Tinder Got Me My Dream Boyfriend

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Here I write my experiences, there are no made up stories. My first story was “First Public Gay Sex In Message Parlour” and I got a good response on that. So, this is my life story about I met my dream guy. Hope you gonna like it.

First, about myself, I am a 26 years old guy living alone in Delhi. I am not that much tall but have a good body shape with a little fair complexion. My preference in bed is versatile.

I knew that Tinder was only for heterosexual dating, but after exploring I found out that gay people also use this. Firstly I was a bit reluctant for using it because it shows your real name with real pictures from facebook, but although I gave it a try. The standard of guys was totally different from Grindr, it seems these guys are more into class. So, I started swiping right. Found many matches. I choose 6-7 best guys among them and continued talking to them. Had sex date with 3-4 of them. After using this app for a month I got matched with a guy who was damn hot sexy. Never in my dream, I have imagined that this guy would reply my message. However, but to my utter surprise he sent me “Hi”. I fell from the sky, being a nerd before replying him I took all the information whatever I could get from Tinder and gave a quick search on facebook, within 10 minutes I found his profile, I stalked him for a while, he is quite active on facebook. It was easy for me to judge a person by his online activities.

After all those, I held my breath and replied to his message. He is a jaat guy, no-one can get any gay hint by his look. He is a gym freak, he doesnt miss gym any single day, his body is just perfect. His hair is just wow! His smile can drive away any stress, I could imagine my self-digging my face into his abs already. I am always curious and asked many things out of my curiosity. I could feel that he got irritated by my questions. So, I asked him about his actual orientation which he revealed he is a Bisexual. I git depressed but didnt lose any hope. I git to know that he has had 6 girlfriends and he had sex with only just one guy for a longer time, who was happened to be his roommate a few years back.

He didnt feel satisfied having sex with girls, so he was looking for guys and perhaps I could have a chance to get him on my bed. I didnt take the time we fixed our date for the next day after chatting for just an hour. I live in South Delhi and he is from East Delhi. Its almost 20Km from my place to his. Finally, he called me up in the next day to ask my address. I kept my calmness and answered him without showing my bursting excitement. So, within an hour he was near my location, so I went downstairs to receive him. He was wearing an orange tight t-shirt flaunting his muscles, and jeans which were a little plump on the crotch area, as his bulge is huge. His thighs were perfectly blended with the shape of the jean and his butt has stretched the back of his jean to an extreme level in a well-rounded shape. My wiener was already in 90-degree angle.

I welcomed him in my flat gave him a glass of water. The water drop was dripping down from his throat to his well built and strong neck the view of the water droplet mesmerized me. I was getting a feeling that in no was he would get fuck by me, but I was totally ready to take his whole dick inside me. We started talking about stuff sitting on my bed. He was not approaching, so I put my hands on his thigh, a current ran through my body as I touched him. He saw my hand and moved his head forward, his lips came just an inch closer to my lips and he said I liked you very much and pressed his red lips to mine, his tongue was exploring my mouths corners and wiping my teeth. I was having the most intense kiss of my life. He was sucking my soul out of me. I hugged him tightly, he also grabbed my with all his strength and hold me on his lap. The kiss continued for a while. I removed his tight orange t-shirt and saw his abs for real. It was a treat for my eyes. I started licking allover his chest, belly. He was moaning mildly. Slowly I went down and unzipped his jean. I was feeling the huge dick from above. He was wearing a white Levis underwear, but didnt last long as I also removed it quickly.

His penis was bigger than me like 9 inches. It was also circumcised and well washed. I was sucking it passionately and he was moaning again. After sucking it a while he asked me for 69 pose, it was again took me by surprise. I thought being a bi-sexual he might not give me any kind of pleasure other than the fuck, but it was going well. I changed my position on his top sucking his dick while he was licking all over my crotch area. Then he took my 8 inch dick into his mouth and gagged himself. We sucked each other for about 15 minutes. Then we got back and hugged each other tightly. I was feeling loved towards him. he was also feeling overwhelmed. We both totally naked, adjoining each other like scissors was rubbing our dick with each other. I told him he can fuck me now. But his reply make my jaw dropped. he said ” you go first”. I couldnt believe my self that he is actually asking me to fuck his tight, bubble butt.

I sprung up from bed and reached for condom and lube. He already put a pillow on his back and legs were up. I wore the condom, put some lube in his ass and some on my dick, first I inserted one finger in his ass, then not to wait more I pushed my dick in his ass in captain position, he moaned loudly. I was thrusting it slowly and his hands on my hips were pushing me back and forth.Slowly I grew my pace and was thrusting faster, the flap-flap sound became louder. I started kissing him on his chest and neck, his lips again reached for my lips and kissing tightly while I was fucking him. Then I changed my position and took a side position, His one leg was up in the air and I was fucking him from his back side-ward in binding position. After fucking him for more then 10 minutes it was the time to spill out my cum, I put out my dick to stop cumming,

Then again I turned him over and got into doggy position, then fucked him for few more minutes before I ejaculated. I kept my penis inside for couple of minutes and laid on his back. After getting some rest his turn came. My legs were already shaking while he was wearing the condom. He put me on captain position again and pushed his huge dick inside my ass with a single stroke. It felt like ripped my ass but my sex excitement was stronger than that pain. I was enjoying his dick inside my anus. I was moaning like hell. He was thrusting faster, after a few minutes he changed his position to cowboy, I was on his top and my anus was getting fucked harder again a couple of minutes later he changed to doggy style and finally cum after changing 5-6 positions. He fucked my ass so hard that I felt like heaven. Then he started kissing me all over again. He gave me 3-4 hickeys on my chest, it was painful but I liked it.

He asked me to give him some hickeys too, I gave him 4-5 but I asked why, he replied he doesnt want to forget his best sex of life so quickly. I was on cloud nine after hearing this from his mouth. He fell in love with me so did I. We kept meeting and had such pleasurable sex every weekend. Its been 5 months and he send me some gift every month anniversary which I forget everytime. We are totally into each other now. Yes, he is my boyfriend, the man of my dream is actually my boyfriend now.

Thank You For reading this.
I will come up with my several past experiences later.