Cycle of Natural Need and Desire

Cycle of Natural Need and Desire

Teen Boy’s Training to Serve and Please Mature Gay Tops

By: A. W. Chohan

The boy stops whimpering in the back of his throat, hiding grimaces of pain by burying his face in the hopelessly stained and smelly sheets. His man doesnt like, when he resists in any way so he has learned not to resist or beg in spite of the horrendous pain, the burning hard length of pure man sex that seems to go on and on inch after thick hard inch of big fat long hard inch sinks itself deeperand deeper into his torn and twisting flesh, dilating and stretching his now all too well used poor tight sphincter still wider and wider as it buries itself to the root. The young boy tells himself hes learned to take it like a man, although no one should have to, not like this, over and over and over. Every night more than once and sometimes more than once from this one man alone. Sometimes in the morning too, before he even had a chance to wake up, his restless nightmares transforming into a reality far worse than any nightmare his tired mind could ever have devised. It hurts, thinking how long hes been here, subject to this mans “pleasures”, subject to all the mens “pleasures”, to their big hard cocks and their endless ways of using him. There isno escaping the feel of a big thick, hard as steel man cock dripping wet ripping deeply into his hole again.

He buries his face deeper into the sheets as if by doing so he might escape the penetrating bottomless assault in his body, the feel of big thick hard man cock filling him, filling his body, his awareness and senses. But all he sees is the darkness behind his eyes feeling nothing but a man cock. Darkness is slowly consuming his soul with flashes of severe pain as the big man thrusts that huge thick hard cock head past his tender swollen ass ring, the width stretching him deeper inside. Fervent thrust effortlessly pushes aside boy’s instinctive body resistance,
burying that long fat burning hot shaft of a monstrous size deep into his ass in one hard push that shoves him hard into the mattress. He can feel a sudden fine sheen of sweat that break out all over his skin as his body struggles to cope with this insanely huge anal intruder. He burns with heat, he shivers with cold wondering if he was going to be split in two.

As if he has any right still left to claim to be himself, after being taken that way the first night, the next and in all the nights that followed until he stopped even trying to fight back, letting all the men to use him like that, use him the way they wanted, until he found himself hearing his own voice distorted by pain and feeling his lips move on their own, saying things, filthy things, begging them for more. But right now he knows just one thing; this man likes using him just like this. Hes always come back to him, even when the others had made him beg much worse. The man’s cock is so fucking huge; it hurts, it damages every time it fucks.

When limp, it hangs thick and heavy over the massive balls, reaching halfway past the mans thighs. Hard it becomes a swollen monstrous demon snake of heavy dark masculine flesh as thick as the boys own arm. Inside him it swells into something even more pitiless, its long vein ridden length pressing outward as it fills his hole, fills his ass and fills his body with its insatiable length of relentless hard burning masculine desire. He gasps as it fills him and then swallows convulsively, sucking a lungful of air. The sheets smell stinks. He tries not to think too hard about the filthy smell of the dirty sheets or from the worn mattress beneath as it assaults his nostrils. He tries not to think about the stains, how they got there. Stains that chronicle everything that has happened to him since they first caught him, bundled him into their van and brought him here. The obscene touch of their rough hands through his clothes and the words that fell even more obscene upon his terrified ears, their thoughts, views, plans, tactics and desires.

Not long ago when he did not know what a man can do, what it feels like when a man is naked and hard. There was a time when he did not know what a man feels like, smells like and or tastes like but that was then. Now he feels the big mans cock as it fills his ass, fills his body, every hard long vein studded inch ripping in and out, in and out. A long black tide that sweeps away everything before it, erasing thoughts, burning, numbing and even drowning him as it rips deeper and deeper into his body, his soul. There are mounted mirrors in the cell, mirrors everywhere so that he could see what they did to him, holding him down as they told him what they were going to do to him and worse, what they were going to make him do. Slowly they peeled away his clothes, his defenses, his last shreds of self, their eyes cold yet burning with all sorts of dark masculine desires, letting him see it and hear it. He remembers begging them, pleading them not to, but his appeals meant nothing and they did what they did to him and his virginity anyway. Surprisingly, it had excited them, making them take their time, all the while holding him down, muffling his screams so that they could tell him more about what was going to happen, everything that did happen. The mirrors, the voices, the cold laughter and the hot details, always making sure hed know what was happening.

Oh, how they had enjoyed telling him what was going to happen. How they had enjoyed the screams, the begging. The please that fell on deaf ears. He screamed non-stop wild eyed, beyond thought, beyond revulsion, beyond reason, and then they very slowly ripped off his underwear, slowly peeling the last shredded bits of cotton that clung to his bare sweating flesh, laughing as he tried to resist, cried and begged them to stop. He finally tried to look away, denying what his eyes, his senses, his body, his insides told him was happening, over and over, until in the end all he could do was try to pretend it was not him lying there that first night as they took turns with him, using him until it hurt so much he could not even yelp and he was so worn down and desperate for it to stop; he couldnt even beg, using him until there was nothing left in him to resist, submitting and swallowing more than his pride when a few more had taken turns. His ass burns, as it struggles to accommodate the mans thick massive cock thrusting in and out of his stretched out ass. His ass had burned and ached, the sounds washing across his numb mind, his body feeling bruised to the core inside and out. All the while, the spent seed of his captors leaking and leaking from between his thighs, eyes dry, throat hoarse and spirit broken. He tries very hard not to think about that night, but its always
there; the pain, the screams.

He remembers begging them, pleading not to, what they did. He still been a virgin, instead they had taken their time, holding him down, muffling his screams, so that he could hear everything that did happen, making sure he knew what was happening, know what they were doing to him. Funny, hed always thought himself one of the strong fit and athletic. Yeah!! Hysterical!! Hed always prided himself on bouncing back. Now he knows better, because that night he was not strong enough in the end. Not strong enough to resist these men as they held him face down, forcing his legs apart, when they decided to focus their attention on him. He desperately tries to think of other things that did not involve big hard man cocks plunging and plugging and plowing and leaking and pumping and prowling in and out of him. He wonders if he was just unlucky. Was he in the wrong place at the wrong time when he first caught his captors lustful eyes? No. Thats not right. Its wrong. Wrong like the feel last night of a mans big hard cock filling his ass while another long hard cock pulses and fills his throat, he eagerly swallows gasping and squirming under the weight of the big mans hard muscular body, firm hard manly hips sinking up and down above his own, those big hard strong masculine bums flexing as they drive all that big hard long thick fat heavy dark man meat deep into his firm but still soft smooth quivering young white ass, his young body arched back beneath all that hard manly muscle. His butt, it burns; hurts. Stuffed full of thrusting hard big man cock it has every reason to hurt. Feeling that hard shaft continue to impossibly swell and grow and lengthen as the man works his ass harder and faster he feels the burn as that big cock head rides up to the tight edge of his swollen aching hole only to plunge back in, the wide blunt tip of the mans cock digging, sliding and ripping the length of him inside, where nothing once touched him, and now it burns and aches.

Heat, warm and hot, shivers down the depth of his ass, up along the length of his spine, a fire that builds and builds, liquid warmth spreading across his tender flesh. The fire builds and builds, until he burns with it, until he feels himself gasping and panting from the heat of it. He burns from head to toe, his body heavy with sweat. He feels it pooling between his legs. The fire burns and scalds as the man fucks his ass harder and harder. It burns, it hurts over the endless nights of his captivity, despite everything, and his body has learned to respond to what his captors do to him, what they do to his ass, his throat and his nipples. The fire builds and he grits his teeth as if to stifle the fire within, as if to contain the heat that surges through his young body, to hold back the cries that seek to escape his lips as he pants beneath the man fucking his ass hard and fast, the swell of big hard man cock not only filling him but also fulfilling him.

The teens blood pounds with the rhythm of the pounding hard length of man meat now owning his hole, filling him with its burning heat, kindling a hunger for searing consummation as the mans own breath becomes ragged, as the mans sweat begins to drip and pool in the hollow above the firm young ass he has taken so often for his own. He knows the man can feel his bodys instinctive growing response, the desperate cries that he struggles to hide. He knows how it excites the man; how it pleasures the man to see his resistance crumble against his desire. He struggles to deny it, but the man holds him closer, pounds him deeper, twists his nipples and with quick turns of his manly hips, plays all along the length of the boys insides, rubbing his ass walls from within in a thousand impossible angles, stoking the fires of boys treacherous responses. Hes panting now, wordless cries that he can no longer restrain, cries of pure uninhibited need pouring from his lips, as he begs the man without words to fuck him harder, faster, deeper, rougher. The fire still builds and builds endlessly cruel, harsh and bliss. It should not be happening but it is.

The big mans cock swells, stiffens, pulses along the entirety of its swiftly buried length. Kid can feel it swell and shudder up its full length until it burst, liquid fire exploding with such force that the heat suddenly sears and burns deep into his insides. Each pulse adding to the
feel of fire until he shudders up and down the length of that thick hard pumping shaft in turn, the fire of it making him cry out from the force of it as his body is wracked within and out by sensations. The man sighs above him and slowly softens, the long hard length of the man slowly slithering out from the deep recesses it has burned and scalded and seeded with its essence. Excessive life juice slowly leaks past the long turgid length, until at last with the departure of the massive cock head it spills forth, thick white and musky, hot wetness spilling out from the boys inner most being, the rich heavy thick fluids crawling from between the boys muscular thighs to join the pungent musky wetness now already cooling beneath his belly. The man is gone, only the incredible massive liquid load of thick rich heat remains.

He shudders at the memory of pain and intense pleasure that still leaks out of his body and slowly stains the sheets. He wraps his arms around himself, hugging himself close, missing for the loss of the mans warmth across his body and inside his burning flesh, grieving the empty bottom that now aches within his drenched seeping wet insides. Anguished void is still hungry for the heavy length of that big firm hard manhood but leaves behind the huge load of cum.

The door opens and two more men come in, ignoring him they go into the cell that holds his best friend. He closes his eyes and turns away, pretending not to hear the rustle of cloth falling to the floor, the choking wet sucking sounds, the gagging gasps for breath, or the desperate whimpers of pain that presage the final endless creaking of mattress springs and the wet slap, slap after slap of flesh on flesh. The soft mute decries that swiftly become cries for something harder, deeper; and finally, the thick deep voices evoked from the summit of masculine pleasure and beneath them the softer thin cry of a boys own unwelcome but still very lusty passionate, release. As the sun sets, many more men come and take their turns, using both boys now all too eager and well trained hungry bodies, taking their blossoming young manhood over and over filling and covering the teens with adult cum, spit and sweat until the boys desperate holes and fully awakened desires are almost sated, while the night deepens for more men coming a bit late.

The End……… Story goes on, Gay pleasures will never end. Enjoy Safely.