Sleeping Little Cousin Sister

Hello people…
I’m back after a long time with a new experience that I had with my maternal cousin.

Kindly read my previous stories as well. However, this experience is not linked to it at all. So now coming to the present experience, it took place 2 months back between me(Kartavya) and my maternal cousin Shruti. Talking about me, I’m an average looking guy, 5’8” tall, athletic built, wheatish complexion, and talking about Shruti, she’s about 5’5” tall, fair with a figure of 34-28-32 and she does not have any extra flesh on her body as she’s quite regular in the gym.

Since we’re cousins, we are pretty close to each other emotionally and our houses are pretty close its common for us to stay at each other’s house. At the time this incident took place I was 24 years old whereas Shruti was 22. Shruti had just broken up with her long-time boyfriend and I knew that they were quite sexually active as she used to share almost all her life incidents with me. Until this time, I had no bad thoughts about her (typical dialogue I know, but that’s the truth). So after breaking up with her boyfriend, she used to be sad all day and not interact with anyone, so me being the closest one to her had to intervene. So I started to cheer her up by doing random silly things, and it slowly started to show its results. After about a month or so she was back to her cheerful self.

As I said it was common for us to stay at each other’s house, so one fine night she was staying over at my house. My parents sleep in their room, so Shruti and I were sharing my room and my bed. We were just passing some time by chatting with random people over a site, only to find a few horny guys and girls on there. This kind of raised our temperatures but knowing that we’re cousins we decided not to sext with people over the site. Slowly I drifted to sleep. Btw I forgot to tell you that I was just sleeping in shorts while Shruti was wearing a tank top and my shorts. It was particularly hot for a rainy night. So, I guess after a couple hours I could feel a hand on my stomach since I’m not a deep sleeper I knew this wasn’t a dream.

This movement broke my sleep but I continued to watch by opening my eyes a little. It was Shruti who was moving her hand over my stomach, I thought she must be sleeping but she wasn’t. She doesn’t know that I’m not a deep sleeper so she was quite sure that I won’t wake up (she told me this later). Slowly she inserted her hand into my shorts and inside my boxers. I wasn’t yet hard but once she held my flaccid dick in her hand and started stroking it, it slowly started getting hard. Ever since her breakup, she was sexually frustrated. After a while, she took off her hand, to which I was confused, but then I could feel some wetness on her hand, I thought she must have spit on it for lubrication. This was getting uncomfortable for me but I wanted to see how far can she go. Ultimately, she made me cum in my boxers and some of it was on her hand as I could see her sniffing and tasting some of it.

After a while, even she slept, and now it was my turn to act. She was sleeping with her back towards me, so I moved into a spooning position with my legs on her and my hand hugging her. I started moving my hand from her stomach to her breasts and cupped one of it realizing that she’s not wearing her bra. I could feel her heart beating fast so I knew even she had woken up but was just acting as if she’s sleeping. I then removed my hand from her breast and inserted into her tank top and cupped her naked boob. In my first story, I had talked about Tara having perfect boobs but I had changed my mind. After playing with her nipples for a while I whispered into her ears that I knew she was awake and I wanted her to lay on top of me.

She turned to my side and we locked our eyes, and I could see that she really wanted to have sex, be it even with her cousin. In no time I removed her tank top and shorts and she removed my shorts and she was laying on me. We had locked our lips and were sucking each other’s tongues. I could feel her erect nipples on my chest. We were still wearing out underwear’s, to which I told her that I wanted to us to be in 69 positions, she was in denial as she didn’t want us to get caught. And she was right, it was getting brighter, so we decided to wear our clothes and sleep as we had the whole day to ourselves.

So fast forward to morning, mom woke me up saying that she and dad were leaving for office and lunch was prepared for both of us. After sending them off to their work I waited for 5 minutes just to be on a safer. After waiting for a while I just ran into my room and jumped on Shruti which shocked her. After I told her that we had the entire house to ourselves, I could see a spark in her eyes. I wanted to fuck her then and there but she denied, as she wanted to take a shower first. I suggested that we take a shower together to which she agreed. The clothes were off and we jumped into the shower, hugging and playing with each other. I have always liked shower sex, so I asked her to go down on me which she did willingly. And damn she’s an expert in blowjobs, she started my licking my dick from bottom all the way to the tip and then took the head into her mouth.

She has his awesome way of biting the head softly and then taking the whole thing inside her mouth, and that felt like heaven to me. She then cupped my balls and started playing with them while sucking my dick vigorously. She even managed to take the entire 6 inches of my dick in her mouth. I managed to stay for quite a while but since she was that good of a cock sucker I cummed in her mouth which she swallowed. It was my turn to go down on her, I made her stand by pinning her towards the washroom wall and started licking her wet pussy. She was freshly shaved and had no hair on it. Her pussy was quite pink for an Indian but what the hell, it was an added bonus for me. Her pussy tasted divine and I was eating it up like a hungry man who hasn’t eaten anything for a while. I could feel her getting close to cum so I started licking her rapidly and she cummed in my mouth. We finished our shower, dried ourselves and came back to bed

We decided against wearing any clothes for the day, and soon after we were back on each other in 69 position. Then came time for the final act. I asked her whether I should wear a condom or not, to which she denied saying that everything will be taken care of. So I slowly inserted my dick into her pussy in missionary position. It was a bit easy to enter her as she was well lubricated with her pussy juices. So, I started fucking her deep into her pussy and in the meanwhile, I took her nipple into my mouth and bite it. I started biting and pulling her nipple while fucking her slow and deep. After going on for a while I could feel her pussy walls getting tight and she was on the verge of an orgasm. After she was done with her orgasm she came on top of me in a cowgirl position and damn that was hot. Seeing her jumping on my dick with her boobs bouncing and her wet hair all over her face and boobs. That was it, I was close to cumming so I asked her where should I cum, to which she said that she wanted to feel it inside her. I warned her about getting pregnant to which she said that she was in her safe period and she had planned this all along.

That’s all the motivation I needed, I shifted her to doggy position and started fucking her with deep hard strokes. I could feel her pussy muscles tense again so I started fucking her more rapidly so that we could cum together but alas that could not happen, she cummed soon and I followed her and dropped every drop of my cum inside her pussy. I could definitely say that this was the best sex I ever had until present day but little did I knew that this was just the beginning.

Over the later days we managed to have sex in our native place when we had gone there for a religious festival, we fucked in the jungle and I even managed to fuck her virgin ass after coming back. She even managed to give me a blowjob in the back seat of our Tata safari while coming back when everyone else other than the driver was sleeping. Since we were sitting on the floor of the vehicle we were safe and not caught :P.

All this and much much more in the future stories. If anyone wants any help in a relationship or looking for friendship or casual fun in and around Mumbai/Navi Mumbai you can drop me a mail at [email protected] Secrecy will be maintained. Pardon for any grammatical mistakes.