Sex On The Highway

Hi, indian sex stories dot net readers, friends, and admirers. Im back again with a new adventure to share. Those of you who have forgotten about me. I am a bi-sexual from school days and had many sexual encounters with men. For the last 8 years or so I have had cybersex experience, however, was longing for a real hardcore experience.

Being married and a respectable executive working in lahore city I had to be careful ensuring privacy. Have these conditions as a prerequisite it’s indeed very hard to find a partner. The urge was getting intense with each passing month. Im 40 years old right now.
First, let me describe myself. I am a bit over weight. Fair skinned which is very smooth and soft to touch. I’ve very little hair on my body; that too I remove using creams on a regular basis. I have a very curvy nice ass. The salient features of my body are my breasts. Yes, breasts. If you see close up a picture of my breasts and nipples you will mistake them for a woman’s breast. The nipples are big and can be pulled out like a female nipple. I have large areolas. All my partners have always worshiped my breasts. I like to cross dressing. Whenever I have privacy or am traveling I take lingerie and cross dress and cybersex within the confines of my hotel room.

Lately, I started wearing thong panties on a regular basis, all the time and every where. It makes me feel horny and feminine. For those who do not understand what Im talking about here is a picture of thong panty. It really turns me on. Nevertheless, Ive made a collection for myself, Ive 6 of them in different shocking shades of red, blue and yellow etc. It was the first half of october and weather had turned pretty pleasant. I was supposed to go to islamabad on an official trip. There was a glitch; I had to stop by a factory near gujranwala hence decided to go to islamabad all the way on the gt road instead of the motorway. I started off from lahore at 8 am, the idea was to reach islamabad by 5 pm with the factory visit and later lunch in between. I reach the factory near gujranwala by 11 am. After meetings and site visit left at 12 noon and decided to have lunch by 1:30 pm near kharian. There are a lot of truck hotels there in that vicinity; these hotels/restaurants are famous for their taste of food. Normally the more the trucks on a hotel better the quality and taste of food. At around 1:15 pm I spotted a hotel with lots of trucks. The establishment was pretty big and a lot of tables and chairs both inside and outside the restaurant.

I was wearing a loose t-shirt (so that my breasts and nipples are not apparent) and blue jeans. Under the jeans a red thong panty. After parking my car I headed for a pair of tables and some chairs under a tree. There were some 10-12 trucks parked. Under the tree on one table was a truck driver and his conductor sitting enjoying their meal. I opted for the other table with my back towards them.The waiter came and I ordered some food.

The driver was around the late thirties in age. Muscular and a very hairy guy. I could see the thick hair jungle on this chest through the open shirt buttons. The conductor was around 25 years of age, again a muscular guy only younger.

I got pretty aroused because of the panties and thinking about what if these two hunks fuck me.

I planned to give it a try. I adjusted my sitting posture so that I pulled up the t shirt a little and stretched in a way that that the upper part of my panty and little of my ass crack got visible to the driver sitting behind. Meanwhile, my food came. A few minutes and the driver addressed me “Babu kidhar ja rahay ho?” (mister where are you heading?). I turned around a little and while giving him sexy smile “Islamabad”. He answered, “Hum peshawar ja raha hai” (I am heading to peshawar?”).

I started eating food and quickly finished. The driver again said, “Humaray sath chaey pio” (come have tea with us). I dragged my chair and sat close to him on his side. I took out my pack of smoke and took out a smoke and asked for a lighter from the driver. He took out the lighter. I immediately got up and bent down to light my smoke, the intention was to give him a clear view of my breasts, sexy body and big nipples. I took good 3-4 seconds to light thew smoke. I could see the lust in his eyes when I seat back in my chair. The driver and conductor talked in pushto language for a few seconds. I understood nothing, however, I was some how sure that it was about me after seeing my panties and nipples.

The driver told the conductor to go and make the truck ready for departure. He left. The driver dragged his chair next to me so much that our legs were touching each other. He placed his hand on my thigh and smilingly said “Tum buhat achay lagay ho” “Piyaar karwayo gay?” “You are being nice, would you be interested in being loved”

I replied “Khan dar lagta hai. Sirf aik shart par kay tum piyaar karo, zulm na karo”. “Only one one condition that you make love and not hurt me.”

The driver told me that leave the car here, we go in the truck. One kilometer up ahead there is a passage that goes into the trees at a deserted place. I agreed.

Driver paid the bill of the food and we went to the truck. I got seated between the driver and conductor. The truck got on the road. The conductor did not seem surprised and seemed that he knew exactly whats going to happen. Driver and conduct were wearing shalwar kameez.

The driver held my hand and let it to the groin and placed it on the already rock hard cock. Over the clothes, I could feel it a very thick member at least 7 inches in length. I held it and starting fondling it. Seeing this the conductor held my left hand and let it to his cock. He was a bit thinner but the length was same as the driver. I was not sitting in a truck like the one shown in the picture and playing with two cocks. A couple of minutes and truck was on a passage heading into the woods. In less than 2 minutes the truck came to a halt. The place was an ideal one. It was a depression all covered with trees and nothing in sight.

All three got down; the driver told the conductor to get the chaurpoy (bench). Which he got from the top of the truck. The bench was kept next to the truck hiding it and the actions even further. In a flash, the driver removed his clothes and told me to remove mine. The diver was almost six feet tall, broad shoulders and was like a bear, all covered in think hair with a thick cock standing right up. The conductor also got nude, he was a beauty also but with less body hair compared to the driver. Both were simply amazed looking at my nude body with real time tits and nipples. Fair skin, completely hairless and a round soft ass. Small 5 inch cock, the driver grabbed me in his strong arms and started feeling my body with his 7-inch cock getting between by silky thighs. He started kissing me and inserted his tongue in my mouth and started sucking my lips.

I surrendered myself to them completely, I wanted to completely enjoy every moment of it. The conductor got on this knees behind me and started feeling, grabbing and kissing my ass cheeks.
We proceeded to the bench. Driver laid on his back and I got down to suck his beautiful manhood. I could not take the whole thing in my mouth but I tried my best. Meanwhile, the conductor brought a bottle of oil and started applying it on my ass and especially on my hole. Then he drenched his cock with oil and started inserting it in my hole. This was the first time 3 some for me and I was half mad with lust and pleasure. His cock entered slowly and went it to the hilt. He then started fucking me while I was sucking on his bosss cock. Every now and then the conductor would grab my boobs and pull my nipples. The driver instructed me “Randi chall gaand main daal mera lund” “Slut put my cock in your ass”. I disengaged the conductor and climbed on top of the driver. Took oil and completely lubricated his cock as I knew that this is going to be a tough one. I slowly put pressure after placing the cock head on my hole. My ass stretched to the limit and the head of the cock entered the ass. I slowly took the whole thing in and completely sat on him. I stayed motion less for a minute or so before starting to ride on him. The driver grabbed my tits and was also thrusting and stoking his cock inside me. The conductor sat in one corner jerking his cock. I rode the driver for 5 minutes or more. His hairy legs and body were giving me ultimate pleasure and made me feel even more feminine. Then he got me on all fours that are doggy position and went in. This time he was in full control and fucked me like crazy. He was moaning loudly and calling me bitch, slut etc in the local language. After 5 mins of vigorous fucking, he withdrew and came on my ass. He moved aside and immediately the conductor planted his beautiful cock in my ass and pounding mine like a hungry dog. After fucking for a little while he entered me with my legs on his shoulder and his tongue in my mouth. He came all over my belly. Conductor cleaned my us with a cloth.

The driver was up again and started kissing and licking my whole body. After 10 minutes of kissing and smooching. He lay me on my belly and entered me from behind. This time he fucked me slowly and lovingly. Slow long strokes yet powerful. I was really enjoying this fuck more that the one before. After 10 mins of intense love making, he spurted tones of cum deep inside me ass.

The driver was finished. He proceeded to dress up. The conductor entered me in the same position and fucked me to his hearts content and after 10 minutes of ramming filled my ass which was already filled with cum.

He then turned me around, put a lot of oil on my semi erect cock and made me come in 2 minutes. I was all exhausted and spent. Kept lying there nude for quite a while. Conductor helped me clean my ass properly before I got dressed.

Back in the truck, I was again made to give the driver the last blow job that ended in a powerful orgasm.

I was dropped back to my car by my highway lovers.
Hope you like my experience.

Please share your view and comments about the experience and my pictures.
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