The Love Story Of Lakshmi Prasad Part -2

We both went to his bathroom where he began applying anne French all over. He finished 3 bottles and then turned me around and bent me over. He separated my ass cheeks and slowly began applying the Anne French there. The smell of the stuff was nauseating as I stood there not moving. He then proceeded to shave my cheeks which were just starting to grow a beard. After shaving twice he began washing off the hair removal cream with warm water. I began feeling tingly as all the little hair on my body began to slowly come off with the spatula. Soon I was as hairless as a newborn baby. He stood back and pulled me in front of the mirror in the bathroom. He stood there dark, Hairy, muscled with his beard and mustache. Stood in contrast honey coloured, hairless, with tiny balls and a fat chubby body.

The mere sight of this made me horny and we kissed, I could feel the hair on his back and both of us stepped into the shower. We washed one another and soon he was sucking my little dicklet.
“ You were born wrong di Lakshmi, you should have been born a woman,” He said as he sucked my cock “ what should you have been born as you bitch,” he asked angrily.

“ a nice macho man” I replied knowing I will be punished for it.
He slapped my ass hard, slightly bit my dick. “ oooieee….! A woman, a fucking stupid woman.” I screamed. He looked up to put a finger on his lips. “ people and can hear you.” He said.

“Let them, papa,” I said “ I am your Lakshmi no. Please tell me how I can be a better woman, a better wife…” I regretted it the moment I said it.

“ wife ?” he said still sucking my cock “ Dear you will be mine little concubine, and you can begin by eating my ass”

As he said this I came in his mouth, he spat it out and got up turned on the shower. He asked me to kneel in the shower and brought him an ass in front of me. I began kissing his hairy ass. Slowly began licking it. He asked me to open and lick his but hole. I opened but just could not bring to lick it.

He turned around and I could see the lust in his eyes.
“its ok Baby, not everyone can do it,” he said with a warmth in his voice.

We got off and I dried with a towel, Powdering him. My skin now hairless was super sensitive as he toweled me down. I picked up the g-string Panties. It has ‘His’ written on the front. The matching red bra was lacy and my hairless nipples were constantly aroused. He asked me to wear the wig, which was a blonde one up to my shoulders.
“you need to grow your hair, baby,” he said.
“Ok, “ said I

“Only on your head, chuckoo” he chuckled.
Soon he made me wear a cocktail gown and did some makeup. I was a natural at the makeup bit. As I suggested colours liners and sat absolutely still. I looked at the mirror and I was looking stunning. My cock was erect. I looked at sir. He was also happy. I jumped off the chair and kissed him.

He slowly lowered my head to his crotch, dropped his towel. And I began to suck. Just then his mobile rang,
“One-second baby,” he said as he reached out for his cell “ its my son”
He started to speak, soon he looked that I was bored. He cut the call and asked me to suck again this time he lay on the bed.
“Chasing you bitch, has made me tired. I need to de-stress and your virgin ass will help me with that” he said as he adjusted my wig “look at me when you suck that cock baby”

I looked up at him slowly picking up pace. When he lay down I could use the pace I wanted. And soon was going up and down his dick like a prostitute.

In a couple of minutes he yanked me off and said “ Not gonna waste it in your mouth, silly thing”

He removed my gown like an ape trying to open a tin can, there was only force and speed due to lust. He turned me around and applied lube onto his fingers. He ripped my little g-string and stuffed it in my mouth. He slid in only one finger into my hole.I began to first resist then he said that the lube is cooling and will help. Slowly I got used to his finger then he inserted two fingers. I took it like a champion.
He began licking my anus. Oh god, I was in heaven. I never felt him stand and soon felt a sharp pain when his cock pushed into my anus.
I removed the panty in my mouth and screamed“ Noooooooo……” I wailed. “I can’t” I pushed him. But he pushed harder. “Please, it’s not going in” I cried.

I looked behind to see his large condom covered cock glistening with all the lube.

He kissed me” Baby, easy. Easy baby” he said as he lubed up his love stick again.

I relaxed my hole. Was on all fours and presented my ass to him being prostrate on the bed, he lubed my ass. And soon his cock went in, the entry burned a bit then the lubes took over. OH god, this was what I had waited for. For 18 years.

“you like it baby,” he asked
“ yeaaahhhhh oh yeaaahhhh……papa please slap my ass. Slap my big fat juicy ass, papa” I moaned in pleasure.
He began slapping my ass. On the let as a dressing mirror. I caught a glimpse of him above my doggy-positioned body pumping his cock in and out. And my wig, flowing too and fro. And my Butt jiggling with each thrust. My little boobs wiggling with the force. And my useless dicklet and balls slapping my stomach.

“ I wanna see your face papa” I screamed in ecstasy, as he continued to pound.

“ ok turn around,” he said. I did and was now facing him. He was looking hot, sweat was pouring off him. His dick with the condom was erect. As he quickly picked up two pillows put them under my butt and added more lube to his cock and my hole.
His eyes rolled up as he again entered my butt hole. I clenched the sheets in my fist and breathed heavily as he began to go in and out into my love hole.

“you look so sweet cutie pie,” I said.
He grunted as he kissed me. “ I loff you” he panted as we kissed again.

This time I felt his body convulse and could feel his dick pulse. He was orgasming. My man was orgasming and cumming for me.
I smiled at him as he smiled at me. He removed his cock an I removed his condom and began to lick and suck his cock. I proceeded to lick his entire body. His Hairy, sweaty and hard body was always worth exploring. I discovered how sensitive he was at the thighs, how ticklish he got at his hips. Also how his cock got erect every time my tongue touched its tip and I would lick it down to the balls and back.
“ baby you love me,” he asked

“of course papa,” I said, “ tell me what do I need to do to show you?”
“ drink my cum from that condom,” he said
I sprang up immediately and squeezed all the come into my mouth and swallowed. I stuck my tongue out like a proof and an achievement. He laughed as he kissed me and pulled me into bed for a cuddle.

Needless to say, this was a mere beginning to what became a wonderful relationship. As each day we explored our limitless fantasies. We are still in touch though I am now in Bangalore and him in Delhi. He will always remain someone who I gave my most precious virtue to –My virginity.