A Gays Last Night Stand

All these 27 years, I have been protecting my body and virginity till yesterday. I was successful in that, but yesterday night, I was not able to! Yes, this is my own sex story and wanted to narrate how it happened all of a sudden.

Before I start, I am 27 years old, lives in Chennai city, bisexual with slim and fair body weighted 65kg, 9-inch tool with nerdy spectacles and neither or nor fucked by anyone so far. I always used to admire men, if they are fair and have muscular body look like gym rat guys. I am a frequent reader of Indian Sex Stories as well.

On one Saturday morning, as usual, I logged in and looking for my Facebook friends to chat. One of my recently accepted friends pinged me and wanted to do a video call. So happily I said yes, we did and he requested to show my body.

Without hesitation, I showed him and he is flattered and complimented me that I have a nice structure. And then he asked to come over to his place, I said I am really busy in morning and so could we meet in evening 5? He was okay with that and we mutually shared our contacts.

Then. I headed to the gym and tried out some chest exercise, thinking all the time about the meeting that I have planned and that, made me feel restless. After that, I came back to my room and had enough lunch and took a deep sleep.

After a sound sleep, I woke up and it was at 4.30 evening, I logged into Facebook again and thought of telling him that I dont want to come reasoning that I got end up with work but things turned out another way.

On the day, my roommate told that his friend is coming over to take some exam, so he might be staying tonight with me in the room (our room is 2 sharing ). So I was pointless, then I understood my fate. After so many thoughts, I made up mind, I informed my Facebook friend that I will be coming late evening at 7 to the bus stop where we planned to meet.

I was grooming my private parts and it took nearly 8 to reach the bus stop and I left the message to him. I have waited for a while thinking what would be going to happen tonight and also wished that he should look handsome and good figure.

Finally, he called me up and we met, he is really good looking and fair guy with little cute smile in his face (felt happy inside and my heart starts beating faster) and then we did a small handshake (I felt the hotness in his hand) may be due to the climate in the city.

He was taking me to his room, on the way, I whispered to him that this is the first time and I feel nervous. And he replied politely, you can do whatever you like, even hugging is enough for me. At the time I felt, I am in good hands! :). Oh, we reached his room in 5 mins and it was 2 BHK room and with AC.

He then asked me to get refreshed pointing out the bathroom, parallelly removing his shirt. It was a well built muscular body with little hairy chest and I loved it. I removed my shirt & pant and took my towel which I brought for a bath and entered the bathroom, I didnt lock it on purpose.

In 2 mins, I bathed and was waiting how to call him inside and then I open the door slightly and asked him to join if you wish. He was surprised and removed his clothes and entered the bathroom. Now, in the bathroom, two young hot blood nudely seeing each other and in the meanwhile, he opened the shower and we are in all wet together!! And later is a romantic history!

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I can see the water drops rolling from his mouth to the hairy chest with cute brown nipples and then to the flat stomach and it got to fall down from his huge dick.

Without wasting time, I grasped and hugged him tightly and started to kiss his lips and much harder now and then my hands are moving over his body and then to a big ass and to grab them with my hands.

But unfortunately, my hand is too small to grasp his big ass, I wished to god that I should have a big hand to hold his ass. He started moaning and we both are getting horny and he bites my lips very hard and my tongue in his mouth. I feel like eating a jelly in my mouth and then, I started kissing him on cheeks and neck and he turned on and I can see his bulge got erected straight.

He was pressing his chest harder over my chest and making me hard to breathe in a running shower. Then, slightly I came down to his chest and start sucking his nipples and felt that I was gifted with enough hands to grasp his chest in my hands and sucked both his nipples.

Now, he started moaning again and whispering to my ears, fuck me, my boy and he had never had such experience (he already had 4 to 5 sexual encounters before). I didnt stop doing my job until I finish, so I started licking his well maintained hairy armpit and never seen such in my life really.

He moved his hands to my ass and pushed towards him and I adjusted my penis to touch his penis and it was a wow experience I ever had so far. He asked to jump over him, so he could carry me but insisted no because I got afraid that we may fell down.

The kissing lasted for an another 15 mins and we came out tiredly and toweled ourselves lied down on the bed next to next and started hugging and talking blah blah blah.

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