The Boy Realize His Love For Dicks

Hi, my name is Neha. I am 36, female. I work as a nurse. I was not born as a female. But I soon knew I wanted to be one. This is my sex story of how I was converted from the one gender to another.

I was doing my college of nursing and was living in a rented room. The owner was my distant relative. I was 19 at that time. I am fair, like milk and had no hair on the face, so my face was smooth and I was fat. But the fact was even. My belly was normal and had thick thighs and male boobs. I never used to wear a t-shirt as they made me look awkward.

When I was in the school, my friends used to treat me like a girl. They used to spank my ass and pull my cheeks, they even named me Neha. So, I adopted this name later on.

When I came to the college, I was an outsider whereas all the other classmates were from the city and they mostly came from the same school. So, they had friends and I didnt. My parents used to send me money but it was always insufficient. I wanted to earn more, so I could have some fun.

One evening, I was returning home and on the way, I saw a deserted complex and a dark boy who was coming out with a fair sexy girl. I stopped to see what was happening. The boy left and the girl saw me and said, “want to come?” I came to know that she was a call girl. I dont know why but I went there and she told me 500 for a blowjob and 1000 for sex. I had no money, so she started abusing me. I ran away from there.

I was never interested in sex with girls. But I got one idea by which I can get money and have fun too. I had saved some money and went to the mall. I bought some girls clothes. Salwar t-shirt and tops. I had no courage to try them, so I bought all the inner wear and clothes and went to my room. I locked it and wore it. I saw myself in the mirror and I looked like a girl. My hair was long till neck, so it added to it. I searched youtube for makeup videos and bought makeup kit and wore a makeup which made me look like a girl.

Now, I was ready. But the problem was, how to get ready and go out. So, I wore my girly clothes and wore a kurta to avoid suspicion. I had done the makeup and I tied a cloth around my face and went to the complex. I went inside and removed all the boys clothes and kept it aside.

Now, I started the work, I stood near the girls and suddenly a car came and stopped. A middle age man was there. He told me to get in. I got confused as I had not thought of it. But I had no option, if I had denied, the girls there would not allow me to stand as I might be a problem.

So, reluctantly, I got in. The driver was driving and the man was in the back seat. I sat next to him. He saw me and started touching me. I said 500 for a blowjob. He laughed and took out 1000 note and said stuff it wherever you want.

I took the money and he made me sit on his lap. He pulled my hair and pushed me to on his chest and he smooched me. I was getting wet as this was my first kiss. My dick started to grow. I got afraid, if he knew I was a boy, he may slap me. He didnt leave me and kept kissing me. The car was going somewhere I didnt know. Then I released myself from him and sat next to him and kept my hand on his crouch. He had a huge dick.

I opened his zip and took his dick out. It was a thick flesh. My eyes widened. It was still not erect and was of 6-inch fat one. I took it in my mouth and sucked it, it took a while for him to grow and I was sucking and enjoying him all the way. He kept his hand on my head and started forcing my mouth to his dick.

I was unable to breathe. Suddenly, the car stopped and he opened the door. It was a farm with a small home. He went out and pulled me from the same door and took me near a cot which was placed outside. He sat on the cot and made me kneel near his legs. I continued to suck his dick. He took my hand and spread them on side of cot.

Suddenly, I heard a click sound and saw both my hands were handcuffed to the cot and he pressed my head to his dick. The man who was driving came from behind and hugged me. He pulled my top and removed my jeans. He removed my panty and from the back, he took my dick in his hand and laughed at the size. I was shivering and knew that I was gone.

The man, whose dick I was sucking, pulled my head up and said, “we knew that you are a boy and we wanted you so get to work”. I kept sucking his dick and the driver made me nude, suddenly I felt an injection on my bum and I shouted and looked back, the driver had a syringe in his hand and said it was a laxative and would smooth my muscle. I knew what he meant. I tried to cut loose.

But the big man again inserted his dick in my mouth and I was tied and the driver came to my ass. It was hurting but the injection made my ass wide so they can fuck a virgin ass.

They took a turn on my ass and mouth. I was totally exhausted by the time they finished. They then took me back and left me in the place I was there. I ran back to the complex, changed and ran to the home. I never wanted to do this again.

I didnt go to the college for two days. The third day, when I went, I sat on my desk and I got a piece of a card, it read, “is ur ass hurting?” I looked back and it was a classmate I got scared. He stood and came and sat beside me. I was on the second last bench and it was a boring lecture, so all of the students were dozing. I asked him what he meant and he said that he saw me at the complex.

I got scared and pleaded not to tell anyone, he replied, “its ok honey, be my girlfriend and I will keep the secret” and say that he took my hand and kept it on his dick. I had no options to deny him, so I accepted. He opened his zip and I slid my hand into it and started giving him a handjob.

The professor teaching us was an old one and he never knew what was going on in the class. My new friend, Hardik told me to go down the bench and I did. He asked me to take it in the mouth and there I was sucking my new boyfriend in the class. It took him half hour to cum on my face. I cleaned it and sat on the bench.

Soon, the class got over and he told me to go my room with him. That was how I got into a gay relationship. Please comment below about my sex story, so that I can know to write more if you are interested.

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