My Roommate Turned Gay After His Breakup

I and Amit were friends from past 2 years now. We became friends in the first year of college and 2 years down the lane, we left college hostel and shifted to a home where only we both live together.
Initially, nothing was brewing between us. I had a great time attraction towards Amit.

Starting from the way he dresses to the smell of his hairs, I was totally in love with his style and attitude. And I believe Amit pretty much knew that I like him.

I and Amit were so close to each other that we both used to watch porn (with girls in it) and shag together (By covering up each others dick with a blanket). We used to have a masturbation session almost everyday.

Months later, Amit stopped spending time with me and in the evening whenever I asked him to join me in shagging, he used to tell, “Now, I have a girlfriend. I will get a better blowjob and I like it more than shagging myself”

He used to tease me and say, “Get a girlfriend, you will see heaven when her lips are on your dick”. He had said this many times.

As the time passed by, I used to watch porn and get the job done myself alone. I was not waiting for Amit as he got busy with his girl.

Everything has an expiry date. So did the relationship of Amit with his girl. They both broke up. Amit was spending nights on the phone fighting with his girl.

One evening, Amit came near my room and asked, “Dude, can we shag together today”

I was shocked to hear that. But I restrained myself and said, “Now that you have girlfriend, I guess you wont enjoy shagging with me much”

Amit replied, “No dude, I broke up with her na. Im missing the fun in my life. I want to shag with you”

I want to trouble him more. I said, “No. I aint interested now”
Amit walked away. Just as when I started to think that he might have felt bad, Amit came to the door again and said, “Dude, Please come. I will give you a blowjob if you want”

This shocked me to the core. My heart started pounding.
I turned back and looked towards him and said, “Are you serious?”
“Yes I am”, Amit said. I could see his dick rock hard in his jogging pants.

We both went a sat on the couch and turned on the porn. We had covered our dicks with a blanket and I was waiting to Amit to make a move.

Amit made that bold move and held my dick under the blanket. I had a current wave running up my spine. Within a moment, he pulled the blanket and bent down to suck my dick. “Oh My God”, It was heavenly as he explained.

One breath which I inhaled wasnt willing to come out until he finished one round of sucking my dick. It was the first time that someone took my dick in their mouth.

It was my turn to return the favor. I thought I would surprise him by my move. I lifted his head from my crotch and got down the couch. Lifted the blanket from his thighs and went inside the blanket and took his huge dick into my mouth and took it so deep that his dick head was hitting my throat. “Wow! Fuck! Lord!”, Amit exclaimed with pleasure.

I rolled his dick head and even started tasting the pre-cum from his dick. I took time and played nicely with his balls and the light pubic hairs on that.

“I miss my Namitha (his girlfriend). I miss her. I want to fuck her”, he uttered while he moaned. I continued to suck his dick as he said her name for maybe 15 times.

“I want to fuck her. Will you be my Namitha just for today? Please. I want to fuck you”, Amit said.

As I didnt know what to say, more the shock was that everything is happening so fast and I was wondering whether I am dreaming.
Though I had fantasized Amit fucking his girlfriend or me sucking Amits dick and all. I had never thought we would come to this stage any day.

I didnt say that I agreed, but I stood up and held his hand and took him to my room and I laid down on my bed and slowly I stretched my legs wide open.

“Dude. You are just awesome. I love you!”, Amit was happy and he pounced on me.

He got a condom from his drawer and pulled it over his huge dick and spat on my asshole for 3 to 4 times and slowly hovered his dick on my ass hole.

I was speechless and I cannot remember what were the thoughts in my mind at that time.

Again and again, I was feeling, I never thought me and Amit would do this one day. Lost in my thoughts, feeling the dick, about to enter my ass, SPANK, He spanked hard on my butt cheeks and he fell on me and started biting my nipples.

I was just struggling to catch my breath.
As he was biting the nipples and all my concentration was there, he shoved his dick right into my asshole without asking my consent. It pained like hell.

I moaned loudly. Amit held his hand in my mouth, in a sign asking me to stay silent.

The in and out movement of his heavy huge dick was painful and I almost felt like his dick is touching my kidneys down there.
Unapologetic about his hardcore move, Amit continued to suck my nipples and shove his dick parallel to that. Now I know why all the actresses in the movies get tears in their eyes when they have a scene of intercourse.

I wasnt understanding whether to enjoy the pain or feel the suffering or to enjoy the unexplainable pleasure as he sucked my nipples continuously.

Minutes later, I could feel hot cum passing down my ass. Though Amit was wearing a condom, I could feel the warmth.
Amit moaned loudly and fell tired on the bed. His dick was still hard. I slowly kissed his cheeks and removed the condom from his dick.
I started licking the cum and cleaned his dick head from the cum.
As I cleaned his dick, Amit held my head by hairs and said, “No one has ever done this at the end of the sex. Im loving it”

I and Amit are still having this session. Though rarely. But we make it a point that we are doing it only when we are desperate for sex. Thats when the fun remains.

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