Dost Ne Kiya Chamatkar

Hello, friends, hope you all read ‘Sanjana a married whore. It was my first story.Here is another one. It is all about my friend Soham. We were in an engineering college at that time. He was one of my best friends. He was very much careful about his studies as well as about his physical fitness. He used to go for morning walk outside the campus. One day morning I got a phone call from the local police station and I got the news that my friend was arrested. I was completely shocked. I went to the police station with my other friends and when we heard about the incident why he was arrested it made our dicks harder.

Sohams statement-

I am a fun loving guy and very much conscious about my health. Every day I go for morning walk. Eight months ago, One day I met with Madhu aunty during the time of my morning walk. She is 42 years old and looks like Apsara Urvashi. Ohh holy shit!!!!she is the sexiest woman I have ever seen. What a figure!!! 38-34-44 with fair complexion. I had no courage to talk with her. There was a big park near about our college. She went to that park and I followed her. I was a little bit slow at that time. So I lost her. That park was famous for sexual activities. And I completely lost her inside the park because that park was huge. I stayed there for some time, finished my exercises and decided to return. During the time of returning, I took the long route. I saw a man and a lady in the corner.

It was five -o- clock morning. A very few people were there at that time. The man was stroking his backside. I want there silently and what I had seen I would never forget. Madhu aunty was giving blowjob to an unknown man. Ohhh what a seen!!! The man had 8 inches thick black cock and Madhu aunty was stroking the cock and giving him a sexy blowjob. She put her saliva on the cock and licked the cock head. I took my phone and started to record video. I stroked my cock carefully and cummed on a tree and I left that place silently with that video. I was waiting outside the park for Madhu aunty.

When I saw her I followed her. Her house was far from that park. I gained courage and talked to her. At that time she told her name. And we had some formal talk. Our college was a famous college. When she heard about my college she was glad. She told me she was searching for a teacher for her son. His son was at class 8 at that time. I told her if she didnt mind I could teach her son. She was very happy and showed me her home and told me to come to evening time. I was very glad at that time. At the first day of tuition nothing happened. I was watching her asset. She had very big boobs and-and huge ass. She has a deep cleavage also. the second day I told her that I will come to morning. Her husband went to the office in the morning and after one hour of studying her son also went to the school. I was waiting for that moment. When she locked the door I grabbed her huge ass. She pushed me and told me to get out otherwise she would shout. I showed her that video and she was completely shocked. She told me not to tell anyone about it.

I said that if she satisfied me I would not tell. She agreed with me and came closer. I grabbed her ass and kissed her. That was one of my best moment in my life. I removed her saree. She was standing in front of me with blouse and saya. She didnt wear any bra at that day. I grabbed her boobs and removed her blouse. Uff!! Her tits were like big watermelons. I sucked her brown nipples and pressing her boobs roughly. Then I removed her petticoat and started fingering. She was moaning loudly. Then I sucked her pussy. It was fully covered by black Curly hair. She was shivering due to pleasure. Then I removed my shirt, pant, and underwear and gave my 7 inches long black dick in her hand. She was happy to see my size. She started to stroke it and took it to her mouth and started to give me a blowjob. I was in heaven at that time. She was sucking vigorously like a professional slut. After 10 minutes I cummed into her mouth and she drank my full sperm. And she continued the sucking. After some time my dick became hard. Then I put my dick inside her pussy and started to stroke. She was moaning loudly.

Ahhhhh..uummmmm…fuck me harder baby….ohhhh…come on…do it first….ohhhh….fuck baby…ahhhhh…harder …..ohhh Baba go…..ahhhhhhhhhh…uii maaaa …..fasttttt babyyy…and she had her orgasm for the first time. And I continued my fucking for one hour and she had her orgasm five times and then I changed my position and started to fuck her ass. I put boroplus and my saliva to her ass hole to make it smooth. She was moaning like hell. After fucking her ass for 10 minutes I removed my dick from her ass and put my dick in her mouth and I cummed. Again she drank my sperm. Then I wore my dress and give her a kiss. And this was my regular routine for 8 months. Today I was fucking her in the morning. Her husband returned home after two hours to take some files and he caught me red-handed while I was fucking her wife. I was beaten by him with sticks. And then he called the police. Thats why I am in lockup now. Madhu aunty also betrayed me. She is telling that I was fucking her forcefully. And they put me in the jail.

When Soham finished his story we were stunned with our hard dicks. We give Rs 50000 to police to set him free and we had a discussion with the police and we planned for a gangbang of Madhu aunty with the police officers. That was another story and I will publish it soon.

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