How I Got A Boyfriend

Hello, Indian Sex Stories readers, I have been reading a lot of experiences and sex story shared by many users and would like to share my own as well.

I am 21 years old and I am a bottom gay boy with slim body personality but a good ass curve maybe because of the squats I have been doing for a while. I wear ladies panties and have a good collection of different colors and types. I have an uncut penis which is around 6.5″ inches bent towards the front always with no pubic hair cause I like to keep it clean and athletic ass cheeks that boys love to spank.

Coming to the sex story, it is about how I met my first boyfriend on a social media website. This was back in November 2016, we spoke online for a few days, exchanged a few photos and I was flattered by his talks cause he treated me like a girl which I really enjoyed. With all those flirty and kinky lines, I would imagine myself being seduced and fucked in the ass by him, so I thought of giving it a try.

We finally decided to meet one night at his place cause he had the house empty, he stayed pretty far from my place. So he decided he would come pick me up on his bike. I got ready, wore a black net panty with my entire ass being visible through the net just covering my penis. I wore tight fitting shorts and a t-shirt over it. He came to pick me up, he seemed elder than what he told me he online, around 24-25, not taller than me, a little on the fat side with no facial hair (I had no idea about the inside hair).

He greeted me and took me on his bike to his place, when we reached there, it was a decent house of a cozy type with a little older interior design and he asked me to sit on the sofa next to him.

Slowly, in conversation he got comfortable with me and so did I, he placed his hand on my thigh and gently started teasing me, and began kissing on my lips, it aroused me and I said to him, “Fuck me”.

He put his hand on my shorts and went on to feel my penis, he then asked me to stand up and strip. I removed my t-shirt and then my shorts and was standing there in front of him just wearing my net black panty, maybe that aroused him even more. Then, he asked me to kneel down and he unbuttoned his pants and removed his 5-inch penis out for me to suck.

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I sucked his penis for about 15 mins straight with his hands on my head pushing my mouth in and out, he removed his penis. Then, he asked me to get my tongue out, he made me lick his balls and I was getting, even more, hornier, it turned me on so bad that I couldnt control anymore.

He removed all his clothes and asked me to lean on the wall with my ass facing him. He was completely turned on. I could feel the hard on touching my ass, he then asked me to remove my panty which I did, he had strong hands, he spanked me about 10-12 times pulling my hair and the pain made me even hornier, now all I needed was him to ram my hole with his penis.

He made me lie down and fingered me. Now, it was time for him to fuck me, I was lying down with my legs spread, with my hole open for him to fuck. He spat on my hole and asked me to finger myself, without any doubt, I began to play with my hole which made my fingers wet.

He said to me, “You are my whore and that hole is going to be filled with my cum” he then held my hands above my head and started kissing me wildly. I could feel his tongue inside of my mouth, I said to him, “Fuck me like I am your newly wed wife” he made me stroke his penis and I could feel it getting harder in my hands.

He then inserted about half his penis inside me and I was already moaning & crying but at the same time enjoying it, he removed and reinserted it a couple of times, and then he finally inserted the entire hard rod of his inside me and all I could do was a scream, “Ahhhhh….Ohhh” and he kept asking me, “Do you like it, do you like it” and I said, “I love it, sir, give me more” I had completely submitted myself to him and he went on humping my hole.

He then turned me upside down in the doggy style and said, “Now I am going to fuck you like a real bitch” these lines of his made me completely mad, he came on top of me and fingered my hole from behind for about 2-3 minutes and stroked my penis simultaneously, the feel of his hard hands around my penis, stroking up-down made me moan even more.

He finally separated my ass cheeks, got his rod to my hole and rammed it inside, he caught hold of my hair and pulled it towards him, and went on humping me like he owns me, this went on for a couple of minutes, I was moaning and making sounds in pain “Ahhhh….Ohh.. Fuck me, sir, I am your bitch sir, fuck me harder” and he finally came inside my pretty hole and lied down beside me.

Then, he asked me to clean his penis, so I put my mouth and was licking as much as I could and he asked me to stroke my penis till I cum, and I came on him not so hairy chest which he made me lick while he enjoyed pressing my ass cheeks.

I then got up cleaned myself, somehow found my panty, wore it and looking at me in it. He said, “I could fuck that ass all night long”, I stayed the night at his place and we began our journey since then.

I am no longer in touch with him, we broke up because one night, things went little out of hand and how he got drunk and asked me to dance for his dirty friends, but that is a different story. Do let me know your feedback by email on [email protected]

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