Brothers Bestfriend

Hello, readers, I’m Rishi 23-year-old and a frequent reader here. Today I would like to share my first sexual encounter which happened recently. This encounter happened to be with my brothers best friend and it turned out to be one of my beautiful experiences.

So this is how it started, I was all alone at home since my family was out of town for a couple of days. I was completely enjoying my privacy by watching porn and roaming freely naked in the entire house. That day in the afternoon it was raining heavily, I planned to watch porn on my laptop. So, I was surfing through the web for some gay porn on my couch in living room and suddenly someone knocked at our doorstep.

Thinking, “Who could be this afternoon? “ and stood up to open the door….meanwhile in a hurry was wearing my T-shirt and shorts on….
I opened the door and I could see a completely drenched tall and hefty guy in front of me. He was none other than my brothers best friend Sahil.

He asked for my brother….. I said, “He is out of town for a while….in fact, rest of my family too…. ”. While asking for his business with my brother….. he said,” He was passing by on his bike from here, and it started raining heavily and so he got completely wet …..and thought to pass some time with my brother until rain clears away”

He asked, “ Mind if he could come inside for a while till rain clears up? ”..I was “Why not! Please do come inside….”.

I closed the door and asked him to make himself comfortable. I brought a towel for him from inside and asked to get himself dried. He thanked and removed his T-shirt and started drying himself. Later, he kept his T-shirt for drying and was only on his jeans sitting in front of me with a bare chest.

He was on his phone and I was staring at him and flaunting over his hot body. Then I asked him, “will he have some snacks?” and he replied that “No thanks buddy…. I’m fine with it…..”. I still insisted to have some and I went to the kitchen to get snacks. I was in the kitchen thinking about him, suddenly he called “whether he could use mine laptop for some work.” and without thinking, I said, “yes sure”.
After few seconds it reminded me of my porn search which was still active on my laptop before he arrived.

I was like, shit!!!!!!….I grabbed whatever snack packets and cold drink I could fetch and hurried towards living room before he could open my laptop.

Before I could reach, he was already accessing my laptop. I felt guilty and shy at same time….thinking what he could be thinking of me now.

As I entered the living room he stared at me and I was standing still. He asked me jokingly, “will I eat that entire snacks alone”. I was puzzled whether he had seen my web search. With confused state. I said, “ (laughingly) snacks are for both of us” and I shared snacks with him (still thinking about my web search and in my mind “has he seen my web search….. if seen why he is still so comfortable….bit confused now” ).

Now, I’m pretending to be normal though nervous from inside.
After his some work on the laptop he asked “What kind of movies you have”. I said, “Some SciFi…RomCom…Action… Adventure and so….”, and asked, “What he would like to watch then?”. He replied, “Any good movie would do”. I switched one sci-fi movie and we both started watching it. In between of the movie he asked me, “do you watch porn” bit confused (more nervous from inside) and said “yes”. He asked do I have some… said: “yeah, I have some good straight porn”(Still nervous about the situation pretending to be straight now).

He laughed and came close to me and whispered “~gay porn~”. Now I’m more afraid and thinking he did saw my web search and yet pretended normal …but why?.

Looking at my confused face he said, “ I’m also gay”. Listening to this I felt some sigh of relief and we both laughed.

Suddenly, he came too close to me and kissed me and moved back. I was completely shy now. This was the first time for me. He asked, “how was it?” … that time I felt like never before when he kissed me. I said, “it was awesome” and asked, “mind if I could kiss you too!!!!!”. He came too close to me saying “now I’m close to you….. go ahead” feeling his breath I brought my lips close to him and I kissed him like a kid and moved away in shy.

I was looking at his bare chest…his huge arms…his nipples….his charming face with a cute smile which I noticed more. Thought this is the day that I ever imagined to happen.

He thought I might me afraid of doing this since being his brothers friend. He was staring at me now and said: “There is nothing wrong doing this and I won’t tell anyone either ”. “Don’t be a kid now ….don’t you think you want this too”.

I said, “Yes! I want to do this too”.

He said, “ So how you are going to do this”.

Now, all my fantasies are about to become real now and I don’t want to lose this chance. Without thinking I came close him and started kissing him… was an amazing feeling. He started kissing me back. Now he started removing my T-shirt, I kissed him hard back and I pushed him completely over the couch. Now I’m top of his bare chest feeling his body….kissing him badly. Experiencing the heavy breathing of each other …..

I started rolling down on his chest and started licking it. He moaned and was enjoying my licking session of his chest. Slightly biting his nipple and sucking them…he moaned to hell….

Slowly and slowly I started moving down towards his zipper. I could see a huge bulge and now excited to see the hot devil hidden inside his jeans. I unzip his jeans while he caring my hair. Holding his hot rod and bring out of his jeans and I got amazed seeing his 8 inches huge and very thick dick.

The moment was like a kid holding a huge candy and which he wanted to lick it too badly. Holding his dick out I removed rest of his jeans off. Now, there was a complete man in front of me ever imagined of.
He stood up now, I could see his huge dick and balls hanging too and he wanted me to suck them hard. I started sucking him badly and could hear his moan which excited me more to suck him badly. I moved down to his balls to suck and jerk him off simultaneously. I could see his eyes rolling up in pleasure.

He moaned like hell, “Rishi keep going!!!!!!” Ahhhh. I continued for 20mins hearing his load moan “keep sucking baby….. Ahhhh!!!!!!!”…
Finally, he cums and loads out his thick cum(saying, “ohhhh fuck!!!!!!!!”) all over my chest…..

He holds me up, hugged and kissed me back. I could see his satisfaction in his eyes. Sahil now was in deep love with me.
To be continued…..

This part was just the beginning of my hot experience, will post it’s next part soon.

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