A Gay Encounter In A Bus

The story I am about to write is the first that I am submitting here. I am just a recent member of indian sex stories dot net but I have a lot of experience when it comes to sex and gay lifestyle. I am Anaheet, from Chennai. The story I am about to post is a recent event that took place in my life. I am 21 now and it was a year back when it took place.

I am a student of a reputed college in Chennai, I am a frequent bus user and I am a fan of public transport because this is the place where I can see diversity, cute guys, and good looking people. Most of my experiences and guys that I have met have been from facebook, gay groups in WhatsApp and I have even met a few on planet Romeo. I started having sex with guys when I was 12 and I have managed to continue it till now. I have always had a preference for guys that are about 6-7 years older than me.

Chennai is a place where people are very pro-active in what they do. but I have a skill set of identifying gay guys in a bus or when they cross me. Gay guys always turn and look at me after I pass them. Its kind of a way of saying ” How you doin “, I have loved that always. So, coming back to my incident, I was travelling to my college on Friday the weekend, and since the next two days are off, we had only half a day on Friday 10.30-12.30, my college is about 30kms from my house and so i have to leave by 7 everyday to reach by 10.15 a.m. I caught my 565 bus and was headed to college, I usually dont sit because there are no seats available, the crowd just became too much at a particular stop, it was practically being in a can of sardines aside me. Too much of pushing and pulling was taking place so I just stood next to a bar. A guy on the left looked at me and smiled saying- its crowded ryt (semma kootam la), I said yeah..

Then at the next stop a guy pushed the people ahead pushing me in the process, I fell on the uncle beside me and I looked at him, he shouted at the guy at the back and said he hasnt brains pushing small children. This gave way for him to put his hand on my shoulder and hold me. After some time I felt a hand on my crotch pressing my dick and trying to remove my zip. The crowd was so much that I couldnt move and so I just put my hand in front. The guy started rubbing my hands now and I just managed to turn away… now he started rubbing my butt and pressing it… it felt good but I was still irritated.. at the next stop people got down and the crowd cleared.. still no seat available.. I was standing near another bar…. still 12 stops to my college.

A guy climbed at the back of the bus… he looked cool, blue jeans, awesome beard, tight t-shirt and a toned body, an inch shorter than me ( which i knew after meeting him later). He looked at me and I stared at him in a sweet way.. the crowd then poured in.. being office time and all… I noticed he had a green sling on bag that resembled the logo of a reputed MNC in the way of my college. Now the crowd started screaming because of the men and women being so close to each other in the standing way of the arranged seats. I being a student just observed what was going on and I kept quiet, listening to a song “You make me ooh-Britney spears” which was passing my time. I turned to my left and seen the bearded guy next to me… I felt like touching him, but part of me was like “dont do it Anaheet”.

One speed breaker came and the guy just landed in front of me, I was having trouble standing and he just put his hand behind me, on my back to support me.. Then he just started coming closer to my body and i could feel his belly on my stomach.. i just got erect and I guess he felt that.. I was trying to move aside and then he just put his full force on me, I felt his hard-on, on my thigh. He started putting his hands on mine.. on the bar which I was holding and then, I started rubbing his hands, interlocking my fingers with him, he placed his left hand on my waist and then started lifting my shirt up, I just let him do it, then he rubbed my navel hair and then put his hands on my nipples and started squeezing them.. I was in awe… Music matched what he was doing… I sweat when I am nervous and so I started sweating a lot, he gave me his hankey and I reluctantly took it.

The bus stopped for about 15 min and he smiled at me and I smiled at him, during this time the crowd was so much that he was practically lying down vertically on me. It felt so good. Now his hands moved towards my pants and he touched my pubes… I was scared that someone was watching and hence I just shook my head saying No. He was a Gentleman and hence he moved his hand away. I leaned in to kiss him and he showed his cheek. He took out his phone and typed a number and showed it to me. I noted the number and smiled. He got down at the next stop and turned back and looked at me and walked away…. I saw a streak of Orange, Green, and Blue as he crossed the road.

I messaged him at once he left and we spoke for half an hour, My college came and I got down- messaging him still, Finally, he said that he loved the experience… I asked him if he was 24 because he looked young and I told him I was 20, he said he was 35 and asked do you like me, I was silent for a while…….. and then I said: “I love you, man”.

We met in the evening again and went on a date to Cafe Coffee Day, holding hands all the time and I found out that he stayed only 30 mins away from my home…. He left me back in my bus and waited till it crossed then he walked towards his bus…. waving bye as he crossed the road.

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