Fucked Kakinada Office Caretaker

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This is Sarma,38, currently based in Hyderabad. This incident that I am about to recount happened some five years ago. At that time I used to live in New York with business interests in Kakinada. I used to travel to India every few months, usually short arduous and busy trips.


In January 2011 I came to Kakinada and straightaway dived into our business with my local partner. Business was expanding and my partner just set up a new office on the top floor of a three-floor new office building. The other floors were yet to be occupied. The office building owner also a New Yorker like me was just completing setting up the building in terms of electricity, security etc as the area was newly developing and there were barely any buildings around.


I was brought round to the office in the morning, the building was empty ours being the only office. Our work was expanding but due to sankranti approaching our labour and employees were all gone to their villages.


It was so boring empty area, empty building, empty office with just me and my partner. That day there was a knock on the glass door and there she was. A voluptuous hottie in a cheap gaudy green saree with a slightly soiled pink blouse with sweat marks on the armpits.


She: sir, my name is Lakshmi. I am the watch woman and caretaker of this building. I live in the basement room where your car is parked. Builder sir called me that you are coming from foreign and I should take care of you


I looked at Lakshmi once top to bottom with special emphasis on her beautiful breasts and her single pallu exposing her deep cleavage. She is good looking for a labour but hot as fuck body wise. Large eyes of hers were also curiously looking at me. May be because I came from America, some wonder, some curiosity.


Me: So what do you do as a caretaker, watch woman or whatever you are?


Lakshmi: sir, I clean all common areas in the morning and if you take me into work I will clean your office also. And I make teas and coffees too.


My partner: we cant come three floors down and up just for tea.


Lakshmi: No no sir here is my number. Just call me anytime I will come with teas. My husband is also not there as he went to Sabarimala so I am fully free.


I: ok bring two teas now.


With that, I sort of dismissed her but when she turned to leave my eyes were once again glued to her fantastic ass swaying sexily on the way back.


We had tea and discussed our strategy for two hours. After that, My partner left to the factory site and I stayed in the office. I really didnt have anything to do. I was just looking at the area from my third floor full-length glass wall. I saw Lakshmi walking on the road. I called her number.


Lakshmi: hello

Me: its me Sarma from the third floor. Can you bring two teas, please?


She came in and was surprised that my partner left. There was no one in the entire building except the two of us.


Lakshmi: why did you order two teas, sir? The other sir has left


Me: the second tea is for you. Sit and have tea with me.


Lakshmi: (shyly)sir I cant sit on these chairs. Its ok sir have your tea. You dont have to pay me for the second one.


Me: Lakshmi, I dont look at it that way. We work together. Come sit


Lakshmi with a spark in her eyes and an apprehensive curiosity was looking at me wondering whats going on in my mind. That was when I got up mildly extended my hand and made her sit on the chair in front me. Her eager extension of the hand to mine did not escape my attention.


We started talking over tea. Her husband is on temple circuit since a month and will return in two weeks. She told me she is a trained beautician and she sometimes does facials at peoples homes. She asked me next time when I come if I could bring her a makeup kit. I got up and went towards her side of the table and sat close to her leaning my ass on the desk. I said I can bring a lot of foreign beauty stuff and she can charge a bomb for that. While saying that I innocently took her hand and said its her beauty treatments that are keeping her skin so smooth. She uncomfortably smiled and pulled her hand from mine very smoothly. I told her she should use perfumes too like me, she will smell good. She looked at me and got up. I thought this was it maybe I pushed the envelope too far. She stood up leaned forward and brought her face close to my chest and smelt me.


Lakshmi: yes sir it smells nice.


Our faces were inches apart. I cast my eyes down and looked at her breasts in her pink soiled blouse. She saw that and for the first time, I got my signal. She was breathing heavily and her bosom was slightly heaving.


I extended my hand towards her waist and she smoothly moved away and said she was leaving. I had to do something to keep her there. No one around. Husband in temple circuit, my partner at the factory site, me thousands of miles from home and have all the time in the world.


I offered to show the office and this time no accidents but the deliberate action I put my hand on her waist and took her around ostensibly telling her what works she needs to do. She didnt say anything and I showed her the office with my hand lightly touching her waist and shoulders while doing so. She thanked me for the job and said she will leave now after washing the cups. She went into our small toilet with no bulbs and I knew it was now or never. I went into the toilet and stood behind her with my throbbing penis digging into her ass. I put my hands around her waist and hugged her. She turned back looked deeply into my eyes and in a flash in that dark little toilet we were in a deep hungry kiss. Her hands were wet but it didnt matter. I pulled her saree off and hungrily dug into her gigantic dark breasts. She opened the hooks of her blouse and freed them. I sucked each of them running my tongue around her nipples. She was moaning and was saying loud I dont even know your name and here I am fucking you. Take me sir take me. I opened her petticoat nada and it collapsed on the floor in a heap. She was not wearing any panties. I went down and licked her pussy. It was hot, wet and smelling like feminine heaven. We both dropped to the claustrophobic little toilet floor. Using her petticoat and saree as bedsheet she laid on the floor.


Here was a heck of a beauty on the floor of the office toilet with just an open blouse and nothing else. I snaked on top of her and inserted my hard dick into her wet velvet pussy and from then there were no other sounds except our bodies banging against each other. She writhed violently once and I knew she came. I too came soon afterward.


We quickly got up and dressed and came out of the toilet. She asked me if I enjoyed and I said yeah. She shyly smiled and left.


We both agreed on some ground rules. Like we will lock the main door and close the blinds on all glass walls. She will wear only a nighty with nothing else to come upstairs so that we can quickly fuck.


We enjoyed every day in the office from that day till her husband came back from the temple circuit. I even spent a night in her little room in the basement.


The last day I was leaving I presented her a full local kit of beauty products for her business.


That made her happy.


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