Double Berth Partner

I am Ramkumar 23 yrs medium guy with average size and Open mind to all sexual activities. This happened during a weekday travel from Chennai to Coimbatore. I took a single ticket in a double berth sleeper bus. My companion was Kannan working in a sector. When we boarded the bus we talked casual and I found that he is 47 yrs married with 2 daughters and he found that I live with my parents and younger sister and also I have a girlfriend. I was wearing a 3/4 trouser and t-shirt and Kannan was wearing a pant with a t-shirt.

As the night came, we wished our good nights and when to sleep but the sex angel in me started to shine brightly. I kept my right hand into my trouser and started feeling my cock. I did that so deliberately that he would notice. He saw me doing it for some times. He would try to talk but would hold back.

After half an hour of doing this, I made my next move of making eye contact with him. (Every GAY knows the Importance of EYE Contact). He was uncomfortable but still, couldnt decide what to do or say next. I took that chance asked him whether he wants to watch a movie. He said okay and we started watching a movie. During the 1st half hour, there is a scene where the heroine has a song in the forest and very sexy. I started to feel up my cock again which he never expected. Slowly I asked him about the heroine and he said she is great and stuff. Then I asked him whether he is tempted and he replied Yes. I again asked him why he is not feeling up himself to which he said that he feels shy. I persisted and said that I wont feel bad and asked him to do it if he likes. He kept numb for sometimes and started watching the movie. I was feeling up my cock the time. Suddenly he said that he cums a lot and likes to masturbate all the time.

It was nearly 3hours of travel and our bus came to a motel place for tea and restroom. We both got down and went to the bathroom along with other travelers. He went to a private cubicle to pee and he came out frustrated and went directly to the bus. I was having a cigarette and saw him so went after him and called him out to have tea. He mumbled something but I got him out for tea and cigarette. As we were smoking, he said that he was trying to masturbate in the restroom but couldn’t do it, as it was a rush. I said that we would both do it on a bus together. He was reluctant at first but then I told him it would be fun. He was okay with it.

We boarded the bus and started watching the movie. This time I took my cock out and started feeling up. He was touching himself over his pants. I asked him to take it out but he said No. I touched his cock over his pants and he allowed it. He was shy for me to feel his cock as it was below average in size (nearly 3- 4 inches erect). I said to him that I didn’t care or notice the size but was looking for only pleasure. He was reluctant so I unbuckled his pants and touched his cock over his underwear. He became very aroused and smiled sexually. I continued to feel his cock and slowly took his hand to mine. He started shagging my cock fast. As it was a long time for me, I came in his hands in 5 mins. I was playing with his cock slowly and teasing it. After about 15 or 20 mins, he said that he is cumming. He came very hard and it was really a lot and lot of cum.

When he was about to finish, I took his cock in my mouth and pumped his last drop of cum in my mouth and tasted it. Then without a second thought, I started licking his underwear and belly for more cum. He was stunned by my action.

After 5 mins of cleaning him, I kissed him in his mouth like the French do and he returned the kiss. We both rested for another 5 mins then he asked about me and I told him that I was bisexual and open minded about sex and loves to satisfy my partners by any means possible. He asked about my girlfriend and I told him I love cock and pussy equally. I asked about his other sex affairs besides the wife (Interesting Wife story for another time). He said he had one encounter with a client’s sister and one encounter with his colleague(Male) (colleague will come in the upcoming stories)with whom he confides every thing. He started feeling warming-up to me and asked about my sex life and other stuff.

It was nearly 5 in the morning and we were awake talking about sex, cocks, pussies, and others. While we were talking suddenly he asked me to suck his cock. I told him that it should be given and take policy. He was very much ready to do so. He started to lick my cock slowly and then to kiss a very bit of it. After about 10 mins or so, he slowly engulfed my cock and sucked my cock like sucking a lollipop. He showed me seven heavens. It was very sexual of him that I couldn’t last any much longer than 15 mins that I came and he took the first drop in his mouth then let out the other drops on my ¾ shorts. We kissed each other again.

Now it was my turn to return the favour. He was already very hard and I started slowly caressing balls with my hands and kissing his under belly. He was very aroused by that. He tried to push my head further down to his cock but I didn’t oblige. I kept on kissing his under belly. When I got to kiss the tip of his cock for the first time, there was already precum in it oozing out. I licked it out and started kissing his cock and balls. He started moaning and I started sucking his cock and ball slowly. I sucked his cock with time gaps so that he will take the time to cum.

At last, I asked him to use my mouth as per his wish and desires. He then pushed my head so hard to his balls and asked me to suck harder and so I did. He then made me deeptroat his cock. As it was small deepthroating his cock was easy and I think I did an excellent job. He then pushed my head lower to balls to lick near his asshole. I did that for 2 mins then he made me deeptroat his cock hard. Finally, he asked me to lie down and started mouth fucking me slowly. After about 2or 3 mins he started manhandling my mouth and fucked it harder and faster. I felt like he was about to cum as he started stirring in my mouth. Before I can adjust, he came in my mouth a lot and I drank every drop of it. He was smiling with satisfaction and tiredness.

Then I cleaned up his cock with my tongue and lie down with him for a rest but not a nap as we were fondling each other. I gave him another blowjob slowly for half an hour and he gave me a handjob.

We exchanged numbers and he showed me his family pic. His wife was average looking who was in her early forties. His daughters looked nice and homely and a little bit of classic sexual body.

We reached Coimbatore nearly at 8.30 am and got down and said our goodbyes. He called me the very afternoon and we talked for hours thus starting a wonderful sexual relationship which had many desires fulfilled.