Fun In College Washroom

Hi readers…This is my first story in indian sex stories dot net. Im a good looking and average built guy studying graduation in a prestigious college in vijayawada, andhrapradesh. Im bisexual and equally interested in both boys and girls. This is my first gay experience in my life..Even though I had fantasies but its my first encounter with a boy which happened few days back.

Im in the first year of my computer degree. Our college is located in area called moghalrajpuram. Ours is a big college with a play ground and all other facilities. My class is situated in third floor, which is the top floor in the college building. My college days went normal until one day, when I decided to go to washroom during my lab session. We have lab session of 3 hrs and so we will be permitted to use washroom in the middle of session. All students were in their classes and I went to washroom which is located in far away distance from my lab. Class rooms near to washroom are empty as some arts groups and bca classes were in morning session, ours is in evening session.

So, when I entered into washroom and started peeing, I heard low voices from toilets area as if some one is whispering. I completed peeing and followed the voice. All the toilets are empty but there is one toilet which is bolted from inside. I stood there for some time to understand whats going there. Again I herd whispers and I came to know that there are two guys in one toilet. I got suspicious that some thing is going on and I moved into adjacent empty toilet, closed the door and managed to climb on to the wall to see whats going on there.

There are two guys, completely nude and are busy in caressing each other while watching gay porn on mobile. I taught its the time to have some gay fun and I too became nude, hanged my cloths to the hanger in wash room. And silently dropped in between them. They are terrified by seeing me. But immediately, they both smiled at each other as im also naked. The space is congested for three of us..But we managed to adjust.

All three of us started watching pron, they both introduced as amith and siddhu(names changed) and are from morning session. Amiths cock is nearly 7 inch long and he got nice gym body, where as siddhu cock is 6 inch but very fatty. Siddu is slim guy. My cock I also 6 and is medium in size. While watching pron in mobile, siddu and amith satrted kissing each other, while siddu started stroking my cock. I felt very nice and I started stroking amiths cock. I too joined them in kissing session and we three started kissing each other. All three of us started licking and sucking each others toungues and lips. Amith then broke up the kiss and started licking my face and earlobes. He slowly bit my ear lobes which sent shivers in my spine. Amith then licked along my neck and started sucking my nipples… Waaahhhh its very nice to feel..Some one sucking your nipples.Slowly siddu also went down and started to suck my other nipple. Oohhh… What a nice feeling…

Two guys sucking my two nipples at same time and mean while amith started stroking my cock and siddu pressing my butts hard. Im on cloud 9. After some time of sucking niples, siddu went down further and started licking my balls nd cock. Its awesome. Amith made me to sit on co-mod and asked me to suck his cock. I eagerly took hold of his cock and started stroking. He held my head and pressed down and I immediately took his cock into my mouth. I choked a little bit as it was my first time but managed. I started licking his 7 inch tool and also his balls. I spitted on his cock and started sucking his cock vigorously.

I inserted my tongue into his pee hole and licked back of his cock head…. He left out a soft moan and pushed his cock deep into my throat and started to fuck my mouth vigorously. After few minutes he took out his cock from my mouth and asked siddu to show up his ass. All the way siddu was sucking my cock. Amith licked siddus ass and made it wet. He inserted his cock into siddus ass and started fucking. Im getting aroused more and more by seeing the fucking session and I came inside siddus mouth. I released lots of sperm, never saw that much sperm when I masturbated or fucked a girl. Siddu drank all my sperm and licked my cock clean. Im very much delighted.
Siddu asked me to suck his cock. I bent on my knees and took his cock into my mouth. I started licking and kissing his cock . His balls are big and in started to take them into my mouth and lick them. Mean while amith was fucking siddu hard and pinching siddus nipples. Siddu started inserting his finger into my ass and started fingering me. I felt excited and immediately, my cock got erected. I strated sucking siddus cock hard and at the same time im fondling amiths balls. I started to suck siddus cock and in between amiths balls. I place my finger on amiths ass and started to finger fuck him. He increased his speed and fucked siddus ass harder. Siddu held my cock and strated giving hand job.

We three were lost in our world and after some time siddu and amith both reached their climax. Amith released his cum in siddus ass and siddu relased on floor as I didnt agree to take it in my mouth. Siddu gave me vigorous hand job and I came second time.

All three of us were satisfied, and we cleaned ourselves. I came to know that they are into gay sex since few months and came to know each other on gay sex dating site. I jumped into my wash room and got dressed. First they left washroom after verifying there is no one and after few minutes I too came out. They are waiting for me in the lobby and we exchanged our numbers.

We decided to have fun when ever possible. I went into my lab and my lecturer asked me what took so long for me. I asked excuse and went into lab. My frined asked me what happened as im looking so much staisfied and also tired. I laughed and said nothing happened. He looked at me for few moments and resumed to his work.

This is my first story and let me know how it is…This is real incident.. I always dout that college washrooms are places where students have fun..Either gay or straight.