Sweet Housemaid From Kerala

Hello, readers, This is my second sex story after a long time, I am from Cochin, Kerala. This encounter is with a new lady whom I met recently. She is not my regular servant but someone I appointed for occasional cleaning.

Lets go directly to the sex story, myself, 33-year-old man staying single at Cochin, I work at an IT company, I go to the office at 8 am in the morning for urgent and uncompleted works normally. One day, when I was walking, found a lady in saree with long hair walking in front of me with a bag in hand. I quickly noticed her because I had a long hair fetish. I walked passed her and found she is in late 30s or in early 40s. Any girls or aunties from Kerala can contact me for fun [email protected]

This continued for few more days, I was not sure where she is working. I first thought she will be working in any of the offices nearby. But later that week, I found her with some other housemaids, so first, it was unbelievable to think that this pretty lady is a housemaid. As I was a very shy person, dont have the courage to talk to her. One day with all my courage, I asked her whether she is working in a nearby office(with its name). She told “No”. I didnt talk anything further and just moved away.

Next day, she was with her friends when she passed my office, so I was unable to talk anything. After a few days again, she was all alone, I went to her and asked her whether she was willing to come and clean my house which is just a half km away from the place. She said she has a tight schedule as she is working in 2-3 places, I asked her once a week will be good for me. And asked for her number. She hesitated a bit and gave me her number. I told her that I will call and tell you where and when.

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I was very happy to get her number, I tried her by 10 am form office, she didnt pick. Around 11 am, she called me back and asked whom I am, to which I told my name and she recognized. Asked her when she can come. To which she told she is busy for the week, I asked her about her family. She told she is separated and now with a 6-year-old boy only with her. She stays with her brother and family. Nothing happened for one week other than morning smiles only, that too when she was alone.

I called next week and asked her to come this week, she told hopefully Friday she can come, when I asked about her price, she told she like to visit the place first to give an estimate.She also asked for the path to my home, where I stay single, 2 BHK with good relationships with neighbors. Next day I got a call from her early morning and asked me to stay at home as she is coming to see home. I was thrilled.

I went to the road where she asked me to come. She came there and I picked her to home. She asked me all types of questions like who is cleaning now and why I am alone etc. She told me 300 rupees and I said okay, she told will come another day for cleaning and left, I was scanning her body as I can see her belly line through saree. She just neglected it.

Afternoon I got a call from her and told she is busy this week and can send her colleague to my home, I was so disappointed and told her, I am only interested in her.Forgot to tell you her name, her name is Latha,

Latha: what you mean by only interested in me?
Me: I like you as a person.
Latha: your place is far from where I work now, so difficult to come.
Me: I can pay you extra for the travel, maybe an auto charge.
Latha: I am so busy, so not sure when to come.

Dropped the call and I was very much sad, I miss called her by evening, she called me back and told me not to give a miss a call as she is at home and her family will take it negatively. She said will come next morning for work. I was so happy, and I tried to spend maximum time with her, made her with me for 2 hours.I paid her more money than what she asked, also offered her to drop her in my car, to which she told no.

I was too much confused how to take it to next step.I was masturbating in her name almost all day.She had above average curves and sexy figure, 34-29-36 must be her stats and she was fair. Next week also she came to my home and cleaned, we talked a lot that day as well, gradually she was feeling comfortable with me. 3rd week, she didnt come, I called her, she picked phone and told she again busy and can send her colleague to which I said no again,

Latha: what is special in me
Me: I like you, so you only come when you are free
Latha: why it is so if you have something in mind tell me.
I was so tensed,
Me: you can understand, I am single here so.
Latha: tell me frankly.
Me: I need you if its okay for you

She thought for a while and said

Latha: I can let you for one time
Me: thank you chechi. Umma.
Latha: haha. I will tell you when I can come:
Me: tell me what you need in return
Latha: that you can decide, I wont say.
Me: okay, I will take good care of you.

Monday she again called me and told will come on Friday. I had the butterfly on stomach feeling. Time was not moving as usual. Finally Friday morning, I took bath before she comes and waited for her, She knocked the door, I opened it. She looked nervous, I too, She went to the kitchen to change dress, I told her I like sari, she told she needs to go to other homes as well.She asked whether to clean first or later.

I said everything later, first come and fulfill me. I went close to her and hold her hand and pulled her to my chest and kissed on the forehead.I hugged her, she was making some noises.I went to her lip to kiss but she closed it, I went to her neck, my hands were pressing her butt and playing on her backside, I can feel her boobs in my chest.

I took her to the bedroom, turned on ac and made her lay on the bed.I removed her nighty and she was in bra and petticoat, I removed one after other, I started sucking her nipples which was fairer than her body.I removed her panty as well and I can see red colored clit. Just gave her one kiss there.

Before going further on her body, she catches my tool started to play with it, she started sucking it. I was 7 inches and she said I am her first 7 inches, I didnt ask whom else she did. I wanted a deep throat fuck but I know Kerala girls are not made for that.

I tried kissing her again, this time she opened up and then foreplay went for 10-15 minuted and by that time she asked me to enter her fast.I played with her ass, her hair by then. Kissed her neck from front and back, licked her ears, her navel, all were making me mad.

Finally, I pointed my dick at her pussy and pushed inside, it went inside slowly. I was on top then, I increased speed and after 2 minutes, we switched positions and she was on top. Which really made me crazy as her boobs were dancing wild.

I too woke up in that position and then I was able to fuck her and suck her books. She loved it. I wanted to stand up and fuck her in the air, so asked her to hold my neck tight and I hold her legs, she was in the air and I was fucking her in the air, thats the positions when entire dick enters her pussy.

Then, we tried spoon position and doggy style, and finally back to missionary position where I can feel she is hugging me tight and she climaxed and next moment I too climaxed.

I was totally exhausted and felon her arms. She hugged and kissed my face with full of swept. I murmured in her ears ‘ I love you”. She smiled back. We hugged like that for 15 minutes and she went to dress up and started cleaning, I went to the kitchen and gave her some food after microwaving it. She had food and I paid her. She left. Send your feedback to [email protected]

I had fun with her 2 more times. Later, I get busy or she gets busy if there is the time, I definitely like to have a good time with her. Thank you all for your time to read my sex story.

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