Outdoor To Bedroom

Hi, all horny readers. Here I am with my first ever story to ISS and indeed was a real experience of mine that I would remember for the rest of my life. I’m a fair sex story teller but still, want to share my experience.Catch me on [email protected]

Myself I’m Vinay 25, 5’10 ht, 70kg weight, working in an MNC. I am athletic and wit a tool of about 6 inch which is very fit as is my body.

Coming to the sex story, This is a complex sex story of how a homo experience led me to fuck the guy’s wife and I still thank my stars of that day. It all started when I was in working in Navallur in Chennai.I used to live in a gated community there. I used to have an account in PR a gay platform, just for fun. I used to browse every day to see the people who are interested in my body pics with the curiosity of having the homo fun. I’m just a straight guy with inclination into Homo sex as a pure top. One day I got a message from a guy named Akash saying that My pics looked hot and wants to meet me.

I was really confused for a real time meeting but was interested. So wanted to know more about him. I asked his details and came to know he lives nearby and is aged about 38.After getting comfortable with each other, He said he was free for the weekend and would like to meet me over the weekend. My curiosity took better of me and agreed to meet him at the Sipcot gate which is a common point for both our offices.

The day finally came and in the evening at about 8’O clock I went on my bike to meet him with doubt filled head. I met him at the location and he looked good with tummy and fair skin. We greeted each other and he said he would like to take me to a private place where we could have fun and I got excited about this. He parked his bike near a shop and we both started on my bike. He took me to a secluded place behind TCS which was open area and was very dark because of the night.

Although it was behind TCS, I could hardly see anyone in that place.And having fun in outdoors is one among my many fantasies and I was excited that it is going to be true. We went to the place behind the trees and parked my bike there where no one could see us as it was very dark and secluded.

He immediately hugged me and wanted to smooch me, but I stopped him as I didn’t like smooching, instead hugged him tight and squeezed his buns from behind. The fact that I’m doing all this outdoors excited me and my hard-on was instant. We hugged for a while and I squeezed his smooth ass n boobs all over for which he went mad and started moaning as I bit his nipples and sucked them.

Meanwhile, he was pressing my dick from the pants, I guided his hand inside my pant and he was massaging it well and playing with my balls, and it became very difficult for me to down there, I held his head and took his head down to my crotch. He immediately pulled down my pants for which I was surprised as I was thinking he would only open the zip. My erect dick sprang out and he held it with his hand softly and warmly.

The cool breeze was hitting my naked thighs and his warm mouth was all over my dick and he took it in so passionately. He was sucking like a pro, that was the best blowjob I had till date, may be because it being my first one. He sucked very deep and passionate I was loving it, meanwhile, I took off his shirt and started pressing his boobs which are very difficult when he is on his knees, so I gave up on that and started enjoying my blowjob.

He’s playing with his tongue and was making rounds on the tip of my dick and this took me to heaven and I held his head and gave him a deep throat. After about 20 mins of vigorous sucking, I told him I was about to cum and he said he want me to cum on his boobs, and I came which was the best relief after a great blowjob.

He said he loved the experience so much and want to spend more time, and me being free said ok and we started to his house after taking his bike. After getting inside we bathed together and had nice romantic session under the shower. By the time we completed our bath the pizza we ordered came and we after having pizza in our towels, we started watching TV sitting side by side in only our towels. I asked about his family he said he is married and doesn’t have children and his wife have been to her hometown for the weekend. I said sorry, and we talked more about our fantasies and this made us both hot again.

He really has boobs like a woman and I started fondling them, He was moaning uncontrollably n this made me hot n my dick started growing back, he pulled of my towel n rubbed my dick, stood up and held my dick n guided me to his bedroom, switched off the lights n here I wanted it to be kinky, He stays in a gated community so, I wanted to open the big windows, we literally r open to anyone who can see from other apartments, but I wanted it that way, He was unwilling in the beginning later persuaded him by fondling his boobs.

He pushed me onto the bed n took the dick in his mouth, N trust me he was the one hell of a sucker, He sucked me for almost 10 mins, n then I was on the edge, I told him to stop n I came on top of him, N started cupping squeezing his boobs, n sucking the other one, I was wild n mad.

I was sucking his boobs, fondling the other n in between fingering his ass and stroking his dick too.., N he was too aroused n said Fuck me, It was one tight ass, I had to use a lot of lube, n after a lot of lube, My dick started pounding him.

It was missionary n I guess most comfortable for a top in the act, He was moaning a lot like aaahh, hhhhhhhammm n making me mad, He squeezing my ass n digging his fingers into my ass., I loved that, n started fucking more vigorously, Since I already came twice by then, I went on long for about 15 mins and fucked his brains out, That was the best moment Wen I took out the dick n he sucked it till I came to my hot juices in his mouth which he drank happily.

Ill never forget that.And laid there for about an hour n slept like that, and in the morning, he woke me up sucking my dick n wat would one ask for more than that. That was it, n after some days, he made me fuck his wife as he couldnt, thats a different sex story which Ill write later. Catch me on [email protected]