag. In the bag, there was one red skirt, white top and a black middy with a pair of black and ash inners.

I choose the red one and pavani took the other. We got dressed applied makeup pavani looking at me and said you really look gorgeous. I felt shy with her words and my head was down she came near me lifted my head up and kissed me on lips for which I reacted quickly and kissed her back.


I pushed her to the wall and we smooched each other. Then we went into the bedroom and pushed pavani onto the bed and kissed her smooth navel then directly attacked on her tool. Kissed it above her panty and her panty was wet by precum I pulled her panty and took her tool into mouth and started sucking. Pavani was moaning ahhh ahhh ummmm ahhhh um her hand was on my head I removed her panty threw it down and rubbed her thighs. Now I was on her thighs and pavani removed my skirt, pulled my bra aside and licked my nipples. It was an awesome feeling I was biting my lips and pavani was licking my both nipples simultaneously my nipples were pointing straight.


Pavani removed my bra we again kissed for some time and now it was pavani turn to suck my tool. Pavani was lying on the bed and I sat on her face and pavani was sucking my tool and I was feeling like heaven. I pushed it even more into her mouth and she sucked it deepthroat. When she was busy sucking my tool I was stroking her tool. I went like this for some time and pavani performed it like an expert. Now pavani was in doggy position by showing me a clear way to her ass hole.


I played with her ass hole licked her ass cheeks and applied some lubricant on her ass hole and finger fucked her ass and she was moaning like a slut and whole room was filled with her moans. After finger fucking her ass it was pavanis turn to get penetrated, applied some lubricant on my tool and pushed it into her ass hole. 1st it didnt went but after some pushes, it was fully in her hole and initially fucked her by smooth strokes and she was moaning smoothly then as I increased my speed her moans were also increased. The fucking sound thap thap thap thap thap made me even crazier and my tool went, even more, deeper into her.


Now pavani pushed me back and took my tool into her mouth and sucked it. Pavani removed my panty and without delaying she inserted her finger in my ass and fucked my ass hole. She poured some lubricant on my ass and penetrated her tool in my hole and fucked me very hard in doggy style. Now she pulled her dick out and laid on the bed and said to ride her tool, I hold her tool positioned it on my hole and started riding. When she was got exhausted she pulled her tool out and released her load on my ass cheeks. Then we kissed and slept nude hugging each other.


Hope you all liked it.Any couple wants threesome fun or anyone want paid enjoyment with a cross dresser then contact me. Give your feedback at / /