My Complete Surrender

Hi there. Im Charan from Chennai. Recently something erotic happened that I still cant believe happened. Im still shocked and my ass still hurts. Ill get to that in a second!. Enjoy the story.
I am an average looking boy of medium height and athletic body. This incident happened when I was going to college.

I and my friend were waiting for the bus. We waited for a long time but still, there was no sign of the bus.
“Shall we take an auto?” my friend suggested.

I agreed so we went to the auto stand. There was a share auto available. It was a small van like a vehicle that could 10 people and the passenger seats were full. So I got in the front with the driver. The driver was a dark skinned, muscular guy. He wore a loose shirt and he smiled as I got in near him. Ive never had been gay so I didnt feel anything as I sat near him. One more person got in the front. So I had to move in really close to the driver.

“Shall we start?” The driver started the vehicle and put the gear. I saw his firm hand on the gear and something started to stir inside me. I didnt know what it was. I couldnt help but notice that the gear loomed somewhat like a cock. It was long and hard and round at the top. I loomed at the driver as he was driving and shifting gears.
He looked at me and smiled again.

I felt my cock raising. Could it be the thought of the drivers hand on what looked like a cock? But, Im not gay so it cant be, I decided.
In the first stop, two of the people got down. My friend called me to sit in the back with him.

“Its ok,” I said. I kept looking at the drivers hand on the gear. He saw me looking and looked at my pant.

Oh! He had seen my erection! I felt shy so I kept my bag on my lap to hide the erection.

“Gear is a bit tight”, he said as he pulled the gear to change it. He saw my reaction. Im sure my face was red. I was imagining his hand handling my cock in the same way! It soon became traffic and the vehicle started moving slowly. The driver rooks his hands off the gear and kept it beside my leg. I barely noticed. He suddenly reached and gripped my cock. I was scared. I looked at him nervously. As the bag wad on my lap, the person near me could not see his hand on my cock. He squeezed.

“Ah!” I couldnt help the soft moan. I started to shake nervously. It was the first time someone had touched my cock and it was a male and it was in public!

He said,” Dont worry. Gear is a little new. Itll adjust soo.”
Only I understood what he meant. He kept rolling my cock around in his hands and it felt so good. He knew how to handle the gear!
The next stop came and a few more people got out. I still sat where I was. He occasionally took his hands off to drive but soon it was back giving me unbearable pleasure. I forgot I was straight. I let him handle my cock rubbing it from top to bottom and squeezing my balls. Finally, it was time to get down.

My friend got down. “Arent you coming?” he asked.
“No. I have some work”, I said. My friend paid and walked away. Now I was alone with him!

The auto driver who had thought the fun will be over when I get down now had an evil smile on his face.

“I know where gears are serviced property,” he said. My cock was throbbing for him to touch it. But I had a feeling I was getting something better. He drove me to a small house he had on the side of the road. We entered and I was pretty nervous.

“Bend”, he said. I was shocked by the tone. His nice smooth manner was gone. He pulled down his pant. A large black cock fell out. It was hairy. Not sure, I slowly bent down. He pulled my head and stuffed his cock in my mouth.

I choked a bit as I felt the cock touch my throat. He started moving it back and forth.

“Ohhh!” I hadnt sucked cock but I moved my head forward and backward. His cock hardened even more. He was enjoying it. I used my tongue and he started shouting in pleasure.
“Slut! Suck hard! Ahhh!” He said.

He started to pull my pants down.
He pulled down my underwear and put his finger in my asshole.
It hurt a bit. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and made me turn. He made me lie down and positioned his dick at the opening of my asshole.
I knew what was going to happen.

I screamed as he pushed his giant cock inside me. He clamped his hands on my mouth saying,”Shut up” He started fucking me hard. With every push, he went deeper into my asshole.
“Mmmm,” I said.

He rammed his cock repeatedly into my ass hole. I felt his cock rough and hard tearing through my anus.
“How is that!” He shouted as he pumped in and out.
He pulled his cock out for a moment and then turned me and thrust his cock again in my mouth.
“How does your asshole taste?” He asked as I choked on his giant cock. “Do you like Daddy!”

I nodded obediently.
I sucked at his cock with my saliva all over it. I felt his cock starting to throb.

He closed his eyes in pleasure as he knew he was about to cum. I looked up at him and he pushed his cock deeper into my mouth. I was almost gagging now.

“Aargghh,” I said as the cum squirted in my throat. He yanked it out nust in time for some of it to fall on my face.

He sat down tired. I slowly stood up. My ass was hurting from all the pounding.

“Go away,” he said.
“Yes daddy”, I said and went home to recover for my next experience.