My Best Friend Part 2

Hey, guys, here I am writing the part 2 of ‘ my best friend .I am happy to hear everyones feedback on the part one of the stories…..U can give me more feedback, opinions, sent some dick pics at [email protected] this is going to be-be a long story because unlike what happened on Saturday, on Sunday I and Nikhil had a full day and night. If u didnt read part 1 then u will not be able to understand how it all started.I have also described our body features in part 1.

Now coming to the story, after giving blowjob to Nikhil, at night I got a message from Nikhil that he is alone at home on Sunday and would I come and stay with him and have some fun.After reading the message I replied him with yes. I asked my parents and told them that I will go to school on Monday from Nikhils house itself by doing so I can spend the night with him.I was eagerly waiting for it to become morning and my penis was becoming hard thinking about tomorrow…So I started watching gay porn. I was feeling horny and erotic I wanted to masturbate and cum but at that age, I thought that if I dont cum on one day then next day I can cum more…So I thought I can cum more on Nikhil.As I was watching the porn I inserted my middle finger in my ass and noticed that I was not easy to get inside so I took vaseline from my moms cupboard and then tried it again.I took vaseline on my finger and inserted it slowly into my ass. It was tough to insert at first but gradually it went inside and moved my finger back and forward I was in heaven and it was feeling good…I was getting hornier and erotic thinking about Nikhils penis inside my ass….Some how I stopped and slept…

In the morning I woke up, ate breakfast packed my uniform clothes and vaseline…I reached Nikhils home there I saw his parents leaving and told us that they will reach late night (Nikhils parents are skilled doctors so they were appointed some hospital in another district for an emergency operation)

Now I and Nikhil were alone at his house I was excited and couldnt wait I went inside to his room and was waiting for Nikhil. He closed the main door and locked it and removed his clothes there itself.
Now he entered the room and I saw him completely naked that was the first time I saw a person nude. His penis was erect and ready for action his body was white and he had small boobs this thighs and ass were looking so sexy that was to bite them. I was sitting on his bed and my penis was getting hard inside my pants. I removed my clothes also and I was also fully naked. He came near me and I started to touch his beautiful penis with my right hand I moved my hand back and forward and then pulled down his skin.Now I licked the tip of his penis and he was moaning with ahhh…….Ahh…I took his penis inside and my mouth and started giving blowjob at the same time Nikhil was pinching and twisting my nipples and I could feel an electric shock that made me hornier.

Suddenly Nikhil pushed me on the bed now I was lying on the bed and Nikhil started kissing and biting my left nipple and with his hand, he was squeezing my right nipple.His body was hot and I was feeling good by his kissing. Now he kissed on my neck and then finally we had our first lip kiss that was the most amazing thing I have ever done he was kissing so passionately that I felt love and pleasure as we were new to kissing we did not do it properly but it was okay.Now he stopped and looked into my eyes and said “I love you” I was so happy I immediately replied “I love u too” and kissed him on his lips,we were continuously kissing for some time that the area near the lips was wet by our saliva we even kissed our tongues and exchanged our saliva, this whole time Nikhil was on top of my body and our penises were touching and rubbing each other and it was hot….

After kissing for awhile he stopped and put his penis in my mouth he was face fucking me he…….He was moving his penis in and out and I was also enjoying it that I grabbed his ass cheeks and when his penis was fully inside I pressed his ass against me and his penis was completely in my mouth for some time.I was choking and my mouth was filled with my saliva he continued doing it and suddenly he cummed inside my mouth and as he took out his penis all the saliva and cum were on my face.I enjoyed it and was happy but not satisfied. He cleaned my face with his penis and put all the saliva and cum into my mouth and I drank it.

Now he went back and raised my legs and started licking and spitting on my ass.The way licked my ass made me hornier. Then he started to put his middle finger into my asshole and he again spits and licked on my ass hole. He was using his spit as lubricant after one more try his middle finger was completely inside my ass now he put his second finger also inside and made the whole wider. It was paining for me at first but I felt good. He now took his finger out and again spit on my asshole and placed his penis on the ass hole and slowly started pushing it inside it was paining for me first and I was moaning “ahhhh…Aahhhh” he again pushed it harder and now his 7-inch penis was fully inside my ass and he started to fuck me.I was like in heaven, that sensation of having his penis inside my ass was awesome.He now grabbed my penis with his right hand started moving the skin back and forward now it was a double pleasure for me. Now he stopped fucking me and started to lick my penis it was amazing and now I knew what it was like to get blowjob..

Nikhil took my 6.5inch penis inside his mouth easily he moved his head back and forward and stopped when my penis was fully inside it was an amazing moment but I was not satisfied…So I stopped him and pushed him on the bed now his chest was facing on the roof I sat on top of him and started kissing his nipples and pinched and pressed it then I came down and spit on his penis and just sucked it for some time till it was covered with my saliva and then I sat on his such that his penis is inserted in my ass hole..When it was fully inserted I started moving up and down and it was feeling and erotic I was like in heaven and was very happy, the feeling of having a penis in your is just great and moaning “ahhhhhh…Ahh” at the same time he was giving me a handjob with his right and I cummed all over his stomach and chest I had cummed a lot…..After some time of Nikhil fucking my ass, he cummed inside my ass.It was hot and feeling good in my ass I took out his penis and the cum was oozing out from ass and dropped onto Nikhils penis and balls I then sucked and cleaned his penis and balls and swallowed the cum…We kissed each other again and hugged tightly and slept for some time…..

At the afternoon Nikhils mom called and said to eat food and she also said that they would not be coming tonight as there was a strike and its going to be a holiday on Monday by hearing this we were very happy….We were completely naked in the house and we were eating food also naked.

After eating food Nikhil took out ice cream from his fridge the flavour of ice cream was butterscotch we took the ice cream and went to room….At first I took the ice cream on my hand and spread it all over his penis and sucked then I pressed his balls into the ice cream and licked ice cream from his balls now I again spread the ice cream on his penis and started sucking it my mouth fully covered with ice cream I repeated it for some time and then he cummed in my mouth the combination of cum and butterscotch tastes very good everyone must try it !!!…Now I pushed him on the bed and now his chest was facing floor I took the ice cream which was now semi-melted and poured it in his ass it was cold and he was feeling amazing I inserted my middle finger into his ass hole and then I put my second finger in it now I widened the hole with my two fingers and poured the ice cream into his ass hole…

He was shivering with an electric shock and said “put your penis inside” I took my penis in my right hand and pointed it at the ass hole I slowly started inserting it……As there was ice cream I was able to insert my penis fully inside his ass he was moaning with “ah….Ahhh” and when my penis is fully inserted all the ice cream overflowed out of his ass…I lied on his back and started fucking him I was moving my penis up and down and in between, I poured more ice cream into his ass hole after some time of fucking him I cummed inside his ass I felt very good and was happy….He immediately sat on my face so that I can taste the cum and butterscotch that came out from his ass and it taste delicious we kissed again an slept and had one more sex at night….Since we did not have to go to school on Monday we had sex on Monday. Monday was very exciting we had our first pee sex, we had sex in his bathtub and in his kitchen and lot more….To know more what happened on Monday you can give me feedback at [email protected] or comment ‘monday’ in the comment section.