Fun With Abhinav And Friends

Hey, guys! Had my exams so writing a sex story after a long time…So now I am going to write about how I and Priyansh encountered Abhinav and his friends and enjoyed to the fullest. Please read “got intimate with smaller cousin” series for further clarity on this sex story.

Now coming back, as I ended my previous story, where I and Priyansh unveiled our sex experiences to Abhinav and gave him a lovely blowjob. Then one day just like that, Abhinav came to my place and we were watching TV and then there were some intimate scenes on TV and we both got so horny that we ended up in the 69 position and drank each other’s cum. Then he said that he wants a blowjob from Priyansh, and since it was quite a time since we had also met, I asked Abhinav to call some of his friends and I called Priyansh for some sexy fun!

So finally it was me, Abhinav, Priyansh and also Raj, Gunjan and Stavan. For description, I am 5.5 inches. Abhinav is 7.2 inches black. Raj has extremely fair complexion, 5 inches. Gunjan is the best, handsome as hell and 7.5 inches (fuck)! Stavan is a bit chubby kinda 5.2 inches.

Now since we got a bit familiar and everyone was nude, all were rock hard. So Abhinav already wanted a blowjob from Priyansh so he started giving his dick to him.

Then I went near Gunjan and he understood and I went on my knees. Now left, Stavan and Raj were jerking each other’s dicks. My god, Gunjans dick was so big it almost went all the way down my throat, then finally when Abhinav and Gunjan came in Priyansh, and my mouth they felt better.

Now for the matter of fucking, firstly it was like Raj first, then in line Stavan, Priyansh, Abhinav, me and Gunjan pounding each other’s ass like hell and there were moans all over the house. Raj was moaning the most as he was at the last and faced all the thrusts in a way.

I was in heaven when Gunjan was pounding me and in that horny feeling, even I was in full swing at fucking Abhinav and Priyansh was also shouting as Abhinav was tearing his ass and poor Raj was almost crying with all this fucking. Then as we all released loads of cum in each other’s ass we felt relieved. Then we split into 3 pairs each, like me, Stavan and Abhinav & Priyansh, Raj, and Gunjan.

Now for my group, we made Stavan sit down in doggy style and as Abhinav was almost tearing his ass, I suppressed his moans by making him suck my dick at the same time. And u can imagine poor Raj was also in doggy style with Gunjan almost killing him with his dick, his fair white body turned red and tears were down his cheeks as his tight little ass was devastated by a powerful big dick and Priyansh was mouth fucking the poor guy.

Then, everyone was very tired and after so much of sex and fucking, all lay down on the bed while Raj just couldn’t sit and was crying. Gunjan was also lying down on the bed, gosh, his dick hanging and his chest with the erect nipples was so sexy that at one sight I was so lured by him.

Then I suggested everyone that since we all are just lying down like that, we should take a shower. Everyone liked the idea and agreed so I turned on the shower and set it at medium hot mode. All gathered together in a cluster under the shower and I got so horny that I started rubbing everyone’s thighs and I was almost jerking Raj from behind.

This got everyone so horny that Abhinav grabbed me by the hair and made me sit at the center and then all of them made me suck their dicks turn by turn and god I loved it and was drenched in their cum all over me and in my mouth. Then, they cleaned me also in the shower while to my surprise and happiness, Gunjan kissed me, a deep hot kiss and drank the leftover cum in my mouth and our tongues were swirling in ecstasy.

They also made Raj lick me all from top to bottom and he was so horny he actually licked me as if I was some ice cream cone and then we dried ourselves. Then Stavan got an idea and he got a bottle of chocolate syrup from the kitchen and he told Priyansh to lie down, and suddenly he started pouring chocolate sauce all over him and then started licking him all over in his ass, over his back, on his dick wow!

Then I took the bottle and poured it over Raj and Abhinav took the bottle and poured it over Gunjan and then I was licking Raj and his ass still pained a bit due to that fucking he had got, and Abhinav was busy engulfing Gunjan all over and then when all that was done we all cleaned each other with a wet cloth and admired each other’s bodies to the fullest.

Then we made a plan to destroy poor Raj’s ass that day and thus Abhinav and Gunjan started to fuck him together i.e double penetration and he was crying, asking them to stop, and then was also saying bad words. To shut him up I and Stavan started fucking his mouth and then to add to the fun Priyansh started biting his nipples and Raj was almost unconscious due to all this fun and then I and Stavan released our cum in his mouth and Abhinav and Gunjan were also moaning and then loads of cum were dripping down Raj’s poor ass.

Raj lay down almost lifeless and then his fair complexion and color had turned to almost a tomato red and everyone was saying that “iski toh aaj phat gayi” and they were laughing. Then after this cumbersome, sexy experience, all of them wore their clothes and bid goodbye. Finally, I and Abhinav remained still nude. He told me that he enjoyed all this and slapped my ass and pressed it and I moaned so he for the last time fucked me, this time in Bulldog position and then left.

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