My Neighbour Uncle Is No More Far

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Anyhow its very encouraging and would like to write my second encounter.

Once my vacation was over, Im back to my hometown and within another 3 months, we shifted to the new area in the same town.
I liked the new house very much since it has a well and a small garden around in the back yard. Also, the house is surrounded with the coconut trees.

I fell in love with that home at my first sight. The house has tall compounds so no one from outside road can see the inside.
There was a 2 story neighbor building in which a couple was living with 2 kids. After few days of our shifting, I was slowly settling in the new area and made few friends around. And one day when I was cleaning my bicycle on the road next to my gate, the neighbour uncle was watching me and smiled at me and asked what is my name. He should be in his mid-30s, looks very handsome, clean shaven should be having hairy chest since some of the bushy hairs were poping over his neck t-shirt. I replied, “Im Mithun”. So he asked “are you get settled in the new house. If you need anything let me know, I would be happy to help you. I just felt how good he is and thanked him. He said his name is Karthik, Then we were discussing my college and his job for some time then he left.

Later we became friends and I started to visit his home often and his wife & kids also became friends.

And back to my home, I used to take bath every day morning in the back yard with good water. Still, I can feel that fresh and chillness of that water. Then I maintain the garden very well by planting additional plants. Most of my mornings I spent only in my backyard.
One Sunday morning, there is no one at home. all went to a marriage and would be back only at noon. I woke up at 7:00 and planned to take a bath as usual in the back yard.

I just removed my dothi and started to take bath with my under wear(after my first encounter, I started to wear my underwear even during the night to avoid the morning wood). After few bucket, I just thought since Im alone at home, why not I just go nude.
Then I just watched around and make sure, Karthik uncles home windows are closed. Then I removed my underwear and enjoyed my bath.

I did soap for my full body then I pulled back my foreskin and rubbed my cock gently and so my cock gets semi erected. While doing so, I felt someone is watching me, then I just poured a bucket of water and looked around but couldnt find anyone. Then when I looked at the terrace of Karthik uncles house, he was standing and smiling at me.
First I got shocked and later calmed down that there is nothing wrong since we both are men. Then he asked, “hi Mithun, what, no one is there at home it seems?”

I replied, ” yes uncle, everyone went to a marriage, would be back in noon”

I didnt hide my cock and was speaking to him. Then he asked, are you done bathing, Im also alone now. Shall I join with you?
I felt something fishy and just replied, please come, uncle, then I wrapped the towel and escorted him to the backyard. He is in his dothi, came with the towel and soap.

Then I asked, ” uncle if you dont mind, shall I take bath as nude”. He said, hey no issues you go ahead. I removed my towel and started to take bath again. He removed his t-shirt and dothi and with his underwear, he came close and started to take bath.

I should explain more about his physic now. He is around 5.9 feet average body no sign of fat on his body. Hairy chest, short beard, thick mustache, very strong thighs & arms which have bushy hair. The hair line went inside his underwear which looks very beautiful when its wet.

Then started to apply soap again since last time I washed in the mid. Then was sliding the soap bar at my back. Then to my surprise, Karthik uncle took the soap and helped me by soaping me at my back.
Slowly he went till my ass and applied all over my body. Then started to rub my chest. Then slowly his hands slide down to my pubic, then he took my cock in one hand and applied soap on the another hand.
My cock started to grow and reached its full length. Then he looks at me smiled. I too smiled. This time I didnt felt shy since all these I experienced on my first encounter.

Then he slowly came close and kissed me. Now this is quite new for me but I felt warm in his lips and I felt I need that more. Then I too responded very well. His hands were playing with my cock and ass respectively when his lips are busy with mine, then I just caught his cock over his underwear and massaged him.

Then I slid his underwear down and saw his monster which should be 7″ with the beautiful pink head.

Then we hugged tightly and kept rubbing our body with each other. Then poured few more buckets of water then back to our high and kissing.

Then he lowered to my waist and kissed my dick and slowly started to take in his mouth. Wooowww that warm feeling was awesome. Then he continues to amaze me with his mouth for another 10 mins. Then he raised and kissed all over my body, then licked my arm pits, sucked my nipples and bit it.

I was on the heavenly feeling. Then he asked me to lay down in the 69 position. I was blank. He guided me and made me in the right position, now he started to suck my cock again. His cock is right front of my face, I just kissed with hesitation and found there is no odour and I just felt only the soap smell. By the time he just took his cock and insert it in my mouth all sudden. Then I too started to suck it, but once the pre-cum started to ooze, I just spat out and said I cant do this.

He said its ok, u just lay on your back, Ill take care, then he took my cock mouth full and sucked like he is on hunger for weeks.
Then after 5 mins, I said, uncle plz stop, Im going to cum. Then he slowed down and took out my cock. Then he asked will you fuck me? I said yes readily since I already enjoyed that. He asked do you have any prior experience, I said no.(I dont want to reveal my last encounter). He then applied some soap on my cock and sat over my cock by facing me. Slowly and steadily, without any pain, my cock slides inside his hole, then he slowly humps by resting his hands on my chest. Wow its very easy this time and I just laid down and enjoying the pleasure. Then I ran my hands over his hairy chest, it made him act more speed.
Now and then he kissed my lips and was pressing his ass more and my cock reached his ass at its full length.

It continued for 20 mins, then pick the speed and humped very fast, I caught his cock and masturbate him. Then I reached the climax, my sperm is just fallen over my waist. Then I continued to stroke him, within a min, he too came over my stomach.

Then both felted a relief, again continued our bath and finally hugged and kissed each other for some time. Then he went.

We continued this for another 8 months either in my/his house, in his terrace. He thought a lot for me and made me an expert before I complete my 21 yrs. This helped me a lot to pick some guys in my college, will explain that in forthcoming days. Later he shifted his family to Mumbai due to his job need then we never met again.

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